Foster Plays the Extremist Card in Mailing

From the Bill Foster campaign showing that Foster is worried about Catalina Lauf

Or perhaps people will see old versus young.


Foster Plays the Extremist Card in Mailing — 7 Comments

  1. I have to compliment Congressman Foster.

    He used Lauf’s abortion position she shared on WGN-TV on October 16 as far as letting states decide.

    Democratic Party of Illinois ignored her WGN statement.

  2. “Scientist” Bill Foster.

    What a joke.

    His 3 position statements are a joke.

    WTF is an assault weapon?

    Moron liberal speak.

    He thinks there are 81m people that voted for the basement dummy too.


    It’s time to retire this addled old fool.

    Oh I forgot the tried and true liberal talking point.


    Just shaking my head.

  3. nooooooooooooo you cant shoot scary guns or else you’re an extreeeeeeemist! waaaaaaaaaaah!

  4. How about seeing one with common sense and cares about USA the state of legal American tax paying citizens or you see one who believes in recism, corruption, cheating, liars, the destruction of our STATE and of our country, that is what anyone who votes for these libs/dems is doing since they stand behind the current regime… of losers! and destruction!

  5. Still in agreement w/ Mr. Lopez.

    Mr. Foster is merely stating truth and fact about Lauf.

    Lauf is wholly and totally unqualified– and as it has been stated earlier “Congress is not an entry-level job”.

  6. LOL Correcting.

    So true.

    This mailer may help his opponent Lauf.

    With the crime wave coming to the suburbs most admit they want to be able to bear arms to protect their families because the local and state Democrat legislators, Gov and President sure aren’t!

  7. OHHH the little 5’2″ Latina in safety goggles is so extreme, so scary!

    Foster exhibits the wimp that he is.

    Even his base isn’t buying this one.

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