County Action Leads to 20% Lower Flood Insurance Rates

From McHenry County:

County Flood Rating Results in 20% Insurance Discount

WOODSTOCK, Ill. – Residents and business owners in unincorporated areas will see their flood insurance premiums decrease by 20% from the standard rates, thanks to McHenry County’s continued floodplain management efforts.

2017 flooding in Johnsburg.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has raised McHenry County’s rating in the National Flood Insurance Program Community Rating System to Class 6.

The increase, which took effect Oct. 1, translates to a significant discount for most flood insurance premiums.

McHenry County’s floodplain management initiatives allow it to participate in the NFIP, which qualifies property owners to obtain flood insurance.

More than 1,500 local governments take part in the program to reduce flood risk and to reward participants by saving money on their premiums.

Most homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover flood damage, so flood insurance is vital to property owners in flood-prone locations.

You do not need to live in a flood-prone area or a FEMA-mapped flood hazard area to acquire flood insurance; both structure and contents insurance are available through the NFIP.

The 20% discount that just took effect equates to almost a $120,000 in savings across all policies.

The greater a government’s investment in reducing flood risk, the greater the insurance savings.

In addition to lower costs, floodplain management activities enhance public safety, reduce damages to property and public infrastructure, avoid economic disruption and losses, reduce human suffering, and protect the environment.

Click here to learn more about the FEMA program, and click here or contact the McHenry County Planning and Development Department at 815-334-4560 to learn more about your flooding risk in McHenry County and to minimize flood impacts to your property.

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