Personal PAC Attack on Republican Illinois Supreme Court Candidate Mark Curran

In the mailbox came this piece from Personal PAC, the outfit that supports abortion up to the end of pregnancy:

The piece is in support of Democrat Elizabeth Rochford.


Personal PAC Attack on Republican Illinois Supreme Court Candidate Mark Curran — 8 Comments

  1. What absolute Drivel.

    The old, tiresome, trite, failed, fearmongering, fake-news BS coming from the Democrat Marxist Liberals.

    The reality is, even if the argument proposed by conservatives gave all sorts of exemptions to abortion, the LEFT would oppose ALL those bills.

    They want abortion on demand at every level – even after birth infanticide.

    Don’t be fooled by the most reckless, failed dumbasses in history.

    The Democrats are so bad – it’s now an argument: are they really that incompetent or are their “failures” so egregious this is an intentional destruction of our great America?

  2. Re: CLM at 6:10 AM.

    It IS INTENTIONAL destruction of the U.S. by Democrats led by president Joseph Robinette Biden and his regime along with Democrats in States such as Illinois. Pritzker and the majority Democrat Legislature have passed/approved acts, laws that greatly hurt our society, civilization.

    Such as the “Pro-Criminal” act dishonestly named, the SAFE-T Act. Also,

    Democrats in Illinois Legislature passed and Pritzker signed SB818 a law regarding children in Illinois. It is called, “Keeping Youth Safe and Healthy Act” (SB 818).

    “Keeping Youth Safe and Healthy Act” sounds nice. Good words. BUT, it was grossly misnamed. Democrats do this a lot. DECEPTION. The Act is evil in that it exposes children in school starting in Kindergarten to lessons on sexual matters and sexual deviancy.

    SB 818 is TOTALLY inappropriate material to be covered by teachers in classrooms of young children. Most all of the topics covered should and must be the domain of the parents to discuss with their children at an age that is deemed appropriate by the parents.

    Of course Pritzker approved getting rid of the Parental Notification law that notifies a parent(s) if their daughter in school is pregnant. Pritzker, Democrats and THEIR style of government want to exclude parents from this most important matter that should be, must be ONLY the domain of parents.

    By their actions on laws and bills, the Democrats are wretched for what they would do to our children.

    Of course there is a long list of both gross incompetence and willful and intentional actions by the Biden regime to damage, hurt the U.S. Such as the enticement, encouragement of the invasion of our southern border by millions of peoples from around the world with unknown negatives such as disease, gang or terrorist affiliation, drug dealers, fentanal distributors, etc. Also Biden intentionally took actions to stop the Keystone Pipeline, diminishing oil exploration and leases and very importantly, greatly diminishing our Strategic Petroleum Reserves (SPR) to a very low level not seen since 1984.

  3. Murdered by a doctor is OK for the left.

    Murdered by a gun the left says we need to take away guns of the law abiding.

    Why are liberals such creeps.

  4. Murder is murder.

    I am so tired of these stupid ads that mock God and life.

    How shameful.

    If they are trying to justify murdering a baby by saying what about the poor 10 year old being raped, then why not say we only are okay with abortion in the case of a rape of a child!

    I will tell you why they won’t do that, because they don’t really care about a rape victims or a child being raped.

    They only care about getting to do whatever makes them feel good and is easy for them even if that means killing a baby at full term.

    I use to work with a girl years ago that came in late one morning and said, I just had my third abortion, like it was no big deal.

    The amount of rapes that produce a baby is most likely very low in comparison to the woman who have no morals and can’t say no that end up wanting to rid of their problem.

    I don’t think a 10 year old giving birth to a baby is going to cause much more harm then being raped and having an abortions.

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