The Republicans DuPage County Problem, Including How It Defeated Catalina Lauf

From columnist Ray Hanania:

Democratic surge in DuPage County undermines reckless Republican leaders

In order to understand what happened in Illinois on Tuesday, November 8, 2022, you have to understand the surprise election events in DuPage County.

For years, DuPage County was the Republican antithesis of the Democratic Cook County. But as Cook County shifted its concerns from protecting law abiding citizens to protecting the “rights” of criminals and undermining Police, many packed up and left for DuPage County.

Over the years, the growth of conservative Democratic voters has increased in DuPage County and most conservative Democrats voted for moderate Republicans as much as they voted for moderate Democrats — people who are the polar opposites of Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Cook County States Attorney and criminal advocate Kim Foxx.

But as the Republican Party moved more and more to the far right under people like Keith Pekau, fake newspapers with anonymous writers, and a new brand of hate and name calling driven political strategies, conservative Democrats started to wane.

The Republican Party in Cook County is a total disaster, run by a man who defended a sex predator (who happened to be his employee). Cook County GOP Chairman Sean Morrison abandoned the moderate Republican movement to hug the far right believing that was the future, a far right driven by the worst aspects of former President Donald Trump.

Trump had some good ideas and he certainly was better than Hillary Clinton. But he put most of his emphasis, while in office, on pettiness and stupid name calling bursts aggravating how the news media portrayed him. Trump has done a terrible job of trying to lead the Republican Party and the election November 8 shows how his influence has diminished significantly. People like Morrison, who only cares about himself not the Republican party or political principles, ran to the far extremist right.

Of course, the Democrats nationally are no better with President Joe Biden, who is covering the corruption of his son Hunter Biden and can’t seem to get himself focused to do anything during his first two years. He controlled the White House, the House and the Senate and yet he couldn’t get anything significant done. He said he would work to bring both sides together for the good of the country. Instead, in his last speech to the nation he railed against his political foes (sometimes incoherently) and helped to make the polarized ugly divide even greater than it was.

But you can’t close your eyes to the failed Republican leadership by pointing to Biden’s failed leadership. And you can’t point to Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker who uses his billions to buy elections — he spent $24 million to help edge out Jesse Sullivan, a stronger Republican contender for governor, and instead, Pritzker promoted Darren Bailey. There should be some law that prevents that kind of PAC spending to deceive voters the way Pritzker, one of Illinois’ worst governors, did.

Illinois isn’t like the rest of the country. The weakness of the Republican Party in Illinois combined with the flight of conservative Democrats further into the suburbs, and the grip that far right wing fanatics have on the Republicans, created an election Tsunami that had terrible repercussions no one anticipated.

Let’s look at DuPage County.

Just look at the results.

Democrats swept the county’s top offices: the chairman of the DuPage County Board, a Democrat; DuPage County Clerk, a Democrat; The Republican sheriff had no opposition and Republicans only won the County Treasurer’s office contested by a Democrat.

On the DuPage County board itself in the six districts (3 are elected from each), Democrats strengthened their foundation winning 10 of the 18 seats. And, in each of the six county districts, it was a Democrat that received the highest vote totals.

The vote shows that Democrats significantly increased their presence in DuPage County. And that ended up undermining the expectations of the Republicans including in the two Congressional Districts that depended on  and expected strong Republican votes in DuPage County.

In the ugly battle led by Orland Park Mayor and Republican Keith Pekau to win the 6th Congressional District, the election night count showed Pekau and Democrat incumbent Sean Casten going back and forth in leading as the vote count proceeded.

But in the end, when DuPage County votes were finally tabulated and added to the totals, Casten received a massive boost of some 20,000 votes that gave him the election victory.

Most of those votes came from, you guessed it, DuPage County.

In DuPage County in the 6th District, Casten defeated Pekau — who is best known for making enemies out of friends and those huge ugly campaign signs that pollute the public way throughout — by a nearly 21,000 vote margin.

DuPage County vote only
Sean Casten:  73,256
Keith Pekau:    52,659

It was the same in the 11th Congressional District where Republican Catalina Lauf was challenging veteran incumbent Democrat Bill Foster. Foster beat Lauf by nearly 25,000 votes in DuPage County.

