Foster Mail Emphasizes His Ph.D.

In an 11th congressional district mailbox:

The address side was hand written by a volunteer saying he’s a PhD and something else but the postal makings made it almost impossible to read.

No mention of Foster’s voting with Nancy Pelosi 100% of the time.


Foster Mail Emphasizes His Ph.D. — 18 Comments

  1. Unfortunately, the stuck-in-the-mud, crusty, stubborn-old-coot mentality of the McHenry County Republican Party, and the grumpy, uncooperative, incurious, slow-as-molasses, seemingly-intentionally-ignorant, seemingly determined-to-fail large slice of the aging native “conservative” county electorate, unable to keep up with the times and adapt to a changing world & new technologies, is hostile to innovation & inventiveness, and behaves in ways bound & determined to push out and chase out its native physics & engineering talent. Thus refusing to foster & recruit young innovation & excellence, and demonstrating a strong penchant for complaining, tearing-down and sticking its collective head in the sand rather than addressing & solving pressing problems of McHenry County communities & rural families, the prospects & ambitions of its own young, home-grown scientists & engineers & highly-skilled, highly-trained technicians are perpetually undermined & quashed. Hence, the perpetual brain drain to more intellectually-stimulating & supportive counties, state & countries with a more supportive, positive-minded attitude and better opportunities to grow, bloom & flourish. I say this, as a formally-trained space physicist & radio astronomer, whose owns hopes, dreams, ambitions, education, training & efforts here have been repeatedly undermined & dashed by the math-phobic, science-allergic and technologically-backwards local culture. I have seen it in my own mother, a traditional, minimally-educated, techno-phobic housewife who could not be bothered to learn anything more than she had learned in grade school & high school, does not know how to leave her house and attend to business outside of the home (let alone work outside of the home): she has always refused to learn how to drive a car, take out a bank loan to purchase any potentially-useful asset or improvement or education that might improve her family’s prospects, use a computer, use the internet, or even use a basic cell phone. Thus, being “more Amish than the Amish”, and incapable of functioning in the Space Age, even though she hand-stitches a lovely quilt and knits & crochets beautifully, my mother is *so* conservative that she actually conserves nothing, and her family has failed to survive. For the sake of our children & grandchildren, perhaps it’s time to upend the applecart and welcome Bill Foster, a Fermilab high-energy physicist and successful businessman, whose family and ancestors have a proven track record of physics-informed ingenuity, and talent in mechanical and electrical & electronics engineering & technology, and an innovative & determined business acumen. His wife is a successful physicist, in her own right. He and his family are creative, innovative, determined, successful and admirable. He knows how to bring home multi-billion dollar budget appropriations from Congress for the budgets of Argonne National Laboratory and Fermilab, which has greatly benefited the families of DuPage County and adjacent communities. We can definitely use that kind of refreshing, “can-do” spirit, here in McHenry County. I therefore strongly recommend that we elect Bill Foster as our U.S. congressman, treat him and his family very well, and welcome them to McHenry County.

  2. Also needs to learn to spell out the word “and” as opposed to typing the Ampersand sign every 15 characters.

    And maybe start hating her mother less.

  3. Dawn, you ought to see a therapist about the resentment you feel towards your mother.

    You clearly have some unresolved issues which you are venting here at 1 a.m.

    You are not just bringing this stuff up because you prefer Bill Foster to Catalina Lauf.

    By the way, much of the complaints and general attitude you feel about old-timey Republicans has little relevance to Catalina Lauf who is on the younger side of the millennial generation and is not particularly conservative/traditional.

    You’re saying all of this because you are mad at your mama.

    Maybe you should talk directly to your mother and list your grievances.

    You are what, like, in your 40s or 50s and still grieving about how your mama didn’t/doesn’t give you enough resources even though you claim to be a scientist? You have deep psychological wounds.

    I don’t know your mama but doubt she was purposely trying to harm you.

    You really need to let go of your anger and FORGIVE YO MAMA!

