So Far, Connie Cain Running Ahead of Bailey and Salvi in McHenry County (Corrected Headline) — 19 Comments

  1. The sins of Al Salvi (wishy washyism, back stabbing, lying) got visited upon his wife.

    Piton would have at least got the real issues out front instead of Kathi’s shying away from them

  2. Yeah, no surprise there, Cal.

    Cain was a better candidate for what she was running for than Bailey or Salvi were for what they were running for.

    @Fire Prim

    They promised money would get raised if Salvi was the candidate. Didn’t happen.

    They said we needed a respectable candidate. She did worse than Bailey (statewide).

    They told us Salvi needed to be picked to win the supreme court. Curran’s race wasn’t even close.

    They told us her experience as a politician would help her. She was almost invisible during the campaign.

    They told us Salvi was going to be in a close election and had a chance of an upset. Not even close.

    I agree with you that had one of the lesser known candidates who spooked the establishment won the primary, at least they would have said where they stood on issues and would have probably attracted some media attention.

    Salvi had regional campaign coordinators who wouldn’t even answer the phone about distributing yard signs. She was a placeholder. Illinois Review has already admitted she was a placeholder picked to avoid “embarrassing” candidates such as Piton and Hubbard.

    Karma is when Salvi wins the primary by approximately 37 thousand votes (after not campaigning at all and due to establishment hacks in Chicagoland shilling for her) and in the general election she trails Darren Bailey’s vote total by about 40 thousand and has a lower % than he has. Womp womp.

  3. Glad you were able to put this together Cal.

    Cain has increased her total vote count vs the Leader on the ticket since I looked at it last week.

    580 more than Bailey now.

    Where did the 580 go?

    No vote or J.B. vote?

    Bailey should have never been the Governor candidate.

    I blame Ives when she backed Bailey after getting in a tiff with Rabine.

    Sullivan or Rabine would have created a stronger ticket.

    The Trump connection Bailey had killed it for all Republicans.

    I study election statistics and this general election is very strange.

  4. DrRob:

    Opinions are like assholes everyone has one.

    Darren Bailey got over 50% of the vote in the primary I think you need to take another look at the results.

    The other guys weren’t even in the running.

  5. LOL. Opinions are like assholes?

    Please tell us all you know about:

    Eugene Yu
    Konnech Inc

    Then when you gigure that out tell us all you know about FTX and the relationship to the Ds and Ukkraine.


  6. Piton came in DFL !

    Salvi was the only respectable candidate in that race for US Senate!

    Bailey had a ground game like no other Governor candidate.

    Ives went with the best candidate.

    And so did the primary voters.

  7. HEY! I won’t tolerate that misinformation on Cal’s blog of truth.

    Piton did not finish last — he came in fifth place out of seven candidates.

  8. Wow, JB got more votes than all the Republicans – in a “Republican” county.

    I don’t think it’s Republican any more.

    Folk, Piton was not a serious candidate.

    He is a kook, a fringe person – he will never get elected to anything.

    He should stay in his basement.

  9. **Wow, JB got more votes than all the Republicans – in a “Republican” county.

    I don’t think it’s Republican any more.**

    This is only in the Ness district.

    Bailey still won the County.

  10. Fierabras, why aren’t you working on dividing Illinois into two states?

    That might avoid future bloodshed.

  11. Ives demanded a member of the Rabine team be fired.

    Gary told her that he works for free I can’t fire him.

  12. Per:

    Map shows results of Governor election. Most of the State has smart and intelligent voters in the Counties who chose Bailey over Pritzker. Of course Crook County picked Pritzker.

    Now that the election is over, will the FEDS in D.C. release any info on their 2+ year investigation of Pritzker disconnecting his toilets to avoid paying his fair share of real estate taxes? But, have to consider that Biden and his regime may somehow be slowing or putting the clamps on the investigation.

    One has to wonder what with the mostly left wing media here in Illinois and the U.S. protecting Democrats, how many who voted for Pritzker AND pay their taxes, including real estate, even knew that Pritzker disconnected his toilets to save over $300,000 yearly on his real estate tax bill?

  13. CLM, as a basement dweller, you ought to know about these things.

    Piton was a serious candidate, unlike Salvi.

  14. ** Most of the State has smart and intelligent voters in the Counties who chose Bailey over Pritzker.**

    1) LOL at people are only smart and intelligent if they agree with you.

    2) Most of the LAND agreed with your opinion. Not most of the PEOPLE.

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