The Democrats’ Crime Problem

Found an extended explanation of how Willie Horton tanked Michael Dukakis’s Presidential bid and it wasn’t the Republicans’ TV ad.

You can read it here on Tipp Insights.

Author Diana Allocco argues that Democrats have forgotten the lessons of Wille Horton with the following result:

With Democrats’ reclaiming full national power in 2020 and capitalizing on their control of big cities — and forgetting the harsh political lessons they were taught by outraged voters over a generation ago — Democrats have eagerly returned to their criminal-coddling roots.

True to form, they are letting felons out of prison.

Proudly. And everywhere they rule.

They have implemented their favorite leftist soft-on-crime policies, like non-prosecution of offenses.

They have commuted sentences.

They have eliminated cash bail.

They have saved their harshest rhetoric and punitive policies for police.

To put it succinctly, Democrats have, in places they run, basically decriminalized crime.

State Rep. Steve Reick’s “Make Crime Illegal Again” billboard.

And we see the result: public fear.

To the left, that’s simply due to racist Republicans whipping up false emotion by manipulating voters’ “lizard brain” ignorance.

But here’s the real reason people are afraid: criminals, unrestrained by conscience or law, have been set free to hurt them. (Just google “random attack” for dismaying examples.)

In 1988, Democrats had a “Willie Horton problem.”

Their problem was: Willie Horton.

In other words, the Democrats’ problem was the facts of the case, the truth of what actually happened in the real world — the horror — as a direct result of Democrat policies.

In 2022, the Democrats’ problem is the same as before, the predators they let out to prey on the innocent.

But now, the Democrats have moved on and moved up.

Their criminals aren’t rewarded with a mere weekend furlough — these days they get a forever furlough.

These criminals own the streets — and virtually imprison the rest of us.

The results are utterly predictable.

As is the voter response, coming November 8.


The Democrats’ Crime Problem — 7 Comments

  1. I’ve been unfair singling out Democrats as thieving, violent, drunken, child abusers.

    Sometimes their all of the above.

  2. Of all the offenses getting a SAFE-T pass, I absolutely cannot understand why arson was considered to be of such low consequence.

  3. Paul Revere, I saw that. The Lake County State’s Attorney seems to be a thug-hugger. I think he’s one of only two State’s Attorneys in the state to support the “SAFE-T Act.”

  4. Their SA is Eric Rinehart, a Democrat.

    He’s pro-SAFE-T Act and to my knowledge the only SA, other than Kim Foxx of Cook County, who publicly supports the SAFE-T Act.

    He has taken money from a group that pushes soft-on-crime policies.

    Additionally, he has taken money from Brad Schneider, Center for Racial and Gender Equity, Real Justice PAC (gives lots of money to Kim Foxx), Will Guzzardi, Prudence Beidler, Trude Roselle, Daniel Burstein, Mark Weinberg, Deborah Goldberg, AFL-CIO, law offices of Jeffrey Leving, and more.

  5. Are Democrat politicians pro-criminal?

    The Illinois Legislature, controlled by Democrats, wrote and approved the widely criticized so-called “SAFE-T Act”. It was then signed and approved by Governor Pritzker. Who behind the scenes might have been pushing Legislators to go along with and pass the ACT?

    According to:

    “Lawmakers approved the SAFE-T Act at the urging of the Legislative Black Caucus as part of their response to the murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police.”

    “The legislation places restrictions on police and eliminates cash bail on Jan. 1, making Illinois the first state to do so.”

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