The Military Service of Republican State Rep. Candidate Connie Cain

Connie Cain in uniform.

For some unknown reason, Connie Cain, the GOP opponent of first-term Democrat Suzanne Ness, seems not to have put her service in the United States Army on her campaign literature.

So, let me summarize it.

Connie Cain served in the U.S. Army Reserve from 1984 to 1992.

She took Basic Training at Ft. Jackson in South Carolina.

The future Certified Public Accountant was a Military Occupational Specialist 71 LIMA Army Administration Specialist.

Cain served in the 85th Infinitry Division Training Headquarters on the Command Staff in Arlington Heights.

She took Advanced Training at Ft. McCoy, Wisconsin, and Ft. Bliss, Texas

The 85th Division did not deploy overseas during her career.

One doesn’t get into the Army without physical training. Connie Cain is on a rope ladder here.

She re-enlisted in 1989.

Having become an E-6 Staff Sergeant, Connie Cain re-enlisted in 1989.


The Military Service of Republican State Rep. Candidate Connie Cain — 11 Comments

  1. To my fellow Army veteran Connie Cain, Congratulations.

    I enlisted two years after you ETSED.

    The BDU and class A greens Army!

  2. And she never crashed a copter like the “diversity” pilot.

    She’s got my vote!

  3. Head and shoulders above her under-preforming opponent.

    Connie Cain is the real deal!

  4. Seeing Cain on the rope ladder reminds us of a term our grandfathers used to comment on someone knowing their way around, how to do things. “Knowing the Ropes”.

  5. Cain has made Ness and the Democrat Party look silly.

    They labeled her extreme and radical when she clearly is not.

    The voters will see this if they just pay attention.

    Possibly the best political race in Illinois to watch.

  6. She never flew her helo into a no ho zone, and then, panicking, called in an air on her own position!

    “Hey, what happened to my legs?”

  7. We will forgive you for not going into the Corps. Y

    ou were too good looking anyway.

  8. Dingo, is that what really happened or are you busting her balls.?

    I always wondered….

  9. I see even the liberals aren’t even disagreeing that Connie Cain is the best choice..

  10. Duckworthless did fly into an active battle zone she should have known was off limits to a lumbering chopper low alt flying in a linear (predictable) flight pattern.

    And she got hit with an RPG for her stupidity.

    Sometimes you do call in airstrikes on your own position, but only as a last resort in a hopeless situation when you’re totally overrun. I really doubt she was in that sort of situation, but maybe she was.

    I do know the survivors of her chopper hate her and at least one has castigated her publicly.

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