Democrat Running in Northeastern McHenry County Getting Nervous

McHenry County has been cut into four congressional districts by Illinois Democrats.

Northern Illinois 2022 Congressional map.

Today incumbent Democrat in the 10th congressional district Brad Schneider sent out this distress signal:

Far-right billionaire Dick Uihlein, who has bankrolled the likes of Marjorie Taylor Greene and Darren Bailey, is spending SIX FIGURES to defeat Brad.


Brad is a leading voice in Congress against insurrectionists and election deniers, and he’ll NEVER stop working to hold them accountable. That’s why it’s no surprise that Dick Uihlein, an extreme billionaire with a history of buying elections and backing anti-Semitic racist bigots, is trying to defeat Brad.

This is not a drill, $100,000 in our district can go a long way, and time is running out.

This billionaire is trying to buy elections and gain power.

tWe need to make a stand now.

= = = = =

It should be noted that Richard Uihlein lives in Brad Schneider’s district.


Democrat Running in Northeastern McHenry County Getting Nervous — 4 Comments

  1. Yea…Tell the kid who rang my doorbell with Schnieder crap in his hand.

    I told him to save a tree and keep it.

    I pointed him to the only libtards on our street and told him don’t waste your time pushing that crap in this neighborhood.

    No one votes Dem except them.

  2. There was a poll not long ago that showed Bribe Schneider only up by 6.

    It’s supposed to be like a plus 20 Dem district.

    Of course they’re getting nervous.

    btw, Biden and Harris are coming to the Chicago area this weekend to stump for Casten and Foster.

  3. Another grown man afraid of a small in stature millennial that lives in his parents basement.

    What’s wrong with these so called grown men in the Democrat Party.

    I’ll vote for the millennial stand-up common sense comic before a total unic.

    Have they been experimenting with the Dems favorite trans drugs that chemically castrate them???

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