DuPage County vote only
Bill Foster:        49,107
Catalina Lauf:   29,216

Other statewide Democrats also won the DuPage County vote giving them even greater margins over their Republican rivals.

I know many Republicans are in a daze about what happened on Tuesday and are rightly questioning the failed leaders of former President Donald Trump — although that does not in anyway give any credit to the real Republican losers like Liz Cheney, the daughter of war criminal and profiteer Dick Cheney, and Adam Kinzinger. Cheney and Kinzinger are selfish opportunists who did as much to promote the rise of hatred in this country as anyone. To see them partner with the far left mainstream news media is laughable and pathetic.

But that doesn’t change the fact that the Republican leadership in Illinois, starting with Cook County and DuPage County need a massive change.

Morrison, truly a despicable person who should never be allowed to sit on the Cook County Board let alone lead the Republican Party, should be forced to resign. His “slate” of candidates did terrible, of course. He was only concerned about himself. Morrison should resign and do the Republican Party a favor. Not one of the candidates Morrison slated countywide won or even came close to winning. Maybe there is a smart moderate Republican who can take him on and save Republicans in Cook County before they vanish.

As far as DuPage County goes, no county is tougher on criminals and does a far better job of confronting the criminals forcing them to be held accountable for their crimes.

It’s ironic that Republicans claimed to be the law-and-order candidates while Democrats focused mainly on the issue of abortion rights. In a state where abortion rights are solid and despite the national trend will not change, crime and safety are the top concerns of law abiding citizens. Inflation is another.

Rather than offer solutions, Republicans like Morrison and Pekau fear mongered hoping to generate votes. It didn’t work. The turnout of voters in DuPage County wasn’t that low, either. More than 54 percent of voters went to the polls, a number higher than most other areas.

If Republicans want to understand what happened, they need to look inside their own party and replace the losers that led them to this disaster.

Republicans need to support MODERATES to help strengthen party, not EXTREMISTS who use a lot of ugly name calling screams to deflect from their failures and who offer no solutions.

Moderates know how to work with the reality of the regional politics and are as anti-crime as anyone.

It’s not enough to complain about crime. You have to have strong smart leaders with great ideas and commonsense in order to stop Foxx and Lightfoot. They can’t just scream about those issues just to get themselves votes.

Tuesday’s election failures clearly show that strategy of fear mongering doesn’t work


The Republicans DuPage County Problem, Including How It Defeated Catalina Lauf — 31 Comments

  1. LOL…DuPage county’s GOP is a dumpster fire and they are lead by loser RINOs. They miserably fail at their mission.

    Whom do they blame for THEIR ABJECT FAILURE? Donald Trump and the conservatives. Unbelievable.

    The LOSER and repeatedly failed RINOs who yearn for the likes of Rockefeller, Dole, and Rauner – yet again blame the conservatives – who are the only Republicans who win.

    The reality is DuPage is no longer Republican.

    They are rich, unhappy, trust-fund recipient, lonely, unfulfilled, liberal, whining, RINOs who want to abort their babies who are ok with men walking into women’s bathrooms.

    Weirdo LOSERS….now DuPage will fail like Cook.

    Because you are liberal, you will fail.

    That’s what happens.

    That’s why you’re losers.

    You cannot improve until you wake up and realize everything liberals touch turns to a corrupt cesspool.

  2. Another possible reason for changing demographics in DuPage and all collar counties could be the number of people moving out of Illinois to greener pastures.

  3. A likely reason for losing was an unqualified person: no relevant job history, achievements, experience, etc.

  4. LOL, Al you are a democRAT union whore.

    What does “experience” get you in Washington: CORRUPTION. McConnell, Durbin, Shumer, Pelosi, Schiff….these are SCUM of the earth abject failures.

    These are your experienced UNION boss supporting whores who you enjoy so much, Al.



  5. Ray Hanania obviously has TDS by taking swings at him. Maybe he should spend time learning about

    Eugene Yu
    Konnech Inc
    ERIC voter management software

    The cheating is working in the AZ and NV races and di occur in PA. Enjoy more of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer leadership. Funny not a peep about cheating from McCarthy or McConnell. They want to lose to keep the grift going.

