COVID Death Numbers from Coroner and Health Department Don’t Match

From McHenry County Coroner Michael Rein come this report of Corona Virus deaths in McHenry County.

Coroner Michael Rain says 150 died of Covid.

The County Health Department says 489 with 48 more being “probable.”

YEAR 2022

Gender Male 44
Female 17

Ages Under 30 1
30-39 0
40-49 3
50-59 7
60-69 13
70-79 17
80-89 18
90-99 2
100+ 0

POD Hospital 48
Home 11


YEAR 2021

Gender Male 70
Female 42

Ages Under 30 0
30-39 3
40-49 3
50-59 11
60-69 27
70-79 40
80-89 19
90-99 7
100+ 2

POD Hospital 88
NH/AL 14
Home 10


YEAR 2020

Gender Male 81
Female 69

Ages Under 30 0
30-39 0
40-49 4
50-59 13
60-69 16
70-79 37
80-89 52
90-99 26
100+ 2

POD Hospital 88
NH/AL 46
Home 15
Other 1


From Health Department Director Melissa Adamson:

 Death counts may not match between COVID-19 Dashboard, IVRS, and Coroner’s Office for various reasons including the following:

  • Data is provisional and subject to change
  • Reporting requirements, definitions, and/or methods for counting deaths may vary
  • The MCDH Communicable Disease and Surveillance programs count all resident deaths regardless of place of death
  • The MCDH Vital Records program and Coroner’s Office report all deaths that occur in McHenry County
  • Coroner has latitude in certifying the cause of death
  • Lag times in reporting data
    • E.g., Death certificates take time to be processed and include several steps involving multiple entities: Funeral home, physician/medical provider, registrar, Coroner
From the McHenry County Health Department as of November 3, 2022.


COVID Death Numbers from Coroner and Health Department Don’t Match — 16 Comments

  1. This is the verification of the lies we have been told.

    NO verified deaths ever from the below 30 age group?

    Now the CDC recommends covid immunization for children?

    All our lives got turned upside down for this???

    It’s about the $$$ people.

  2. I’m guessing you have to crane your neck a bit, to see all those benefits, of having a County Public Health Policy.

  3. Fauci is now pushing a mRNA nasal spray.

    What a joke.

    The bureaucrats and media teleprompter monkeys that carry their water count on you being too stupid to use your God given critical thinking skills.

    Tell me.

    Who invented the PCR test used to allegedly detect Covid?

    Funny he said it didn’t work, called Fauci a quack and next thing you know died suddenly.

    Anyone believing what the CDC and in turn MCDH at this point does so at their own peril.

    Maybe you should read Klaus Schwab’s The Great Reset to help you out.

  4. If I could, I’d break into Network News Joker style, wearing a spray paint suit, fogging my ‘Wuhan’ garage with a fire extinguisher, to trick your Health Care Policy heroes into another lockdown.

  5. They are BOTH liars. Zero people died from Covid because it NEVER existed. They are ALL liars. When are you people going to wake up that they are genocided us all and lying continually! It’s about CONTROL! Wake up!!!!

  6. Dingo? I disagree vehemently. For his crimes against humanity for decades and now the genocide he is personally responsible for, he needs to be hanged!

  7. Cmon Cindy. If that dwarfs hanging or firing squad was on PPV would you watch it?

    I prefer the guillotine for him myself and confiscating his wealth.

  8. As I said from the very beginning of the vax scam, follow the M-O-N-E-Y.
    Your lives are worth nothing to Fauci and his co-conspirators.
    Hang’em all, and hang’em high.

  9. We’ll never know about the number that died from the jab itself… the vastly underreported VAERS injury reports… the billions in stolen market share (shuttered small biz vs Costco)… the myocarditis… the SADS…. The insane transfer of wealth and power.

    If the GOP doesn’t dismantle the administrative state so that NOBODY can use it, they’re dead to me.

    The NEW right better FIGHT.

  10. Over a year ago the chief a police FOIA this and found they were lying about the numbers.

    If you are still wearing a mask and getting covid shots you have been brainwashed, lied to, controlled and being made a fool of.

    PLEASE do your research people.

    Just the other day a woman at the store told me that her sister was cancer free, had a full body scan done before getting the covid shot.

    Got the covid shot and in four months had full blown cancer and died.

    Another told me they know someone that works for or worked for Moderna and didn’t get the shot or her family and those she talks to about it because she knows the truth about it.

    Look at CDC’s VAERS numbers for covid.

    The amount of deaths and injuries.

    They had 30 deaths when the polio shot first came out and shut it down.

    The covid shot is in the thousands.


    The amount of deaths from the vaccine far exceeds those that actually died of covid and even those numbers would not be if they didn’t suppress the safe treatment and used treatment and protocols that actually killed people.

    Not covid.

    I have run into many people that knows of people that were injured or died of the covid shot.

    Please stand up for what is right.

    It is our job to tell others the truth.

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