Two Republican Female Candidates Seduced and Abandoned by Rich Guys

I’m talking about Kathy Salvi and Shannon Teresi.

Kathy Salvi at McHenry GOPac dinner.

Ron Gitwitz, whose money came from ownership of Helene Curtis, talked Salvi into running for the U.S. Senate.

His position as Finance Co-Chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee certainly brought the expectation to Salvi that outside money would flow into her campaign.

That did not happen.

Similary, McHenry County Auditor Shannon Teresi expected financial support from Billionaire Ken Griffin.

She was recruited as part of Griffin’s slate.

After an initial infusion of $50,000 provided by Griffin through his candidate for Governor in the GOP Primary, Richard Irvin, there was nada.

Shannon Teresi at the Grsfton Township GOP Pig Roast.

This, even though Griffin gave $68.6 million to Republicans across the nation.


Two Republican Female Candidates Seduced and Abandoned by Rich Guys — 27 Comments

  1. I’m building a crate to ship the Dem Party’s “next Bobby Kennedy” Beto O’Rourke to you.

    After his third million vote loss here in Texas and $100 M spent, he’ll do much better up there with you Illinois nitwits.

  2. The elites don’t want principled conservatives.

    The elites want to perpetuate the Swamp.

    The reality is this: The Republican Party still has its roots in the Country Clubs and the Chamber of Commerce.

    They want to help their own.

    They are too incompetent to govern. They don’t have the will nor the ability.

    They want their cushy lifestyle and they’ll play lap dog slave to their democrat overlords to keep the status quo.

    Ken Griffin and Ron Gitwitz are slime-dog Swamp creatures.

    They got lucky in life.

    They make me sick.

  3. Cal, Kathy is a multi multi millionaire.

    How much did she throw in?

    Maybe people got sick and tired of opportunistic Salvi sellouts like her hubby, Al.

    I did.

    Don’t worry, I still voted for Kathy bc I’d never vote for a baby killer, especially one who flew a helo into a no go battle zone, got shot down, crash landed and then in a panic stricken frenzy called in an air strike on her own position!

    She lost her legs through her own stupidity.

    Women in combat arms: a stupid proposition.

  4. Gary,

    Through October 19, Kathy Salvi loaned her campaign nearly half million dollars.

    We’ll see the Post-Election filings around Cyber Monday timeframe to see if she kicked-in any more.

    Let’s all remember the motivation to bring Kathy Salvi to run for U.S. Senate — to avoid Bobby Piton, Peggy Hubbard and others from being at the top of the ticket.

    Outside money only comes into a race from super PACs if the race is competitive, primarily through reliable ratings plus polling.

    There are exceptions, Winnetka billionaire Justin Ishbia gave at least $6 million of his own money into the FL-13 congressional race to bankroll his cousin, Democrat nominee Eric Lynn, who still lost big to Republican Anna Paulina Luna who flipped the seat vacated by Charlie Crist when he ran for governor, won the primary, then resigned the seat.

    Given Florida is the polar opposite of Illinois, if Salvi put in that kind of money, the result from Tuesday would have been the same.

  5. Rich guys seduced Salvi?

    Have you checked her campaign finance?

    I don’t believe Salvi was funded by Ken Griffin like that slate (which included Teresi and Demmer plus candidates who lost the primary: Richard Irvin, Steve Kim, and John Milhiser).

    It was the GOP establishment that recruited Salvi.

    Party organization statewide and at the local level particularly ones in the Chicago area plus in the capitol.

    Plus it was some of the “wise men” of the GOP like the people at IFA and Illinois Review cheerleading for her, promoting her candidacy the moment she announced she was running.

    People like Grant Noble and John Lopez.

    They wanted to run a “respectable” candidate and a lot of GOP insiders thought Bailey was a terrible candidate but THEY knew who good candidates were…

    In reality, none of the statewide candidates with the exception of Darren Bailey made ANY effort to compete.

    My prediction that all these races would be double digit races and that Bailey would do better than Salvi due to him vastly outperforming her downstate was correct.

    Yankee Goper insiders think they know best for the party.

    They don’t know anything.

    Look at Esther Joy King.

    That should have been an easy race to win.

    You outspent your opponent by how much?

    And you BLEW it because you ran a milquetoast candidate who ran on what?

    Ran on NOTHING!

    Some lawyer WEF adjacent millennial big tooth missionary quack with a shrill voice, ran the most boring campaign imaginable.

