Although Losing the Race, GOP Supreme Court Candidate Mark Curran Wins McHenry County

Democrat Elizabeth will be our Supreme Court Justice for the next then years, but not with the help of McHenry County voters.


Although Losing the Race, GOP Supreme Court Candidate Mark Curran Wins McHenry County — 17 Comments

  1. That and $5.00 will get Curran a small cup of coffee.

    Big deal that he won McHenry County as McHenry County Republican Chairman Thorsen couldn’t even hold on to his seat on the County Board.

  2. We are now a democrat county.

    The blue areas are all the populated suburban areas of the county.

  3. Stay tuned Cindy. Bolsinaro in Brazil is about to drop a truth bomb on their elections which are being audited by the military down there.

    Why was the national guard recently deployed to 14 states in this country?

    I think Trump’s announcement coming on the 15th might not be that he’s running for president.

    Fyi those voter rolls are maintained on the ERIC system in IL.

    Another computer database.

    Then we have the CCP involved in our elections through Konnech Inc, VOTEM and the ever reliable Dominion and ES$S machines.

    Why are the principles of True the Vote in prison for exposing Konnech to the public?

    You have to show people the truth because they certainly aren’t going to hear it from the MSM.

    At this point I would trust eating milk duds off a toilet seat in Tijuana more than I trust the elections in this country.

  4. DeSantis can run in 2028 sport.

    Check the polling.

    Who are you voting for JB or Newsom or even better Killary?

  5. CW2 coming up. GOP house will not impeach any of the traitors. Watch.

    Cindy and JT, you rock!

  6. Goldie, speaking the truth doesn’t make one rock.

    It shows the people who are still under the influence of Operation Mockingbird.

    You obviously get it like Cindy.

    It’s fun to be trolled for truth telling by the cognitive dissonants.

  7. I hope DeSantis runs.

    Trump warning him to back off is an obvious admission of fear on his part.

    Just like Losin’ Putin rattling the nuclear Sabre.

    It’s an outright admission that he sees Ron as steep competition.

  8. So Mellow Mink must believe inflation and energy costs are caused by Putin now.

    How many bongs are you up to a day Mink?

    Did you impute your hypothesis based on Trump calling him Desanctimonious?

    Keep smoking sport.

    It really improves your posts and keeps you in a haze that makes you unable to see reality.

    Refer to my 3:52 post if you are still confused.

  9. Impeachment means nothing.

    It’s a footnote in a history book. Need 2/3 to convict and remove a president.

    That’s not happening.

    Biden will be president for the foreseeable future.

    And since Democrats did not have a bad night I don’t see Biden resigning.

    Best case scenario, and most likely scenario, for Republicans is they can make Biden a lame duck.

  10. What I don’t get, is that I just looked up the total votes as I am writing this for this race, the total votes total 552,943 for this race, 104,462 stated above came from McHenry…. Um.

    So 104K in Mchenry voted that means only 448,481 votes in the entire state did not come from McHenry… is this a regional race?

  11. How many more weeks, months will the staff of the Regime of Biden be able to prop him up. Provide teleprompter aid, not cards, white boards out of tv view with quickly scribbled answers?

    Biden and PA Fetterman.

    Two guys who should be out of public life and in rocking chairs at home.

  12. What was a 4-3 majority for Dems will now be a 5-2 Dem majority on the IL Supreme Court.

    Wonder what the expenditures were for each judicial candidate.

    Based on the amount of mail I got it seemed like Dems spent more.

    Anyway, NEVER listen to people who say a red wave is coming in Illinois.

    To emphasize this point, consider the fact that New York and Minnesota were more competitive than Illinois.

    This state is a disaster for Republicans and a disaster in general.

  13. **New York and Minnesota were more competitive than Illinois. **

    NY was a mess and a surprise to everyone.

    But MN?

    MN is almost also more conservative than IL, but MN still flipped their House to DFL (dem) control, kept the Senate, and looks like they’ll win all their statewides, with Walz winning by a few points less than Pritzker did.

    MN is just a weird comparison for you to use.

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