Pitch for Election of Another Democrat on the Illinois Supreme Court


No where is there an identification of who is sending this postcard.


Pitch for Election of Another Democrat on the Illinois Supreme Court — 7 Comments

  1. yeah that’s great a judge whose campaign is breaking the law.

    Just what Illinois needs more lawlessness, more Democrat judges.

    Illinoisans don’t value anything except for abortion.

    Apparently most people in Illinois could have their family abducted and killed because of Democrat policies, but as long as they can still sacrifice babies to Moloch they will continue to vote Dem.

  2. Correcting,

    Time to wake up. These communists have been cheating fir years with jew dark money.

    And they’ll do it again on Nov 8.

  3. The dark money problem has been going on a while, like the Illinois Integrity Fund in McHenry County which Jack Franks had something to do with.

    However, I still believe, like MAGA Republican Jennifer Nevins, that a lot of voters, especially suburban women, are hopeless and will continue voting Democratic because they’re single issue pro-aborts.

    The suburbs have become more college educated and more diverse too — a recipe for having more Dems elected.

    And unfortunately Republicans chose Curran from the primary who was the weakest candidate.

    I’ve always believed Rochford would defeat Curran and still do.

  4. Mailer from Rochford states, “Help us protect reproductive rights”.

    These “rights” are not being threatened.

    The mailer is part of the ongoing and continuing B.S. and mis-direction and DISHONESTY from Democrats and liberals.

    Common sense, dictionary meaning of “Reproductive Rights” means the right of a pregnant woman to seek and get medical help and advice throughout her pregnancy up to and including the birth of her baby.

    These “RIGHTS” are not being threatened.

    The correct English language term for what the Democrats and liberals actually mean is the “Right” to kill the fetus in the womb.

    That would be abortion and what the Democrats and liberals really mean is “Killing Rights”.

    They should clearly state in their ads, literature, media appearances that they are for and promote “Killing Rights” for a pregnant woman.

  5. An alternative to “Reproductive Rights” and an HONEST naming would be “Destructive Rights” which would be the right of a pregnant woman to destroy the fetus in the womb rather than allowing the pregnancy to go full term and Reproduce a human being at birth.

    The terms “Pro-Choice” and “Reproductive Rights” are grossly dishonest and incorrect.

    Why can’t Democrats and liberals just tell the truth? “Destructive Rights”.

  6. No, even though I supported Noverini in the primary, crime is by far away the biggest issues with swing voters this fall, with the economy and inflation (in taxes, too) close behind.

    Curran is great on the crime issue and Rochford with her ties to the Chicago machine is terrible.

    The only county that is really Dem in this Supreme Court district is Lake and Curran just barely lost in 2018 by 137 votes with next day vote fraud.

    That’s another plus for Curran.

    I hate to tell the media, when it comes to the abortion issue, the single issue pro-life voters slightly edge out the single issue pro-abort voters, who tend to rigidly Democrat any way.

    If Bailey is anywhere near Pritzker, Curran will win.

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