    IL election are never cheated according to county clerks and their shield the IL Board of Elections.

  6. “But as the Republican Party moved more and more to the far right under people like Keith Pekau, fake newspapers with anonymous writers, and a new brand of hate and name calling driven political strategies, conservative Democrats started to wane.”

    Keith Pekau is so extreme that is was able to be elected mayor. Also the margin of his loss was not much different than how the district was rated. It was rated as a D plus 6 or 7 and Casten won by 8,not much different. So where’s the proof of being an extremist? What about the candidates that ran to his right in the primary who lost? I like Keith Pekau because he has a track record of standing up against COVID insanity. If ray cucknakia thinks the GOP should be more like Dems in COVID insanity then I want nothing to do with that GOP.

    “fake newspapers”
    Ray thinks THAT is the reason Republicans are losing? Could Ray give us a timeline of these “fake” newspapers and the voting history of DuPage County? I think his timing is off. What voter gets a “fake” newspaper and goes “that’s it, NOW I am voting Democrat!” ??

    Next paragraph is about Cook County GOP. What does that have to do with DuPage County GOP?

    Ray then seems to blame Trump for the problems in DuPage County. Was the share of GOP vote declining before Trump? I suspect the answer is yes.

    “Pritzker promoted Darren Bailey”
    Bailey was going to win the primary anyway. This is such a stupid cope. The election wasn’t even close. Sullivan never got momentum and Irvin was a terrible candidate. Plus any Republican would have lost to Pritzker. Look at the statewide results. How come all the Republicans lost by double digits? Republicans are just outnumbered. Ray is coping. Sullivan? Sullivan was a noob and everybody saw it. Guy was not ready to run for mayor of a small town let alone governor. He was pretty much a carpetbagger too. He would have lost.

    “and those huge ugly campaign signs that pollute the public way”
    Oh right Ray. The reason he lost is because there were signs for him. Yup, nobody who won an election has ever used signs before…

    “As far as DuPage County goes, no county is tougher on criminals and does a far better job of confronting the criminals forcing them to be held accountable for their crimes.”
    Lol tell me you’ve never left the collar counties without telling me you’ve never left the collar counties.

    Comments about DuPage and Cook needing better leaders… Yeah, true, but you still would have lost. Gonna need to accept that your county is not Republican and quit deluding yourself. 2024 will be even worse so get ready to cry more, Ray.

    “It’s ironic that Republicans claimed to be the law-and-order candidates while Democrats focused mainly on the issue of abortion rights.” Why is it ironic? I think maybe Ray does not understand what that word means.

    “Pekau fear mongered hoping to generate votes”
    He should have fearmongered more. The Gop should have given more money that he could use to fearmonger. Remind people of how messed up all the COVID restrictions were. The problem is he didn’t do enough fearmongering. Maybe more Republicans woulds have turned out and you would have flipped some independents. Look at how close Oberweis came to beating Underwood in 2020. His campaign was based on fearmongering. He tied her to riots and exceeded expectations.

    “Republicans need to support MODERATES to help strengthen party, not EXTREMISTS”
    Does this guy even remember Bruce Rauner or Mark Kirk being one term men?

    Nothing is going to work in Cook County. It’s Cook County. It’s a Democratic stronghold. “Fearmongering didn’t work” Tell us about the spending. Who spent more on elections, Republicans or Democrats?

    Ray is an idiot. What does he even want? A moderate who doesn’t “fear monger” but is tough on crime? What does that even mean? Give us an example of this unicorn magical moderate who has success in Cook and DuPage County or who is elected congressman?

    Times have changed. Demographics have changed. If you think you know how to start suddenly winning in inhospitable places like Cook and DuPage maybe you should be running for GOP something in those places.

  7. Locusts do what locusts do.

    They leave the burned out destroyed fields for verdant plentiful fields…. To destroy those too.

    Dupage is a victim of a great many factors contributing to its downfall from Republican stronghold to Democrat held fantasy.

    Lack of political pragmatism is one reason among many.

