Another Chamber of Commerce Promotes a Democrat

Perhaps you will remember that the Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce repeatedly promoted a coffee with “your” congressman Bill Foster.

On the sign out front of its Crystal Lake taxpayer-subsidized building, the staff toned down to promotion to coffee with “a” legislator.

Now comes the McHenry Chamber of Commerce with a pitch for the Democratic Party candidate for McHenry County Treasurer:

Come to think of it, the Crystal Lake Chamber did the same thing…then offered Republican Donna Kurtz similar space when caught jeopardizing its not-for-profit status.


Another Chamber of Commerce Promotes a Democrat — 5 Comments

  1. But wasn’t Donna Kurtz a Council Person and not getting the support from her grass roots?

  2. Donna served on the McHenry County College Board and the County Board.

  3. These questions don’t make sense.

    What do you mean not getting the support from her grassroots? Didn’t Kurtz decide to not run for county board again? I thought she wanted to leave the county board and pursue a school board election which she lost.

    What is a Kay Bates insider?

    Look, you can vote for Donna, you can vote for this Arab sounding Democrat, or you can vote for the Libertarian. Those are your choices.

    Perhaps next time there is an election you should get more than one person in the primary — especially if you don’t like the first Republican who announces they’re running.

    Then maybe you won’t be complaining 5 days before the election.

    I’m gonna go out on a limb and say Kurtz will win.

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