Early Voting Starts Saturday

From McHenry County:

Early Voting, Vote-By-Mail Begins for the Nov. 8 Election

WOODSTOCK, Ill. – Early voting and voting by mail for the Nov. 8 general election begins tomorrow in McHenry County.

The county’s first early voting station will open Thursday, Sept. 29, at the County Clerk’s Office, which will also begin sending vote-by-mail ballots to voters who have requested them. Anyone registered to vote in McHenry County can vote early from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays at the County Administration Building, 667 Ware Road, Woodstock.

Another 10 early voting locations will open across McHenry County starting Oct. 24; a complete list of
locations and hours of operation can be found by clicking here.

Voters wishing to vote by mail still have time to request a ballot; you do not need to cite a reason for doing so.

You can obtain an application for a vote-by-mail ballot for the Nov. 8 election by visiting the County Clerk’s office, or you can click here to download and print one.

State law now gives voters the right to enroll in a permanent vote-by-mail program, meaning they can automatically receive mail-in ballots for elections until they choose not to, or become ineligible to vote in McHenry County. You can click here to sign up.

The deadline to apply for a vote-by-mail ballot for the upcoming election is Nov. 3; mail-in ballots must be postmarked no later than Nov. 8 to be counted.

If you’re not registered to vote, or you changed your address since the last election, you can register in person at the County Clerk’s office or at the polls, you can register online through the State Board of Elections by clicking here, or you can click here to download a form to register by mail.

The County Clerk’s Office is always looking for people who are willing to serve as election judges.

Judges are paid for their time and training.

If you want to serve in the upcoming election or future ones, you can apply by clicking here or by calling 815-334-4242.

Click here to watch a quick video about our election judges and the importance of what they do.


Early Voting Starts Saturday — 14 Comments

  1. Early voting makes the cheating much easier. Vote on day of election only

  2. A very good thorough public information story on voting per this blog thread, “Early Voting Starts Saturday”.

  3. I call BS on this we never asked for mail in ballots but were sent them ! more cheating on the move… land of crime

  4. I’ve only ever voted absentee like 3 or 4 times out of necessity, but never a Presidential.

    I always like to warn people that [*insert time frame here*] can be an eternity in politics, and who you vote for today may not be your preferred candidate on Election Day.

    As campaigning hits the final stretch, all the muck-raking finally hits the back wall of the stall, and all kinds of interesting sh*t gets aired out.

    I think Election Day used to be a unifying civic day of duty, now it seems more akin to the banality of checking in online at Supercuts. It cheapens the franchise.

  5. It started yesterday Thursday, and it was a breeze!!!

    Not true at all JT. Now mail-in voting is just stupid.

    I’d never do that, but early voting is as secure or more-so than voting on Election Day because it’s minus the lines and hub nub where distractions could take place and people are weary.

    That nonsense of voting on voting day only is Republican virtue signaling and misguided.

    Why pay a ton of election people that is dictated by law to have and not make use of them?

    I wouldn’t do drop boxes either .

  6. Were you sent a mail in ballot or were you sent an application for a mail in ballot?

    If you were sent a ballot you should try to sort that out with the clerk and the sheriff.

    The county clerk by law has to send out a notification to voters asking them if they want to be placed on a permanent vote by mail list.

    That is true for this election and I believe the 2023 election.

    If you received an unsolicited ballot however then you ought to look into why that happened.

  7. What we need is a national, or local state policy making the voting day a holiday.

    With that, everyone who is a legitimate citizen of the US can BY PERSON show up to vote at a polling place AND with Voter Photo ID.

    Anyone who cannot be available on this nationally promoted and legitimate date to vote, TOUGH.

    If you love, honor, respect our Nation, you will make yourself physically available to show up to vote.

    Early voting and vote by mail is nuts.


  8. With ‘eggy’ Tirio in charge, rigged elections will continue, but if he loses to MaHady, a bunch of transgenders will be screwing up elections on a permanent basis.

  9. Bred, that sounds like the good old days.

    Democrats will take it further and next election we are supposed to be able to vote on-line.

    That’s what we’ll get if Dems stay in power.

    Dingo, don’t be a dingleberry. McHenry County was the only collar county where Trump won i The elections weren’t rigged here.

  10. G-man is kinda dumb. His logic is rather flawed.

    Is “G-man” really Clerk Tirio?

    I bet he is.

  11. Cal, change headline to “Early Voting Corruption Starts Saturday”

    A conservative needs upwards of %70 to actually win.

  12. Lee, the Dems DO want us to be able to vote from our computers at home!

    If they get in and make this law, God help us!


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