    The psychology of groups is at work nationwide inasmuch as creatures being given their comfortable lives by others will rarely complain about the slavery they accept for this comfort.

    Those espousing individual rights, responsibility and accountability are less with each intervening year of weak selfish scum leadership.

    Time for the true leaders, who have been too busy actually producing, to step up and crush the weak sticks politically who imagine they’re “leaders”.

    Yeah, JB.

    You’ve done something with your life.

    You stepped up to the family trough, built and filled by another, and like a good little piggy filled your fat little body with others fruits.

    That is not leadership scumbag.

    That’s setting yourself up for the farmer to slaughter you for market and you will be too stupid and fat to run or defend yourself.

    All American Democrats are in the pig barns.

    The trucks are coming piggies.

    Eating the farmer out of house and home while starving his family aren’t why you’re allowed to live in his barns.

    You’re going to make some excellent holiday meals….. Soon.




    You’re destructive and horrible creatures.

    We tire of you.

    This will end.

  8. Demographics is Destiny my friend.

    With cheat by mail, ballot harvesting, Election Season (not Day) and other cute stratagems, plus normies moving out en masse, the communists will rule.

    Rule until they overreach and an actual shooting civil war ensues.

    Then they’re toast. Because their black cohorts are uncontrollable and the jewish leadership will flee to sunnier climes for parasitism. Just like what happened in Spain.

  9. In my honest opinion, Ray Hanania’s analysis of DuPage County 2022 general elections is nonsense, somewhere between the flying saucer people and Catalina Lauf’s stated reason for skipping the League of Women Voters candidates forum back in May.

    For example, NOWHERE in his nonsense does Hanania mention the names of Aurora Mayor & failed Republican gubernatorial candidate Richard Irvin, failed DuPage County Board Chairman candidate Greg Hart or DuPage County Republican Party Chairman Jim Zay.

    Others already covered out-of-context reference of Cook County Republican Party chair, so I’ll keep it with DuPage.

    Let’s start with, unlike McHenry County Republican Party Chairman Jeff Thorsen, his DuPage counterpart WON reelection to his DuPage County Board seat on Tuesday, coming in second, sandwiched between the two Democrats who won in the 6th District.

    DuPage County Board has a (6×3)-1 configuration, and as Hanania said, Democrats won 10 of the 18 seats, plus the open county board Chair with Democrat state Representative Deb Conroy defeating longtime County Board Member Greg Hart with 51% of the vote.

    A close race, won by the Democrat, as longtime Board Chairman Dan Cronin retired after 3 terms, and a nearly 20 year record in Springfield, most in the state senate.

    Hanania claims Republican primary voters need to support moderates!?

    It was Hart who flipped on abortion rights, and proudly in his broadcast TV commercials proclaimed he will not interfere with a woman’s right to choose.

    It was Hart, who used his visibly pregnant wife, in his campaign videos.

    Hart had the endorsement of former IL Governor Jim Edgar, who was last on the ballot in the 1994 “Republican Revolution” election.

    Yet Hart lost his election bid to lead the DuPage County Board, in spite of “moderating” his views on abortion by over 7,000 votes.

  10. Greg Hart…

    * originally appointed and elected-to-one-term County Board Member Greg Hart.

    So, is Hanania asking Republican primary voters to nominate “moderate” (in other words pro-choice) Republicans only to lose close elections?

  11. Didn’t Hart outperform all the GOP statewide candidates in DuPage?

    Seems like his move to the center may have helped him…

  12. Nothing mentioned about the totally dishonest mainstream media here in Illinois and the Chicago area who are in the tank, are unofficial spokespersons for the Democrat party and it’s politicians covering up for them, putting them in a good light. They, the so-called part of the fourth estate, have a TREMENDOUS influence on people and voters. Nationally, the scum main stream media covered up for the dementia laden Joseph Robinette Biden in the 2020 election including the stuff that was being uncovered elsewhere about Biden’s son.

    Today, most of the media ABSOLUTELY cannot be trusted.

  13. Lol.. bloviation 101 on this blog post. Maybe the political savants can explain the cheating in the midterms. What a bunch of fools.