    What even was she trying to say???

    Sure, in the final few days McConnell diverted a little money towards Salvi, but that is not what initially “seduced” her to run.

    This election was a disaster for Republicans.

    You had an easy lay up and it ended up being a wash.

    Red tsunami turned into purple rain and in Illinois it was another blue bloodbath.

    Salvi couldn’t even answer questions in the debate.

    What an awful candidate.

    Teresi was basically non-existent.

    Why did they bother running?

    If you’re just going to be a placeholder, get out.

    You’re wasting everybody’s time.

    Everybody knew Bailey would lose and he still campaigned like heck.

    There’s something admirable about going about that Sisphean task in such an optimistic manner like Bailey did, having fun while you lose but still giving it your all.

    Salvi and Teresi…. what was the point???


    They should feel bad.

    I’ll also add that DeVore should have done much better.

    He ran an awful campaign.

    He could have just tagged along with Bailey and gotten a few more points.

    He spent too much time making Facebook videos, not enough time shaking hands.

  6. Two outstanding Republican candidates, who, despite betrayal from those who recruited them, ran solid, honorable campaigns.

    You are right to recognize this as a major story, Cal.

  7. If I see anyone on the NEWS whining about one of their loved ones being killed in chi rock / chi town, I will be ignoring you wanted this garbage crime ridden chi town you got it, go cry to someone who will not care anymore…

    you voted for a loser STATE run by a toilet KING and a racist Beatlejuicer… good luck… STUPID lives on…

  8. I feel bad that they lost…

    Shannon is a fighter and a pro fraud accountant …

    her loss hurts…

    Salvi is OK at her worst she is way better than duckface

  9. With fools like some of the commenters here, I don’t know why Salvi and Shannon Teresi sacrificed so much for us.

  10. Teresi sacrificed?

    C’mon Barry, she was one of the Ervin backers!

    Can your feeble mind go back that far?

    Why did the RINOs feel Hubbard and Piton were so terrible?


    I have zero sympathy for either of these losers.

  11. Would you have use the same verbiage to describe men who were promised money?

    Two Republican women “seduced”?

    Seems over dramatic and a touch sexist.

  12. Piton at least stated his positions unlike Salvi who only knew how to articulate platitudes.

    Piton if he won wouldn’t vote for the old crow McConnell as leader.

    Mitch wanted to lose.

  13. Sacrificed how?

    She did nothing.

    What are you talking about?

    She got through a primary unopposed and then pretty much disappeared and then got slaughtered in the general election.

    Salvi arguably scarified by wasting her own money, but she still ran a lousy campaign.

    Teresi tarnished her legacy by associating with crooked kenny boy and that black lives matter thug mayor richard irvin.

    Grafton township pig roast?

    Aint running for a county office — it’s a STATEWIDE election.

    Same problem with Salvi, although towards the end she did start to get out a little more but still too little too late!

    And you’re right JT, Piton was at least up-front about his positions.

    I cringed every time I watched Salvi.

    Just answer the questions quit waffling.

    People don’t respect that whatsoever.

    Nobody likes that wiggly lip lawyer/politician CRAP!

    Bailey was more direct in his answering and he did better than Salvi just like I predicted.

    Told that dileo guy from Illinois Review but he wouldn’t publish my comment.

    He hates criticism.

    The problem isn’t people being harsh the problem is people who have zero expectations and excuse lazy behavior.

    The problem is people who are afraid to give others advice.

    Someone does nothing and you say it’s fine and even good?

    You applaud them?

    It’s disgusting.

    Have some standards and some self-respect, Barry!

  14. Correcting, I’m assuming you are aware that the National Guard was deployed and monitored IL elections.


    I doubt Tirio knew.

    Tick Tock IL Board of Elections.

  15. As the post-mortem begins in earnest in Illinois on Elections 2022, I’m going to focus on Kathy Salvi’s U.S. Senate campaign.

    Let’s start with metrics available thus far, ratings and unofficial returns.

    Those who remember 2020 and my review of congressional races know when it comes to ratings, I trust Cook Political Report with Amy Walter and Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball.

    There are other ratings trackers, but I trust Cook and Sabato most.

    Both had Illinois’ U.S. Senate race rated “solid Democrat”.