  4. LOL CORRECTING. Dawn our resident NIU grad is likely upset Rs are fighting her 10k student loan forgiveness and that her Fermilab sugar daddy is likely to be removed from his seat.

  5. Dawn, a paid Lgbtq troll, the nitwit’s Ph.D (piled high dung) means little to me, especially since he was an anti-science Fauci worshipper and covidiot.

    Dawn, FYI, I did flip 4 votes.

    I explained to them exactly how Foster fostered degeneracy with his queer bakery visitation.

    I only wish I could flip more.

    Dawn, why do you live in queertown from your ISP?

  6. Apparently, I’m supposed to be angrier about what Dawn’s mom did to her life, than what Democrat gadfly Bill Foster is doing to mine.

  7. Oh, a place for Mother stuff. When I was a child, my Mother used to terrorize me with the words, “We’re gonna take you to see the doc and get you a shot.” whenever I felt a little peaked. (Maybe why I hate doctors to this day.)

  8. Pro tip: Before reading a Cindy comment, stare at the center of a Hypnotic Spiral for 20 seconds first.

  9. ^JT, the columnist George Will just wrote an article calling out Biden for claiming he passed the student loan forgiveness plan by one or two votes.

    The trouble with that claim?

    There was no vote!

    It was an executive order.

    Will pointed out Biden’s poor memory and also said of Kamala Harris that when she speaks it sounds like a child giving a book report on a book they did not read.

    The crux of the article was that Biden and Harris should not run in 2024.

    I’d like to see them leave even sooner than that.

  10. I’ll take the choice for Congress, the candidate who can best make it possible for rocket launches like *this* to happen:

    ULA Delta IV-Heavy / NROL-91
    Sept. 24 at 3:25 p.m. PDT
    Space Launch Complex-6
    Vandenberg Space Force Base



    Meet my friend TORY BRUNO:

  11. My 4th fireworks was far more impressive and it was under $500.

    That’s Jacks Stop and Pop
    Rt 287, Corsicana, Tx.

    Remember, ‘if you didn’t get your ‘works’ there, it ain’t worth Jack’

  12. I understand that Correcting. I’m not sure if Dawn’s issues are momma related or libtard related. LOL. I’m not a psychologist so I’ll defer to your assessment.

    DJ you come across as a Cindy stalker. You come across as Mellow Mink with a different handle. Get your updated jab would you. Hopefully myocarditis doesn’t hit you too quickly.

  13. You bring up Space Force, Dawn, but Trump was the one who started Space Force and when he did Democrats said it was stupid.

    ow you’re talking about how you love rockets and we gotta vote for Bill Foster for the rockets?

    It’s Democrats who are on the gloom and doom and are the ones projecting.

    Republicans gonna shut down the rockets (no, Obama did), Republicans gonna start WW3 (false, things were safer when Trump was in office), Republicans gonna get rid of all welfare (never happens), Republicans gonna get rid of democracy (false, it’s Democrats undermining our elections), etc.

    People should vote for Lauf.

    Foster has been in office long enough and is now of retirement age.

    There are enough rubber stamps for Biden in congress.

    We need checks and balances, not a bunch of yes-men.

    Foster votes with the Pelosi-Biden agenda nearly 100 percent of the time.

  14. Correcting, Dawn has no clue what Space Force is.

    She thinks it’s about rockets.

    There’s alot more to that branch than meets the eye.

    Mike Lindell knows. LOL.

    My Giza dream sheets are delightful.

    I heard he has a new line called Konnech Inc and VOTEM in the near future to compliment the Dominion, ES$S and ERIC brands.

    Unbelievable how dense people in this state are.

    Dawn maybe you could look into those things with you PhD buddy.

  15. I like engineering & physics.

    I support STEM education, occupations and experimental scientific research facilities like Argonne National Laboratory and Fermilab.

    I am non-partisan.

    I try to support whomever I believe is a good and sincere person, and will do a good job.