  14. Shake:

    “Didn’t Hart outperform all the GOP statewide candidates in DuPage? Seems like his move to the center may have helped him.”

    Yes, Hart outperformed the statewides, and apart from the Republican county treasurer who won and the unopposed Republican sheriff, all the countywide candidates, too.

    Doubtful Hart’s move to the center helped to make the race competitive.

    Hart was also advertising on broadcast TV, so his name was getting out on TV then any of the Republican statewides outside of Darren Bailey.

    I’m unconvinced Hart moving to the center helped him be more competitive in face of other factors, like being on TV and having a record serving on DuPage County Board, also contributed.

  15. …”Rigged elections is how cowards state their case.”… Jim Stone

  16. On this site filled with people spouting supremely confident opinions on topics on which they are completely ignorant, along comes Cindy, famous for being the spoutingly supreme ignorantest.

  17. At very end of his op-ed, Ray Hanania said the following:

    “Tuesday’s election failures clearly show that strategy of fear mongering doesn’t work.”


    Democrats did much more fear mongering, and it worked!

    Watching the political ads from Democrats TV commercials, it was all about abortion.

    Only difference is, Democrats’ fear mongering worked.

    The Democrats even did it with nuance, like the Republican, “is backed by extremists who will take away a woman’s right to choose.”

    Dems went after Connie Cain directly on abortion and the backing she received from Dick Uihlein.

    And Democrats’ fear mongering on abortion worked within a state where abortion-on-demand (abortions for cases other then rape, incest and threat to the mother’s life, in other words for birth control) was already legal, and not much more to do on this front except place a constitutional amendment on the ballot in fall of 2024 enshrining “women’s reproductive rights” into the state constitution, just like w/ this year’s Amendment 1 for Big Labor.

    Republicans CHOSE not to fight back.

    I remember back at the first of the year, Republican state legislative candidates who were backed by the Republican leadership were told to NOT talk about abortion.

    They were bullied to not even turn in questionnaires to grassroots conservative groups, like the Illinois Family Institute, whose voter guides are used across the state particularly in primaries.

    At the congressional level, Catalina Lauf stripped her campaign website in early September of any mention of abortion and her “Pro-Life Conservative” page vanished that she used in the primary, along with mention of the Second Amendment.

    That didn’t stop Congressman Bill Foster’s campaign utilizing her previous stances, and a certain picture of Lauf holding a long gun, to vilify Lauf on TV the final two weeks of the campaign in the infamous “MAGA” ad.

    Irony, Lauf’s abortion position, as she told WGN-TV on October 16, was more moderate and centrist then Foster and the DC Democrats, namely letting the states decide.

    She just didn’t engage anyone and challenge Foster’s leftist voting record.

    Lauf even capitulated to the culture and said she’d vote to codify same-sex marriage if elected in that same WGN-TV interview.

    Foster still won with nearly 56% of the vote.

    The Republican message up and down the ticket was Economy/Inflation, crime and the southern border.

    Democrats’ message was abortion and “Defending Democracy” which was a dog-whistle to oppose parents from objecting to local school board about their children being hypersexualized like drag shows, books teaching young kids (K-3) about sex, and basically parents being involved and speaking out against local school boards.

    Democrats talking point during the campaign on inflation and the 40-year high was, “inflation is a worldwide problem” and metrics say that’s true.

    Democrats easily deflected the pocket bood issues, and for the first time in 30 years, an election was not about “It’s the economy, stupid!” but was about abortion.

    Republicans refused to engage Democrats on abortion.

    And something else Hanania omitted from his op-ed since he brought up Lauf along with Keith Pekau’s failed congressional campaigns — Republicans refused to debate their Democratic opponents, either in candidates forums or in editorial endorsement interviews.

    Both Pekau and Lauf chose to skip facing their Democratic incumbents on stage.

    To some degree, Pekau can get away with it because he has a proven record from serving in the military, small business owner for 19 years and a record as an elected official.

    But Lauf has none of this.

    Lauf chose not to engage Foster and the news media, both the Daily Herald and Crain’s Chicago Business.

