Catalina Lauf Concedes to Bill Foster

Here is her Tweet”

The Tribune reports final results were 141,473 to 112,563, a 55.7% to 44.3% margin in Foster’s favor.

Here are the county-by-county results:

Boone County

Cook County


Kane County

Lake County

McHenry County

Will County


Catalina Lauf Concedes to Bill Foster — 3 Comments

  1. So the party of so called ‘diversity’ elects another old white guy, got it!

  2. I hope the era of the Republican Bimbo has come to an end.

    Not just Lauf, but also the Kent State pants pooper, Tomi Lahren, Lauren Southern, etc.

    They’re all just another flavor of e-girls, preying on simps.

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