Pro-Lifers Line Route 14 in Front of Crystal Lake’s Hobby Lobby

I arrived a bit early and, at first, I thought I had missed the Life Chain, that it has been from noon to 2.

There were a couple of more people across the road.

I thought this was the cleanup crew, but apparently it was the advance people.

So, I went into Jewel to do some shopping.

When I came out to the parking lot, I saw a line of people along Route 14.

At the Jewel-Hobby Lobby entrance road.

Turning on Route 14 to return home, this is what I saw:

Signs say, “Pray to End Abortion,” “Love Them Both,” and “Vote Pro-Life.”
Additional signs read, “Everyone has a Right to Leave a Footprint,” “Vote Pro-Life, Elected Leaders Who Protect Life” and “Life, the First Inalienable Right.”
“Adoption, the Living Option” and “Abortion Kills Children” are signs not reported above.
“I March for Life” says the red sign.

And that was the end of the LifeChain.


Pro-Lifers Line Route 14 in Front of Crystal Lake’s Hobby Lobby — 4 Comments

  1. But wait, no Board candidates?


    Hmm, must have missed it, or perhaps it’s much safer to play both sides whilst never taking any hard position in a public setting.

    Much easier to attend the “meet and greets” taking softball questions among like-minded cohorts.

  2. All who were in attendance should be expecting a knock on their door at 3 AM from FBI visitors.

    Pritzker’s fellow traveler AG Garland says you are all “domestic terrorists”.

  3. Pam Althoff says she’s ok with full term abortions at 36 weeks.

    She ok with homo marriage and the queer bakery too.

    Pam Althoff is a piece of feces.

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