    In the final week of the campaign, Lauf revealed her events to engage the voters since September were invitation-only, due to one suspicious-looking guy showing up at a Lauf campaign event and allegedly harassing Lauf and volunteers.

    In other words, Lauf took her campaign activities private.

    Hardly a recipe to win a high-profile race for Congress.

    Voters really needed to see if Lauf had the toughness to be in the snake pit that is Washington, D.C.

    Also, since Lauf’s failed debate with state Senator Cristina Castro in Sep of 2020, voters needed to see if she could stand up to Foster and engage him and win, or if she would just stick to her predictable talking points.

    Voters showed Lauf their judgement, with Foster’s 56% win, including Lauf’s unimpressive win of 53% in McHenry County.

    Lauf won 5 counties of the 8 in the IL-11.

    She lost big in DuPage, along with Kane and Will counties.

    As for Pekau, the nearly $1.9 million in the final week of TV commercials paid by the Congressional Leadership Fund super PAC, did move the needle slightly, but only to make Congressan Sean Casten’s win a more modest 54% of the vote and a 21,000+ vote margin, compared with Lauf’s losing IL-11 by over 30,000+ votes.

    Frankly, the $1.9 million spent in IL-06 the final week was too little, too late, and did not resonate enough with voters to pull Pekau across the finish line in 1st.

  18. Lauf did not lose the election due to “Democrats in DuPage County”.

    Lauf lost due to her own incompetence and immaturity.

    Mr. Zielinski is 100% correct.

    Mr. Lopez, ordinarily a voice of sanity/reason in this area, makes some good (if not obvious) points.

    He has consistently pointed out that Laufs’ lack of life experiences would come back to haunt her in the general, and it did.

    Add to this the garnering only 31% of the vote in the primary (albeit against a rather weak field of opponents) along with adherence to nothing more than talking points, empty rhetoric, conspiracy theories, debunked urban legends, (litter boxes?) this could only lead voters to realize her candidacy was indeed a farce. (As Jeff Ward predicted months before the election was even held)

    It would appear that the next move for Lauf would be to leave politics altogether.

    Based upon the comments / reasons some people gave as to the reason she got their vote, a one-way ticket to L.A. / Hollywood would be in order.

    Lauf waiting for your contributions / donations to finance the trip.

  19. Lopez still trashing Lauf?


    Here’s a topic Lopez won’t touch:

    The results of the 2022 midterms hang in the balance, but a few things are clear.

    The GOP proudly touted minority outreach and all its non-white candidates, but this diversity push didn’t pay off.

    Many of the non-white candidates favored by GOP consultants (cf. U.K.) lost winnable races, and the GOP’s modestly higher minority support (probably not due to these candidates anyway) didn’t translate to victory. Diversity isn’t a strength for either the GOP or America.

    Excerpted from:

  20. Now Cindy don’t talk about the FTX money laundering operation. You will confuse many on this blog. Who is Fried related to? FTX to DNC to Ukraine back to the fat little jew Fried for a wash rinse repeat. Kinda like the Biden crime family playbook but with a jew family.

  21. I agree with Murrow’s comment.

    Ray is playing the blame game and doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    Clearly there are many people who do ticket splitting.

    Even if DuPage County Republicans managed to have more success, why does Ray think that would necessarily translate to Casten or Lauf doing better?

    Look at how the Republican candidate for county treasurer won but the candidate for state treasurer lost.

    DuPage County is one of the wealthiest counties in the state, meaning people are educated and have the time to research candidates and there is a lot of variation in how individual races go.

    Guess which congressional candidate LOST in DuPage County?

    Jesus ‘Chuy’ Garcia.

    And the Republican running, James Falakos, won precincts that Kathy Salvi lost.

    Justin Burau running against Delia Ramirez also won some precincts that Salvi lost.

    So by Ray’s theory was Kathy Salvi an extremist candidate?

    People saw Lauf for what she was: a candidate light on policies, with no life experience, and running primarily as a pro-Trump candidate in an anti-Trump district.

    Foster probably had a lot more name recognition in DuPage County too.

    With Pekau, like I said above, his margin of loss wasn’t that much different than how the district was rated.