    I’m not a Democrat.

    I’m not a political activist or politician: just a McHenry County native, who grew up on farmland and attended Riley School and Marengo High School.

    Having grown up in SW Coral Township, I used to support McHenry County Republicans, but have not found the McHenry County GOP to be very welcoming, supportive or friendly.

    George Washington was opposed to having political parties, for the reason that political parties divide a country and undermine its unity and ability to get along with one another.

    Former Republican Illinois State Representative Michael Fortner of the now-old 49th legislative district, and also former mayor of Wheaton, is a Ph.D high-energy physicist with a strong electrical engineering background. He worked at Fermilab on the same experiment, and with the same group, that I did: the D-Zero proton/anti-proton collider detector muon system.

    Plenty of Midwestern engineers & physicists have typically been or leaned Republican, but have often found it necessary — especially more recently — to vote for or otherwise support fellow engineers & physicists who were ideologically Democrats, or else obliged to run as Democrats due to the nature of federal, state or local politics. The idea being, of course, to support STEM education and to move the country forward technologically, and to generally improve living standards and support a growing population.

    Furthermore, embedded in the Republican Party is a religious, cultural and social anti-science faction that is and has been historically hostile to engineering & the sciences, that has opposed the participation and candidacy of engineers & physicists and other scientists in government and public affairs, and has been highly skeptical and rather irrationally opposition to experimental project installations such as HAARP.

    The presence of such ultra-“conservative” fervent anti-science, anti-engineering attitudes in some corners of the Republican Party, has often made it very difficulty for Republican engineers & scientists to prevail in elections, in an often fractious political party, making life under the “big-tent” too difficult to get anything done.

    Hence, the occasional cross-over of Republicans to vote for a good Democratic candidate like Bill Foster, when needed in order to provide support for important STEM educational institutions, projects & research facilities necessary for community growth, industry & national defense.

    There are plenty of Republican and Independent engineers & scientists who will donate to and vote for Bill Foster for Congress, regardless of party affiliation, political ideology, or cultural/social concerns, because Bill Foster has a good reputation, and has demonstrated an ability to get the job done in Congress.

    I enjoy aerospace and spacecraft engineering. I love rocketry and space probe design & construction. I particularly enjoy magnetometry, electric field measurements, space plasma wave instrumentation, and radio frequency engineering.

    I am a space plasma physicist & solar/jovian radio astronomer.

    For those interested, I recommend this book:

    Space Physics: An Introduction 1st Edition
    by C. T. Russell, J. G. Luhmann & R. J. Strangeway

    Wheaton, Illinois is the historic home of early radio astronomy pioneer GROTE REBER, who designed & constructed the first parabolic dish radio telescope, in 1937, in his back yard:

    JOHN DICKEL, faculty member of the electrical engineering department of the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign, was a keen observer of supernova remnants, and made important discoveries regarding radio astronomy of Jupiter:

    The 120-ft radio telescope at the Vermillion River Observatory, was a joint project of the University of Illinois Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Dept. of Astronomy:

    GEORGE SWENSON, of the University of Illinois Dept. of Electrical Engineering, worked with John Dickel, on the 400-ft radio telescope at Danville:

    Another fine and notable Illinois radio astronomer, is professor emeritus Patrick Palmer, of University of Chicago Dept. of Astronomy & Astrophysics:

    I consider myself in good company, amongst distinguished predecessors, and that I am carrying on a long, historic tradition of high-energy physics, space physics, space exploration, satellite & spacecraft engineering & design, and radio astronomy.

    I encourage our young people to learn mathematics, physics & engineering, and to explore the important role of STEM applications in our daily lives.

  16. Dawn, a shitlib, shills for shitlib Foster.

    End of story.

    Sorry Dawn, your lies fall on deaf ears.

    Go back to the Alinsky School of Marxist Magic and drown yourself.

    When the SHTF, you rats will pay for your ‘beautiful destruction’ and it will be a glorious Day of the Rope.

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