Looking for Books at the Woodstock School District Banned in Other School Districts

After reading the Chicago Tribune’s op-ed piece by Clarence Page on banned books, I wondered what the situation is in McHenry County.

The image for the column is a man reading something called “Gender Queer.”

So, I sent out a Freedom of Information request to school Districts. I lot bounced back because of being tied to individuals’ email addresses.

I picked these three books:

  • “Gender Queer: A Memoir” by Maia Kobabe
  •  “Out of Darkness” by Ashley Hope Pérez
  • “The Hate U Give” by Angie Thomas

and asked if the district had them and, if so, when were they purchased, plus whether had been withdrawn from circulation.

Woodstock School District 200 map.

District 200 Superintendent sent the following information in reply to my questions:


Looking for Books at the Woodstock School District Banned in Other School Districts — 13 Comments

  1. Perhaps a “Parent Oversight Committee of Library” is needed in every grammar school K-8 (maybe high school also). It would be a voluntary committee of parents having children at the school. Members would have access to the entire listing of books and materials of the library.

    Upon formation of the committee, a total review of every single book and material would be done by committee members to determine suitability of books/material for K-8 students. Books/material determined to cover sex, sexual deviancy, suicide, mutilation, murder, violence, gender changes, etc would have to be removed by authority granted to the committee by the principal and/or the school board. Any new book/material proposed to be placed in the library by the librarian would first have to be approved by the committee.

  2. Libraries nationwide have likewise received threats in past weeks, which tend to arrive over the internet from somewhere other than the targeted location, though it’s unknown if they are linked.

    And, enter the crack reporter (posted a fake picture of a Huntley school library), cal the hypocrite, to add to the stupidity and toxic atmosphere of fear mongering.

    Man he is one mean old man who loves to incite violent responses from scared little folks.

    Time to work a little and check out your “reports”.

  3. I see Bred is still bloviating his multi point plan, to root out stealth homoism, before it threatens you or your precious little inbreeds.

  4. So a month ago I asked the same question to my local Library

    I have been hearing a lot of controversy on Gay books being used in Schools and wonder if any are in our library one title is Gender Queer.

    Hi, Bill. You are welcome to search the catalog for any titles that you are looking for at our library or at other PrairieCat libraries in the area.

    Please visit the PrairieCat website to log in to your library account and begin searching.

  5. Great answer PrairieCat Library staff.

    Encourage the knowledge seekers to use their curiosity about these sexual topics that seem to circle their melons.

    Look it up and perhaps give it a read. Might learn another view point.

  6. A reply about the books will be forthcoming from the Huntley School District.

  7. Tom if I catch you talking to children about exploring their sexuality you are going to be in a world of pain.

  8. I’m thinking the number one concern you should have for the safety of your children.

    Is Cindy speaking in tongues to snakes at Jesus Camp.

  9. Cindy is now the omnipotent one. All hail. Why would I believe in the divinty of god if he created a miscreant like you.

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