Next County Board 13 Republicans, 5 Democrats – All Women

Here are the thirteen Republicans:

  • Matt Kunkle – District 1
  • John Reinert – District 2
  • Eric Hendricks – District 3
  • Joe Gottemoller – District 4
  • Mike Shorten – District 4
  • Terri Greeno – District 5
  • Pam Althoff – District 6
  • Carl Kamienski -District 6
  • Brian Sager – District 7
  • Larry Smith – District 8
  • Tracie Von Bergen – District 8
  • Mike Skala – District 9
  • Jim Kearns – District 9

Democrats elected:

  • Theres Meshesa – District 1
  • Gloria Van Hof – District 2
  • Lyn Campell – District 3
  • Kelli Wegener – District 5
  • Lou Ness – District 7


Next County Board 13 Republicans, 5 Democrats – All Women — 7 Comments

  1. McHenry County Republican Chairman Jeff Thorsen beaten running for his reelection?

    Perhaps time to replace him as Chairman as well?

    Is Kenneally available as he was zero for three in his endorsements in the primaries showing in my opinion that he had no pull.

    Perhaps George Lindsey or Jim Nabors are available? LOL

  2. That looks like an awful County board!

    Wackos, rinos and dems, oh my.

    Wackos = nefarious ideologies disguised as “normal” in today’s world.

  3. Slapdyck-

    You like Funk????

    He is such bad news.

    Ran on not hiring friends or family.


    Check it out before you endorse someone.

  4. Actually a pretty good showing for mchenry county republicans at the county level.

    I was expecting Dems to have more than 5 seats (probably 6 or 7) however Sager, Althoff, and Skala are weak.

    The fact that Reps didn’t get shut out in any district is an accomplishment.

    Districts 1-3 are tough.

    That southeast part of the county is not good for Republicans, and it is where a lot of people live.

    Dems only trailing by 5-ish at the state level stuff man i remember not long ago they would win by like 20 yikes.

    The countywide offices were good for GOP though.

    Tirio and Kurtz won by good margins and Reick again performs better than people might expect.

    Statewide this was a disaster.

    Dems could end up with 77 seat supermajority I think it’s like 74 right now.

    Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania were disasters with Dems winning the governorship easily.

    And Oz lost.

    The hope for GOP to win the US senate now hinges on AZ and NV.

    And if GOP wins US House which they most likely will it’s not going to be a big margin.

    Red wave national kinda evaporated.

    Autopsy report will have to be done.

    I have several factors identified but will refrain until results come in more completely which could take weeks.

    Because my prediction that Bailey did better than Salvi and the statewide GOP candidates would lose by double digits came true, I won my bet with dileo of IR.

    i told him if wrong about those things I would never comment on IR or mcb again.

    He did not publish the comment cuz he’s a weeny but that’s what i told him Cal!!!!

  5. I consider these RINOs democrats:

    catamite chaser Fagger Sager

    marijuana moll Althoff

    Rainbow flagger Skala

    Shitlib Von Bergen

  6. Lou Ness is an out and proud lgbtq communist

    Von Hof a blm ‘shandy’

    Hey Acosta will be gone! Yippeeeee!

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