    As I explained 2 years ago using Lopez-logic, the “solid”, “Likely”, “Leans” & “Toss-up” ratings used should translate on election day to the following percentage for the major party candidates:

    Solid – Winner garners 60%+ of vote
    Likely – ” ” 55.0%-59.99%
    Leans – ” ” 52.0%-54.99%
    Toss-up – ” ” most votes

    Currently, Senator Duckworth winning with 55.8% of the vote in unofficial returns.

    Comparing Duckworth’s votes, the two ratings services OVERRATED Illinois’ U.S. Senate race, as the results fall in to the Likely Democrat winner’s range.

    Put another way, Salvi, while not winning, OVERPERFORMED expectation.

    Small consolation for Republicans as the race was not close, but Salvi overperforming and keeping Duckworth below 60% of the vote shows her campaign was not a total waste.

    That was what the “expert” slate makers wanted in a U.S. Senate candidate, as well as avoiding the embarrassment that would have been created with a Peggy Hubbard, Bobby Piton, Matt Dubiel, or any other no name primary opponent at the top of the ticket.

    Yes, they were operating under assumption Richard Irvin would be the nominee for governor.

    My Illinois Family Action writing was mentioned, but go back and see, my writing was to help Salvi get on the ballot.

    Reminder, while I’m a freelance writer for IFA, the Board of Directors makes endorsement decisions.

  16. John Lopez is, of course, totally correct.

    We should also note, for example, Salvi won McHenry County, while Bailey did not.

  17. JT- National Guard reports up the chain of command.

    The higher you go the more woke the military is.

    If there was so much fraud in the 2020 election, especially through computers, and the military are white hats or good guys or whatever you call them, why have they not ALREADY pounced???

    I just don’t buy this Q narrative that the military is going to save everything.

    The military is part of the problem.

    I just got done reading a book by a guy from Space Force talking about how much communism is in the United States military.

    This country is screwed unless we get some guy up at the top who makes Donald Trump look like Walter Mondale and utterly destroys the deep state and commie sympathizers throughout not only the government but in private institutions too! (I’m especially talking about the media here.)

    If someone lower in the chain of command takes findings they could end up being a fugitive like Snowden or even if they’re OK to do so if they’re only sharing it with the legal system, I have no confidence that legal system would sort this stuff out.

    Courts make terrible decisions all the time.

    The court system is one of the most corrupt aspects of this country because they have a lot of power.

    Plus the term of how long they serve.

    Congress is up every 2 years but not judges.

    Then you have incompetent and even malicious DAs and SAs and AGs some of whom are Soros funded.

    Wow John what a cope.

    Losing by over 13 points is “overperforming”???

    And somehow Bailey’s margin of loss is less than Salvi’s, Bailey’s total % is more than Salvi’s even when the third party candidate did better in the governor race than the senate race, and Bailey has more total votes!

    Bailey overperformed Salvi just like I ME ME ME said.

    NOBODY else said that the “EXPERTS” said Salvi was better than Bailey cuz she had more “appeal” to normies and suburban people and I TOLD YOU HOUSTON WE have a problem cuz downstate people were pissed and you can check them numbers downstate and you will see some truly crazy stuff!!!!

    Go ahead and check them.

    See how much bigger Bailey’s wins were in some of those counties.

    Go ahead and look it up.

    Nobody is talking about this but I called it and was called all sorts of names even on this blog simply for telling you what people downstate were saying.

    All you had to do was go on Peggy Hubbard’s page and see how many followers she had and how many said they were writing her in.

    Others left it blank.

    I told you!

    I don’t care how so and so defines arbitrary concepts like “leans” and “likely” she lost and she lost big and we had dummies on this blog saying she would keep it to single digits or even win.

    How would you be embarrassed?

    You weren’t embarrassed by Bailey talking about Jesus wrath of hellfire you weren’t embarrassed about Jew comments or no post-rape abortion all that stuff in commercials or Darren Bailey private schools?

    Matt Dubiel is NOT a controversial candidate.

    He is not the same as Peggy or Bobby but anyway so what even if Bobby or Peggy were “embarrassing” you still lost, you still lost by huge numbers, the guy who was less polished and more conservative did better than Salvi.

    Save you from the embarrassment.

    Right the establishment didn’t want Bailey they wanted Irvin.

    The establishment wanted Salvi.

    And somehow Bailey did better than Salvi.

    Tells you all you need to know.

    The establishment thinks they know best.

    They don’t.

    Experts don’t know anything.

