What Tribune Internet Readers See

Here’s what popped onto my screen when I pulled up the Chicago Tribune today:

Pritzker bought ads adjacent to a lot of pages. Here’s another one:

I wonder what this page looks like in the print edition. This showed up between pages 19 and 20.


What Tribune Internet Readers See — 11 Comments

  1. Not surprised that Tribune did that overt pitch for the big, inept, reckless fat guy. They started going nuts in a big way back in 2008 when they endorsed Barak Hussein Obama for president.

  2. And now you know why this so-called newspaper is known far and wide as the Lbune.

  3. LOL… =1 BW

    get your vote in for corruption, crime, death, over taxation, racism, rioting, is what the real truth is..if you vote for FJB… means…

  4. It’s too bad this State has “The County of Cook” and its mindless voters.

  5. Very good Ed.

    As I recall Quinn won 3 counties of 102.

    Tells you all you need to know.

  6. I see the Tribune scooped up the fabulous Laura Washington who was there when the Sun-Times began its death spiral.

    Oh an another thing, online Tribune rocking 30 pages!

    The Northworst Herald ekes out 32 pages with its online version.

  7. ** As I recall Quinn won 3 counties of 102. Tells you all you need to know. **

    That land doesn’t vote?

  8. If he wins the election was stolen!

    I am so ready to be done with that “man”.

    He has done nothing but destroy.

    I have to laugh at his crazy ads packed full of lies about himself and others.

  9. This morning at 11:03 AM on “Chicago’s Very Own”, WGN-TV, Pritzker while at a CTA station in Illinois said this about his opponent:

    “He wants to honestly, to a, diminish the rights that people have especially their voting rights across the State of Illinois.”

    There is no evidence or statement by Republican candidate Darren Bailey wanting to diminish voting or other rights in Illinois.

    As is the case many times with Pritzker, he lies.

    How can anyone trust Pritzker, a billionaire, who disconnected his toilets to avoid paying his FAIR SHARE of real estate taxes?

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