Connie Cain Sends a Letter

From Republican State Rep. candidate Connie Cain:

Here’s the envelope:

The letter follows:

Here’s the back side:


Connie Cain Sends a Letter — 5 Comments

  1. If you live in the 66th district VOTE FOR CONNIE CAIN, she is a tax fighter, will NOT vote herself a pay raise like Ness.

    Cain is a must voice in Springfield.

    If you do not live in the 66th District but know someone who does, please contact them.

  2. Bob is spot on.

    Connie is the real deal, and a must to elect.

  3. Y E S, to Connie Cain for 66th District.

    Please pass the word readers to everyone in the 66th District.

  4. What I like most about Cain is even after the teachers unions contributed over $80000 to her opponent she didn’t back down on supporting parents to control their tax $$$ to the school of their choice.

    Got to love that attitude.

  5. Yes Cain, but way too much copy in that letter for the average pea brained voter to process.

    A good copy writer could punch up a dynamic letter with half the copy.

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