Republican Precinct Letter 6

From Algonuin 3 Precinct Committeeperson Tiffany Wendt:

Comparing positions of incumbent Democrat Suzanne Ness and GOP challenger Connie Cain.

A comparison of positions on incumbent Democrat Jan Sahkowski and GOP challenger Max Rice,


Republican Precinct Letter 6 — 9 Comments

  1. Agree. A very excellent “Precinct Letter 6” by Tiffany Wendt.

  2. Excellent info, now we wait to see just how many STUPIDS there are in this STATE, and the out come will tell you if no changes are made this STATE is Doomed with no hope!!! give it to sanctuary Illegals… and Run…

  3. There’s that “It’s about our Children” thingy again, which always make me check to see if my wallet is missing.

    This time I want to see the paternity tests.

  4. Sue Ness voted FOR THE SAF-T Act AND reducing the Fentanyl mess.


  5. Since this well meaning Wendt wastes readers’ time touting democrat shitlib like Tadelman, WHO’S RUNNING UNOPPOSED,

    I discount the letter out of hand.

    Why waste space on never Trumper Trussell, the lady with a truly execrable terrible coif?

    Lt. Governors don’t-run on their own on the ballot. All she can do is lose votes for Bailey.

  6. The letter says Trussell campaigned for Trump in 2020.

    I remember hearing her defend him on her radio show.

    Bailey chose Trussell to run with him in December 2021.

    Trump endorsed Bailey in June 2022, which implies Trump’s endorsement of Trussell.

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