Catalina Lauf Will Be Watching Election Returns in Marengo

From the Catalina Lauf campaign:

While Lauf will be at Niko’s Grill in Marengo, other Repuvblicans will be gathering at Niko’s Red Mill Inn in Woodstock.


Catalina Lauf Will Be Watching Election Returns in Marengo — 11 Comments

  1. Hopefully she can broker a peace settlement and bring an end to the prolonged McHenry freeloader Cash Bar vs Open Bar conflict.

  2. Is Niko’s in Marengo and Niko’s in Woodstock owned by the same person(s)?

  3. Same locale where Lauf held fundraiser w/ Burgess Owens in August.

    Mr. Lopez where are you?

    Looking forward to your comments.

  4. Election Returns. Will Democrats get clobbered nationwide as did the Democrat candidate Terry McCauliff in Virginia in 2021 when Republican Glenn Youngkin beat him and flipped the State to Republican control? Terry “famously” said that parents shouldn’t be telling school boards what should be taught to children.

    Parents all over the nation are disgusted with many liberal and Democrat boards who want to teach sexual deviancy to children from kindergarten and to higher grades. Parents also were disgusted with the so-called crazy critical race theory that schools wanted to indoctrinate children. See:

  5. Only one mile away from my childhood home on the old Frank Beck’s farmstead.


    Heh. 😉

  6. LOL at all you “voters”.

    You didn’t really think you could make a difference, did you?

    ALl the commies are claiming victory.

    We told you this would go down this way!

    Satan is running rampant.

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