Tribune Finds Another Suburban Democrat to Endorse: Suzanne Ness

From the Chicago Tribune:

How abortion is “paramount” in a state where the General Assembly is dominated by pro-abortion who have voted to allow abortion up to the day before birth bobbles my mind.

And if you think anything but abortion is on the Tribune Editorial Board’s mind, read its rejection of throughful Republican State Rep. Dan Ugaste:

And notice the emphasis of this Tribune endorsement:


Tribune Finds Another Suburban Democrat to Endorse: Suzanne Ness — 8 Comments

  1. Good only for wrapping dead fish, and that’s exactly what ‘Ness the mess” is.

  2. That Ness endorsement reads like more of a Cain endorsement to this fellow.

    Abortion will never go away in Illinois. If the Democrats wanted to protect abortion why haven’t they amended the Illinois constitution to forever protect it?

    They have had a super majority for many years! It would need to pass the 60% threshold I believe to be added.

    Abortion is a political tool to get votes and fund raise.

    Cal…Am I correct on amending the constitution with a 60% ballot vote?

  3. The Constitution Amendment shall become effective if approved by either three-fifths of those voting on the question or a majority of those voting in the election.

    VOTE NO!!!

  4. There may be a limit on how many amendments they put on the ballot and in 2020 it was the “fair tax” which failed. This year it’s the “workers rights” amendment. Even if it’s not the case that there’s a limit, Democrats have not had a super majority that long and maybe they don’t want to put it in the Constitution because it’s more politically advantageous for them to fearmonger about “abortion rights” being taken away in some hypothetical scenario where socially conservative Republicans have full control of Illinois. Plus Democrats may disagree with each other about specific language, like how long abortion should be legal for or whether to fund it. There are still a few Democrats from downstate believe it or not and some of those districts are competitive.

  5. 60% of those voting on the issue or a majority of those voting in the election.

  6. Voters should be very, very careful about endorsements from ANY media type. Including newspapers. There is ample proof where endorsements were terribly wrong.

    Most of the media in the U.S. have been in the tank, are handmaidens, protectors for Democrat politicians and the Democrat Party. They should be considered similar to the old Pravda of the former USSR, Soviet Union, who were the unofficial voice/protector of the communist party there.

    The Tribune endorsed Democrat Barak Hussein Obama for president in 2008. He became the worst ever president of the U.S. displacing the previous worst, Democrat Jimmy Carter.

    In northeast Illinois, the Daily Herald listed their endorsements for candidates in today’s newspaper.

    Curious that the Herald DID NOT show the political party affiliation for all of the candidates that they endorsed. Why not? That aside, one has to question their wisdom. Two days after Joseph Robinette Biden and Kamala Harris took office as president and vice-president, Jan 22, 2021, they said this about Harris:

    “Harris is well-prepared to be a co-leader of the nation. She is educated and intelligent, and has political relationships from four years in the Senate.”

    Unfortunately, we citizens of the U.S. have witnessed 21 months of terrible performance by Harris and her numerous instances of incoherent speech. Is she well prepared to be a leader of the most powerful nation on earth in the event that Biden had to step down for health or other reasons?

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