New TV Ad Links Pritzker to Release of Man Who Murdered a Policeman

From the PAC financed by Richard Uihlein:


People Who Play By The Rules PAC has launched a new :30 TV spot, “JB Let A Cop Killer Go Free.” It will run on Illinois TV stations this week and can be seen on YouTube and on the PBR PAC Facebook page.

The script:

Jean Cable: “My uncle was a sergeant in the Chicago Police Department. He was with a patrol officer Anthony Rosado and on the evening of July 17th 1970, they were assassinated.”

For decades, Jean had the support of governors of both parties to keep her uncle’s killer behind bars…until JB Pritzker.

ABC7 graphic: Governor Pritzker, Illinois parole board, face criticism over prisoner releases amid calls for reform

“We did not get any letters whatsoever from Governor Pritzker opposing parole. My message to the governor would be: shame on you.”

Punish JB Pritzker for releasing a cop killer.

Paid for by People Who Play By The Rules PAC. 

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Pritzker counters that it was the Illinois Prisoner Review Board that let the guy out of prison.


New TV Ad Links Pritzker to Release of Man Who Murdered a Policeman — 7 Comments

  1. JB, Foxx, Lightfoot – cop killers and baby murders one and all.

    Proof that the DEMOCRAT party is a death cult that any Communist would be proud of,
    because they ARE Communists.

  2. Pritzker had the toilets in one of his mansions disconnected. Why? Where do he and the Mrs do numbers 1 and 2 when in that mansion. Turns out that there are much, much less real estate taxes to pay on a house if it has toilets disconnected. Per:

    “Federal prosecutors have been requesting records from the Cook County assessor’s office about a $331,000 tax break the governor got after removing the toilets during remodeling of a mansion he owns next to his own home. Authorities sought the name of every employee who was involved in the tax break, along with associated communications.”

    Federal Prosecutors started looking into the toilet issue in the summer of 2020. Here we are Nov 2 2022 and there is nothing, NOTHING, in the media about the progress of this TWO-YEAR old plus INVESTIGATION. Of course the vast majority of media in Illinois are in the tank, protectors, handmaidens for the Democrat Party and its politicians. So, even if there were updates available from the Feds, the media would likely not cover it.

    Has the Biden REGIME put the kibosh on the “Federal Prosecutors” involved?

  3. The ignorance of the American justice system, by you and your followers, is phenomenal.

    Calling you trolls would be an insult to trolls.

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