    Plus, Casten is from DuPage County while Pekau is from Cook County.

    Maybe there was some of a favorite son effect in DuPage County.

    If you can point me to articles where Ray told us which Republicans should have been chosen instead of Lauf and Pekau, I might change my mind about him.

    Until then I’m going to assume he’s a sore loser who hasn’t given this much thought.

    BTW, Bailey outperformed Salvi statewide, is winning in a couple of counties that Salvi lost, and did better than Salvi in Kendall County, Will County, suburban Cook County, AND the city of Chicago.

    Is Salvi more extreme than Bailey?

    Give me a break, Ray, you sound like an idiot.

  22. I know votes are not all the way counted because of some provisional and mail in ballots, but right now in the city of Chicago Keith Pekau leads Sean Casten 50.92 to 49.08.

    There are three wards (full or partial) that are part of that congressional district and Pekau leads in all three!

    How does Ray Cucknania explain that by his logic of “extremism”???

  23. (meant to write “translate to Pekau or Lauf doing better” in 1128 comment fourth sentence.)

  24. How come you ignore demography and culture changing?

    How come you ignore the media and education bias?

    Why do you reduce all problems in America to “they’re rigging the votes” when you can go to CL and see tons of yard signs for BLM and gay flags?

    How come people like Piton and Flynn can’t even have meetings in the suburbs without antifa, school union goons, and others chasing them out of town?

    Maybe there’s more of a leftist menace than you realize… And idk what’s going on in Arizona but this post is about DuPage County and I don’t like going off topic in every article.

    That being said, Cal, you really should make a post on the web of FTX, “Mind-the-Gap,” “Guarding Against Pandemics,” Samuel Bankman-Fried, Gabe Bankman-Fried, Linda Fried, Joseph Bankman, COVID research, TOGETHER Team, Alameda Research, the Clintons, Amy Wu, the Democratic Party, Ukraine, Gary Gensler, Glenn Ellison, and Carolyn Ellison. It’s a very big story, or should be at least.

  25. **There are three wards (full or partial) that are part of that congressional district and Pekau leads in all three! How does Ray Cucknania explain that by his logic of “extremism”???**

    Not really sure what point you’re trying to make here, but those 3 wards are 3 of the 5-6 most conservative wards in the City.

  26. Who are we?


    What do we stand for?
    Less Government.
    Less Taxes.
    That Individuals know how to do better with LESS government interference than more.
    That when someone shows up and says they are “from the government and they are here to help,” that we should be concerned – name one thing the government has got right recently!

    So now that we are past that, let’s eliminate the TOXIC NAMECALLING for pete’s sake! Remember our leader, Ronald Reagan and his “Big Tent”. Did Reagan win with The BIG TENT? YES, HE DID.

    When we divide ourselves, we LOSE. And we are allowing the flames of the Liberals that they fan so regularly to cause our flames to rise, and we drive harder to the right.

    However, the writer is correct, the majority of the voters are for MODERATES, not EXTREMEISTS. When we position ourselves in extreme positions, WE LOSE.

    This isn’t hard to understand.

    Calling mail in voting “ballot harvesting” is crying over spilt milk. It’s done. Don’t cry about it, steal a page from their playbook and USE IT.

    We aren’t winning because we aren’t hard enough on the RIGHT, we’re LOSING because we are TOO HARD RIGHT. We are losing the middle, and we CAN’T WIN WITHOUT THEM.

    Trump had his chance – to be honest, he isn’t even part of this discussion. He had everything he needed except the hubris to listen to feedback and make minor changes and he would be our president right now. Per his own assessment for that failure, like it or not, he’s a LOSER.

    Anyone trying to defend us getting caught with our pants down in 2020 by calling it a stolen election is not being reasonable. We lost because we had an abusive president who stroked the feelings of the hard right fringe. You CAN’T win with them alone. We either all work together, or we lose.

    It’s that simple folks. It’s REALLY that simple.

    Can you recognize the correct answer when presented with it? Will you make the change to re-develop Reagan’s Big Tent? Will you help to make moderates comfortable to rejoin us? Or will you accept being the minority party in a state run by a billionaire bully?

    The choice is yours.

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