UPDATE: Congressional Candidates Report Third Quarter Activity

Financial reports by those running for Congress:

The next Pre-Election FEC reporting period ends October 19, and the Pre-election reports will be due for publication by October 27.


UPDATE: Congressional Candidates Report Third Quarter Activity — 11 Comments

  1. Maxwell Rice not Michael Rice.

    Too bad about Severino and Hanson not having much money.

    Severino has a poll (albeit a highly disputed one) showing he only trails Schneider by about 7.

    Hanson’s race features an independent candidate with a Hispanic name.

    Both those races (districts 5 and 9) should be a lot closer than they have been in recent memory.

    Gryder has been a ghost.

    He’s not running a good campaign.

    Schakowsky and Casten don’t have as much money as you would expect.

    They are spending a lot.

    Casten could be in trouble if Newman voters decide to undervote.

    Foster has a huge stash, but at least Lauf is in six figures in the home stretch.

    Still, I feel that by this point in the race she should have made a bigger splash.

    Sorensen is running a decent campaign given how much he is outraised and outspent by King and his lack of name ID.

    King has been underwhelming given how much money she’s received and given that she’s done this before.

    I wouldn’t say Deering is running a *great* campaign, but shows improvement from the primary, and Budzinski reeks of desperation.

    Budzinski is still favored to win but Deering is tougher than Democrats expected or Budzinski is just unlikable…

    LaHood ought to spread some of his cash around.

    He doesn’t need it.

    Other Republicans need it, if not in Illinois then around the country.

  2. Hey Cal what is Lisa Haderlien doing?

    what is her office?

    does anyone know? all answers acepted

  3. The Republican Party has totally back-stabbed Kathy Salvi.

    She’s going to win through sheer will and hard work.

    ….And she will owe nobody but the voters a thing.

  4. Schneider is jewish and the great bulk of his moolah is from other jews, mostly out of state jews.

  5. Severino lives in a $2M home in Lake Forest and he has no money???

    Note: Have you seen any of his SIGNS???? LOL.

  6. thanks Billy Bob…

    Reason for asking is this DF is an Alderman, whoops Alderperson in Harvard …A total Liberal

    When it was proposed to build a Senior citizen area in Harvard she lead the fight against it, she didnt want “those people” bringing down her property values…she lives in a slightly upscale neighborhood.

    Now in Harvard the problem is no one wants to run for office, she I believe was appointed by the Liberal Mayor because the office was open…this has happened more than once…..we have the Mayor because no one wants the job

    In the mean time all other council members and City Administrators have sucked the system dry with their pensions

  7. ^Pretty sure she lives in Harvard, Bill.

    It would be surprising if she has an office, but you could get in contact with

    -Precinct committeemen in her congressional district (check election results page for that — it would be Chemung, Alden, Dunham, and Hartland Townships).
    -Leaders of the Dem Party such as Zahorik.
    -Her website for a contact tab: https://haderleinforcongress.com/
    -If you have social media you can look for her on Facebook or Twitter. I’m pretty sure she’s on social media.
    -Elizabeth Lindquist, Democratic state central committeewoman. She has social media.

    Like I said though, she probably does NOT have an office.

    I have her home address too (unless she has moved in the last few years), but I think if you have something to say you should just go to her website.

    Not even sure why you would want to know about her having an office. That’s a safe Republican district.

    Just ignore her.

    She’s irrelevant.


    Lol Salvi isn’t winning. There are Republicans downstate are writing in Hubbard. You’re going to see a large number of “undervotes” cast due to invalid write-ins and Salvi doing worse than you would expect downstate.

    You heard it here first! Bookmark this!

    Why would you think Republicans backstabbed her?

    Republican party apparatchiks in the Chicago area are the only reason she won the primary in the first place.

    As for $, people aren’t going to pour money into a state like Illinois.

    Republicans have a big problem with understanding reality when they think they’re going to win here.

    It’s a brain problem, I think. Delusional thinking.

    Go give your money to Adam Laxalt or Herschel Walker or Ron Johnson.

    You give money to Salvi and you might as well put your money in a toilet and flush it.

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