Four Postcards Supporting Connie Cain Arrive on the Thursday Before Election Day

Now there are three independent Political Action Committees making mailings on behalf of Republican Srate Rep. candidate Connie Cain’s effort to oust Democrat Suzanne Ness from the Illinois House of Representatives:

  • Common Sense Reforms NFP
  • INCS Action Independent Committee
  • Americans for Prosperity Action

From Common Sense Reforms, financed by Richard Uihlein comes one featuring a truck with with “Gas taxes, pay raises, $2,100 property tax increases and drug offenders going free pretrial” on its side heading past a “Welcome to Illinois” sign wirh “Land of Rising Taxes and Increasing Crime Brought to you by Suzanne Ness” written underneath.

On the flip side is a pitch for Connie Cain:

A second postcard from Common Sense Reforms arrived in the same delivery. It concentrates on public education.

Americans for Prosperity Action sends this Star Wars takeoff:

INCS Action Independent Committee, financed largely by Jim Walton, one of the Bartonville, Arkansas, Waltons, and Wheels CEO Jim Frank of Des Plaines. sends this postcard about Connie Cain’s fraud investigator background:

The Chicago Sun-Times has a very long article complaining about PACs financed by rich guys who are named Pritzker.

It even focuses on the 66th District race between Ness and Cain:

“Voters are also getting mail by PACS with names designed to confuse you.

“The contest for state representative in the 66th district pits Democratic state Rep. Suzanne Ness, D-Crystal Lake, against Republican Connie Cain, an accountant from Gilberts.

“The Democratic Party of Illinois paid for a piece slamming Cain; the Illinois Republic Party hit Ness in its mailer. Who is behind those ads is no mystery.

“But the three independent expenditure PACS — with no official connections to any campaigns — with little-known names but lots of money are taking aim at Ness in mailers.

“Ness is hit in pieces produced by a political action committee created Sept. 19 called Common Sense Reforms NFP — with the feel-good name not very informative.

“State records show that Common Sense Reforms NFP is led by Tillman, chairman of the Illinois Policy Institute. Through the years, Uihlein, through his family foundation, has donated millions of dollars to the Illinois Policy Institute.

“The day after Common Sense Reforms NFP was founded in September, Uihlein gave it $1.5 million, the only donation to date.

The Common Sense Reforms NFP is bankrolling direct-mail blitzes in 19 state House races with heavy spending to defeat Democrats.

The INCS Action Independent Committee also attacked Ness in a mailer. This PAC is connected to the Illinois Network of Charter Schools.

“A major donor to INCS Action is Jim Walton, of Bentonville, Ark., an heir to the Wal-Mart fortune. Walton has long been active in promoting charter schools. Another big contributor is Wheels CEO Jim Frank, whose company is in Des Plaines. According to state records, Walton gave the PAC $700,000 this year. In the last two years, Frank contributed $850,000 to the PAC.

“The PAC had $1.9 million on hand as of Sept. 30, according to state records and in the past two weeks went on a $687,000 direct-mail spending spree backing Republicans in 10 state legislative districts.

“Ness was also hit in a piece of direct mail paid for by the People Who Play By the Rules PAC.”

Looks as if the article was written before Americans for Prosperity Action got involved with the contest.

On November 1st, Americans for Prosperity Action reported spending $8,255.82 on the Cain mailing.

The Super PAC also made mailings for eleven other State Rep. candidates, including Marty McLaughlin.

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