Proft Draws Blood

A pile-on has occurred concerning the Richard Uihlein-financed campaign newspapers put out by Dan Proft.

Paper and electronic media are on the attack.

While I find articles in the McHenry Times not always McHenry County centric, for example, it features articles on State Rep. Dan Ugaste.

Ugaste now represents a small part of McHenry County, but has no potential constituents this time around.

So, if Proft wants to help a Republican, he should be focusing on Connie Cain’s race against Suzanne Ness.

Nevertheless, information contained in McHenry Times, especially the following, have obviously drawn blood from the Democratic Party:

Dan Proft’s McHenry Times campaign paper printed these mug shots of inmates who he says will be released from jail on January 1, 2023.

Today the following postcard arrived from the Illinois Democratic Party:


Proft Draws Blood — 14 Comments

  1. Proft may find himself in deep trouble with the Mossad operatives working furiously to put Fatso Pritzk into the White House in ’24.

    Fatty’s re-election is just the first hurdle.

    A pretty small one, but one that several hundred million will be poured into!

    Watch the nice TV commercials Fatty’s legion of devils will be airing.

    JT, fess up, you love Fatty, the zionist shill, lgbtq bankroller, covid commissar, and BLM boob.

    Pritzkers are ‘bad seeds’.

    Every blasted one of them.

    I won’t be tearful when they’re hanging from their heels.

  2. I just don’t get the Republican party in Illinois .

    They just don’t know how to win.

    Cain vs. Ness in 66th

    Hunter vs. Canty in 54th

    Both are winnable against horrible Democrats yet neither will receive the funding to push them over the top.

    Tim Ozinga Republican rep in the 37th has 1.6 million in his campaigns fund with no opponent.

    Why in the world does he not step up and spread the cash to get other Republicans in office?

    Do the Republicans want to win?

    They will continue to dump millions into state wide unwinnable races for Bailey, Salvi, Devore and others.

    The ballot harvesting in Cook County is just about impossible to overcome.

    Why not concentrate on Illinois Senate and Representative races instead?

    Much less ballot fraud influence in those races.

    Can anyone recommend a moving company to Tennessee for me?

  3. McHenry Times just got a lot of free advertising to a relatively tiny circulation.

  4. DrRob and Dingo are spot in.

    Pritzker isn’t just a small grade tyrant, he’s a satanic agent of catastrophe.

    Pritzker, the “Democrat” communists and their RINO enablers are all facets of the diabolical problem that must be solved, if we are ever going to get our country back from alien control.

  5. The Illinois GOP does not like to lead.

    This isn’t hyperbole, it’s the truth.

    They wouldn’t know how to take charge and run thing even if it were gifted to them.

    The Illinois GOP behave like abused spouses – they keep returning to their abuser for help.

    Jack Franks led the county – even the Republican Party was run by Jack Franks – because the GOP don’t want to lead; they want to take orders from someone.

    Same in Springfield.

    The Republicans in Illinois have been slaves for so long that they literally know nothing other than taking orders from someone else.

  6. the “phony newspapers” are the leftist NWH and the McHenry Chronicle

  7. DrRob and CLM are 100% correct.

    It may be too late to save Illinois. The Democrats will continue to wreck a once great state.

  8. Proft a very smart guy.

    About a million times smarter, more intelligent than the moron Biden or the billionaire gov of Illinoise.

  9. Lake County gets the exact same paper a week later marked “Lake County Gazette”.

    Because I have to deliver them.

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