    Richard Irvin would not have made a dent with black people who were all calling him a coon and uncle tom and tons of conservatives and downstate people would have not voted for him.

    You experts need to get that through your heads.

    Republican voters don’t just vote for who you give us.

    We will tell you to pound sand if we smell a rat.

    Since we’re already going to lose all the statewide elections, we don’t need to vote for anybody!!!!


    It’s hard to see how we would have been any worse off with some no name.

    Salvi’s name didn’t even get mentioned until the last few weeks of the election, way after ev started.

    Maybe if we had some firebrand person the Democrats would have spent more time attacking that person like they did to Bailey and maybe that would have energized more Republicans to vote and maybe the voters right amendment would have failed??

    I’m telling you though people do NOT LIKE that wiggly lip don’t answer the question crap.

    Even independents/swing voters would rather pick someone who is a bit further on one side of an issue than they are if they’re honest vs someone who can’t answer a question and filibusters and gives platitudes.

    That stuff is disgusting.

    Voters are done with it.

  18. All statewide Republicans won McHenry County.

    Darren Bailey Carries McHenry County

    Kathy Salvi Beats Tammy Duckworth in McHenry County

    State Treasurer Candidate Tom Demmer Wins McHenry County

    Shannon Teresi Carries McHenry County for State Comptroller

    GOP Candidate Dan Brady Carries Secretary of State Race in McHenry County

    Republican Candidate for Attorney General Carries McHenry County

  19. Ah yes thanks for refreshing my memory by coming here with your high IQ take of ‘WOW’

    YOU CLM were one of the dummies who promised me that Lauf and Salvi were going to win! They were crushed. Especially Salvi.

    Others here, maybe it was you, told me Salvi was going to do better than Bailey. Whoever it was, they were wrong. I was right.

    Sure the counties with tons of black lives matter rallies really understand Republicans HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    oh yeah Waukegan a Reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal paragon of conservatism!!!


    sticks tongue out
    makes fart noise

    Salvi was elected because of Lake and Cook County, some of the least Republican counties in the state by %. But THEY get to dictate who the senate candidate should be.

    IR already SPILLED THE BEANS so you can quit acting STUPID now! And John basically spills the beans here too.

    Salvi was selected to spare Republicans of the “embarrassing” candidacy of some off-the-cuff candidate.

    SALVI WAS A PLACEHOLDER PUT THERE BY GATEKEEPERS IN THE PARTY WHO TOLD voters which candidates were unacceptable because they were into “CONSPIRACY theories” or swore too much or were too politically incorrect or had the wrong opinions or hung out with the wrong people!

    The fact that you LARP as some outside renegade against “THE ESTABLISHMENT” but you sat here shilling for Salvi during the primary is so hypocritical and pathetic!

    You should feel bad.

    She couldn’t even answer questions.

    She always deflected.

    What a disaster.

    People don’t like yankee freaks in BLM town telling them what Republicans are acceptable.

    I’m glad Salvi lost by a bigger margin than Bailey.

    Let that be a lesson to you wise men who think you know what’s best for the party.

    WE THE PEOPLE will not listen to YOU!

  20. **Salvi was elected because of Lake and Cook County, some of the least Republican counties in the state by %. But THEY get to dictate who the senate candidate should be.**

    Land doesn’t vote, so I’m not sure what your point is.

    But, also, in the primary Salvi also won:

    Dupage, Will, Kane, McHenry, Winnebago, Sangamon, McLain, Peoria, Dekalb, Henry, Grundy, Pike, Marshall, Hardin, and Pope counties.

    In fact, she actually got more votes in Dupage and Will than she did in Lake.

    Salvi got elected because she got the most votes in the Republican Primary; it doesn’t matter where those votes came from.

    Those two counties were also her 1st and 4th best counties in terms of total votes for her in the General.

    Also, while Salvi slightly underperformed most of the other statewide Repubs, a different candidate likely wouldn’t have done better and may have done worse.

    Despite what many of you think on this blog, Duckworth is well liked.

  21. Go look at some other counties.

    People on this blog care too much about THEIR county in STATEWIDE races.

    The universe is not mchenry county.

    Bailey outperformed Salvi.

    Salvi lost in St Clair, Hancock, and Hamilton County and Bailey won those counties.

    Don’t even need to go south.

    In Stephenson County Bailey won 59-38 while Salvi won 57-42.

    Bailey’s margin was higher in Jo Davis county.

