For the Second Election, My Son and I Were Not on the Election Rolls

I have been voting from the same address most of my life.

Christmas decorations were being erected on Election Day in Crystal lake.

In June neither I nor my son were on the voter rolls.

So, I contacted the County Clerk to notify him and thought the problem had been taken care of.

The Election Judge greeted me with my first name, then looked me up.

My name wasn’t there.

She said that was alrightl, that she could witness my signature.

I told her that I supposed my son would have the same problem.

And, he did.

I signed my name indicating that I knew him.

There was a steady line of voters and we had to wait for voting booths.

We were told that we could vote by machine, but didn’t want to.

And, neither did anyone else that I saw at the polls.

When I was putting my ballot into the counting machine, I noticed there was not privacy screen as had been the case in precious years.

Not that the Judge standing next to the machine was looking, but he could have been.

Boting experience: Needs Improvement, as the Elementary School Report Cards used to say.

The Democratic Precinct Committeeperson was at the polling place checking off the names of people as they voted and, undoubtedly, sending the information to a place where known Democrats who had not yet voted could be badgered to vote.

No sign of a Republican Party precinct worker.


For the Second Election, My Son and I Were Not on the Election Rolls — 2 Comments

  1. Now that you mention it, there were no electronic voting machines at my Polling Place serving 3 Precincts. Just as well.

    As for privacy, the Judge has to see the initialed Ballot top anyway, and we were provided a heavy stock privacy cover anyway.

    For the time of day, it was busy.

  2. Another Tirio F—up.

    But what did you expect from a dip who allows gays to have rainblow fags on their County Clerk desks.

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