Donna Kurtz Romps to 20,000 Vote Victory Over

Soon-to-be McHenry County Treasurer trounced Democratic Party opponent Amin Karim.

Libertarian Jim Young did not reach the magic 5% level which would have earned the party major party sratus.


Donna Kurtz Romps to 20,000 Vote Victory Over — 7 Comments

  1. That’s as beautiful as anything I’ve seen this cycle!

    Congratulations, Donna and so WELL deserved

  2. Thorsen’s endorsement as good as Kenneally’s like the kiss of death.

    Weren’t they both from Crystal Lake?

  3. No, he’ll have more time now to run it right.

    However, we really needed him on the county board as he’s no RINO

  4. Whoever had the job of getting signs out in yards should be tried and convicted.

    Every sign in CL was a communist sign.

    I had to go out of my way to call for yard signs for Cain, Tirio.

    Just a disaster.

    Whoever is in charge needs to be fired and their office fumigated.

  5. Lani, i beg to differ with you.

    Thorsen is RINOlite, but he’s still a RINO.

    And he is something of a big mouth.

    I really don’t mind that IF he had anything to back it up.

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