Tadelman Reveals He Will Appoint Algonquin Police Chief John Bucci Undersheriff

John Bucci

At the We the People, McHenry County meeting Monday night soon-to-be Sheriff Robb Tadelman told those in attendance that John Bucci will be his Undersheriff.

Bucci is the Algonquin Police Chief.

He is the Third Vice President of the Illinois Association of Police Chiefs.

Tadleman believes that augers well for continued good relationships with local police departments.

Bucci’s law enforcement career spans 23 years, the last 21 years spent with the the Algonquin Police Department. He has served as Chief since 2014 and is an active ILACP member and International Association of Chiefs of Police member.

Bucci’s involvement with the Illinois Chiefs includes assisting with legislative reviews and participating in Lobby Days, conferences and trainings. He was appointed to serve on the Executive Board through April 2021. He also belongs to the the Kane County Chiefs of Police Association and the McHenry County Chiefs of Police Association where he previously served as secretary and currently serves as Sergeant at Arms. He serves as Treasurer on the board for the McHenry County Major Investigative Assistant Team (MIAT).

Bucci holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Millikin University and a master’s degree in public safety administration from Lewis University. He attended the FBI National Academy, Class 246. He and his wife Amy have four children, and Bucci is thankful for their ongoing support and encouragement.


Tadelman Reveals He Will Appoint Algonquin Police Chief John Bucci Undersheriff — 7 Comments

  1. Oh, geesh, the number one BLM kneeler municipal chief in the county!

    I wonder what Tadelman has on him.

  2. “The FBI National Academy” now has no sense of dignity nor honor.

    The FBI has disgraced itself as a political arm of the democrat party.

    This is true not only of the leadership, but the vast majority of the FBIs workforce.

    They are political HACKS who do the bidding of the Marxist left.

    Show me the evidence to the contrary.

  3. Its Robb’s choice to make when elected Sheriff.

    Who did you think it was going to be Chef Colatori?

  4. Another yes man and libtard minion.

    We need this clown like we need monkey pox and Prickster.

  5. Be careful about talking about the fedral burrow.

    They might be at your front door at 5 am.

    Who might send them from the biden regime?

    Who are the stooges from the Hussein Obama regime actually running things behind the scenes, calling shots, preparing the viewscreen narrative for Robinette, telling him what he can and cannot say or do?

  6. We told you, but you listened to the RINOs who have destroyed this County.

    Now suck it up buttercup.

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