Talking About Extremism

That’s the Democras favorite label for Republicans.

In Illnois Review, John F. Di Leo addresses the term:

“Extremist” is another of the modern Democrat speechwriter’s favorite words to redefine.

Today’s Democrats – whether they admit it or not – are united in supporting taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand at any time up to the moment of birth (and if the child is born alive despite an abortion attempt, then legalizing immediately killing the child for having the audacity to try to survive). 

Nothing could be more extreme than that.

So, they call their Republican opponents – even moderates who favor some limits – the “abortion extremists,” redefining the Republicans as “extreme” just for opposing the Democrats’ extreme pro-abortion designs.


Talking About Extremism — 12 Comments

  1. Yet Pam Althoff, ‘Republican’, personally said she favored abortion for all gestational weeks’ meaning full term.

  2. Ultra Mega Extreme MAGA people.

    The idiots in the liberal party branding the opposition is priceless.

    Keep it up fools.

  3. The democrats are the extremist party.

    Just look at abortion, they support abortion at any point up until birth.

    In Europe, most countries have a limit on abortion that is earlier in pregnancy than the Mississippi case that was ruled on by SCOTUS.

    It’s the democrats that are out of touch with reality.

    Just wait until all the bots get purged from Twitter, these extreme positions that the democrats take don’t have the popular support they appear to, it’s all being propped up by bots as propaganda.

    Feel free to speak up and defend yourself if you think abortion at 32 weeks should be legal like the democrats believe.

    Can’t use health of the mother as an excuse on this one, take the baby out with a c section and they both live.

  4. If the left would just stop doing all that rape and incest, it wouldn’t be an issue.

  5. Looks like Republicans will gain seats in the U.S. House, Senate and some governorships. The following article makes the case that Democrats will make a ruckus about their losses, Republican gains. Many Democrats around the nation are wretched, evil, grossly incompetent and possibly traitorous given the ongoing invasion of the U.S. they are allowing. The actions by their top leader, Biden, have greatly weakened our Nation.

    Recall Democrats’ plots to thwart Donald Trump with the phony Russia collusion concocted by Hillary Rodman Clinton and her minions. A member of the federal bureau named Peter Strok said he/they had an insurance policy (to hurt Trump) if Trump were to win the 2016 presidential election. Democrats also conducted bogus impeachments of Trump. There also was the unneeded and ridiculous Mueller investigations which found NO COLLUSION.

  6. The DNC is led by Hillary and Barry/Michael (she’s the strategist and money – Bill and Barry/Mike were the charisma).
    Hillary was led by Saul Alinsky – read her Senior thesis.
    Saul Alinsky was led by Lucifer – read the dedication page in his book, Rules for Radicals.
    Lucifer stood in opposition to Jesus Christ.
    As does every deranged prick I see with a D behind their name today.

    I know the Republican party is stuffed with corrupt, self-interested, treasonous liars – Mitch McConnell comes to mind – look into his wife. So is Romney – look into Bain Capital. So was McCain – throwing the election. And on and on and on.

    But with what the Democrat party represents today, how could you still campaign under that banner and be considered a moderate? There is no such thing. A typical Republican is basically what used to be a moderate, blue-dog Democrat and a Democrat is a tool of the modern corporatocracy… the public-private collusion that consolidates all power in the hands of a few at the detriment of the many.

    The left is incrementally winning the battle for our souls.

    Again – when the Right wins power – they must self-sacrificially DEMOLISH the administrative state. That is their only job now. They must become the radicals that burn the house down so that NO party can use it against the people again.

    If they don’t – the people will be forced to do it for them. Republicans – this is your final act. Start speaking up – stop allowing Democrats to play psychological games. Stop allowing Homeland Security to police speech. Stop allowing Democrats to label Republicans as the VERY THING THAT THEY ARE, i.e. “extreme” on abortion when the extreme position is killing a full term child, of labeling legislation the Safe T Act when it has nothing to do with safety.

    If Republicans control the house, NO legislation should be longer than a single piece of paper. No legislation with pork should reach the floor. NO legislation should be introduced without repealing 10 other regulations as a pre-requisite, and finally NO legislation should reach the floor that doesn’t in some part dismantle the administrative state.


  7. It’s going to be fun a week from now when Trump doesn’t announce he’s running and announces We Caught Them All. Devolution is fun for those that know. AZ and PA better watch out. LOL. If Underwood and Duckworth win you know how corrupt this state is and has been.

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