    In most counties Bailey’s margin was higher.

    Bailey’s margin was better statewide.

    You idiots live in a bubble.

    You live in pretty much the part of the state that Salvi has some popularity.


    You live in the county right next to salvi’s home county lmao what do you expect???

    Bailey outperformed Salvi in COOK COUNTY for crying out loud.

    He outperformed her in Will County.

    Pritzker won Peoria County by 1 point but Duckworth won it by 6.

    Bailey outperformed Salvi in Ogle County, Grundy County, Kendall County, Boone County… then you go to southern Illinois and the margins are MASSIVELY DIFFERENT like i told u they would be.

    Do you guys even leave mchenry county???

    Do you even travel???

    It is SOOOOOOOOO obvious that there were undervotes in the senate race.

    Those invalid write-ins will probably be considered undervotes too.

    Now jeopardy is on i have to go i have to win i am smarter than you.

  22. It would serve you to make your comments far more pithy, Correcting.

    You like to read your own bloviation, obviously.

    No one else likes reading 18 paragraphs that you can say in 2.

  23. hey shake you dummy:

    The point is if you subtract lake and cook county, salvi loses the primary therefore a small area that isn’t even very republican is controlling the republican primary.

    Turnout is higher in general election than primary.

    And where do votes for conservatives come from?

    A lot of them come from downstate.

    Vote distribution for a given political candidate is not the same as population distribution.

    Do you understand how that works?????????

    the point is there were a lot of people downstate that would not vote for Salvi.

    Lake and Cook County carried the thing for a candidate who did nothing.

    Years ago there was a green party candidate running to the left of the Democrat.

    You know where he did the best?

    Southern Illinois.

    It’s what you morons in mchenry county will never understand.

    It’s about spite.

    It’s about you not telling other people what to do because you think you know better.

    It’s about people see how chicago and the suburbs are politically and don’t want to do that.

    It’s about people downstate sick of being told who and who is not “acceptable”

    Get it???

    We have the numbers we know Bailey did better than Salvi.

    There is nothing speculative about this or confusing.

    You were warned, CLM, there would be undervotes downstate.

    You were told Salvi should try getting out more and meeting people instead of taking things for granted and people like you and Barry said that was dooming instead of seeing it as constructive criticism.

    Instead of seeing it as a red flag that you should have tried to make corrections for and try to improve the campaign, you called people liars and enemies.

    And I was right.

    Yet you are complaining about “bloviating” and “land doesn’t vote.”

    You think you’re clever?

    You’re not.

    I was right about this.

    You were wrong.

    You’re going to sit here and pretend Salvi was a good candidate when IR has already said the point of Republican establishment backing her was specifically to block Hubbard and Piton.

    Yeah, that’s messed up.

    I expect a chumbalone like Shake who supports child molesting communists to be arguing to nitpick one thing, but when Republicans can’t even grasp this fact about Salvi’s weakness downstate and comprehend how messed up it is that she was selected by the establishment specifically to block other “undesirable” candidates, and she had no intention on campaigning or doing anything, it really goes to show how messed up this party is!

    Makes me sick!

    They told us Esther Joy King would be a great candidate.

    That was a disaster.

    Just stop listening to the professional political class.

    They anoint themselves the prognosticators of truth and victory.

    They are not special and have a record of failure actually.

    They pushed Bruce Rauner in 2014.

    You know that many of these “tea party” and “patriot” “grassroots” types actually KNEW Rauner was a lib and they literally SHUT UP about it?

    They hid it!!!!!

    They covered it up!!!!!

    And Rauner ended up being a disaster.

    Just stop listening to these people.


    There is something JT says that I love.

    These people promise to take you to the river, take you to the holy land, take you to the mountain or whatever.

    They don’t do anything but lead you to ruin.

    They’re losers.

    And Illinoisans are too stupid to figure it out.

  24. **The point is if you subtract lake and cook county, salvi loses the primary therefore a small area that isn’t even very republican is controlling the republican primary.**

    Yea… if you take away the votes that Salvi got, she would have lost the primary.

    This is true.

    **And where do votes for conservatives come from?**

    The Chicagoland area (i.e. Cook, Lake, Dupage, Will, Kane, McHenry) provides more conservative votes than “downstate.”

    And it isn’t really even close.

    But, again, are you trying to claim that Hubbard or Piton or someone else would have performed better than Salvi?

    There is zero evidence that this is true.

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