Republican Precinct Letter 13 — 5 Comments

  1. Kinda sad.

    Interesting take in Amendment 1; what he writes is true, but there are so many more catastrophes flowing from adoption than that.

    I was delighted to vote to boot Cowlin the Magnificent off retention as a judge.

    Evil men deserve to be dropped.

  2. VOTE NO!

    Do you want any politician to open our State Constitution for any reason?


    What else will they add, alter or remove?

    Do we trust them in Springfield?

  3. Not much different from the other PC letters.

    Last part looks very similar to Brettman’s.

    Period at the end of Trussell but no other names.

    Comptroller spelled as controller.

    Both PC from Grafton Township.

    Probably just copypasta

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