“Cancel My Subscription”

That was my comment to the Northwest Herald reporter on election night 1996 when asked my reaction to my close election.

As explained elsewhere, I lost McHenry County by tenths of a percentage point, but carried Barrington Township where punch cards were counted in the precinct, rather than in the courthouse.

The NWH printed my comment on its front page and about five hundred people followed my advice.

In the only conversation I ever had with Publisher John Rung, I told him why he his paper’s circulation had gone down.

Now comes Cliff Ward, publisher of “The First Ward” with a column scathingly critical of Paddock Publications for allowing it printing division to print Dan Proft’s campaign newspapers and allowing those mailings to use the company mailing permit.

Ward has this advice:

“If you haven’t already, it’s time to cancel your subscription to any Paddock publication.”

He notes that Shaw Publications, which include the Northwest Herald, is printed by the same presses as Profts. I sought mailing permit reports for the NWH, but the Post Office replied trhey had none, so I guess the NWH does not need to use Paddock’s mailing permit.


“Cancel My Subscription” — 9 Comments

  1. News Publishers who own or control their own presses routinely run other print jobs, even and including those of their competitors.

    So the printing aspect seems sound.

    The mailing permit such as it is, ordinarily, ends up on a raft of 3rd party printed, sorted and mailed materials, mostly advertising, which is fine.

    It’s a convenience, neither saving the client any money, nor making any more money for Paddock.

    In this case though, you are talking about heavily slanted political tracts.

    Paddock needs to seriously reconsider this type of otherwise ordinary business activity when it involves overt politics like this.

    Paddock always makes noise about journalistic standards and reputations.

    I think this was a poor choice on their part.

    The Proft “papers” are idiotic.

  2. Where does it say that?

    Is “Chronicle” that Ward references the Daily Chronicle of DeKalb?

    If so, that is Shaw.

    If it’s another Chronicle I don’t know what to say.

    Daily Herald is part of Paddock.

    Northwest Herald is with Shaw.

    I’m lost on the connection and from my experience NW Herald delivers their papers with delivery people.

    They would stop by VERY early when the mailmen are still in REM sleep.

    Other papers in rural areas are delivered by mailmen.

    On second thought, don’t worry about the details so much.

    The important thing to know is that JB Pritzker is a gigantic pussy.

    Politico just reported that he wouldn’t take part in an endorsement interview because the Tribune is very unfair to him according to him.

    How unfair is the Tribune to him really?

    Didn’t they sack John Kass over fictitious Antisemitism??

    Sounds to me like if there is a problem with all of these papers, it’s that they are doing a bit too much brown-nosing and running interference for JB, not that they are too tough or unfair to him.

  3. What’s ‘idiotic’ about the truth, Monk? You can’t handle the truth?

  4. Monk flunks logic and rational thought.

    His posts are self-contradictory and jejune.

    Muddled concepts and word salads are monk’s

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