Illinois Policy Institute Encourages People to Run for School Board, Offers Help

From the Illinois Policy Institute:

Moving forward

Change doesn’t happen overnight or in one election. But the foundation now exists to create real change in Illinois. We will continue our momentum on Full Slate by engaging in school board races, with local elections coming up April 4, 2023. These elections will affect your communities even more directly than the state election.

We’re helping folks who are interested in running for their local school board understand how the process works. Why does that matter?

[Click here to express your interest in running for school o junior college.]

School board members influence:

  • Property taxes: Nearly two-thirds of our property taxes go toward local school districts. 
  • Keeping kids in school: Illinois students have been harmed by teacher strikes and school closures during the past several years. 
  • Keeping parents in the know: The best learning environment is a partnership between teachers and families. To do that, parents need to understand what their children are learning in the classroom.

And the best part is some school board candidates could make great state representative candidates in 2024.

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The Illinois Policy Institute was the conservative group encouraging people to vote early or via mail.


Illinois Policy Institute Encourages People to Run for School Board, Offers Help — 5 Comments

  1. This group needs to put some of its energy into eliminating the odd-numbered year consolidated elections.

    Hardly anyone shows up to vote in them, so it’s far too easy for well organized special interest groups to prevail.

    It’s how shady township officials are able to stay in power and teachers’ unions are able to elect union-friendly school boards.

    Combining the consolidated elections with the regular elections would both save money and produce results that more accurately reflect the true will of the people.

  2. Sounds nice in theory, but too often the candidates have close ties to the teachers union.

    Be nice to get some impartiality in there.

    Maybe start working on them to add ethics to the curriculum.

    Chapter one…Conflict of Interest, Taxes, and You.

  3. It is the same as the midterms.

    If people care and want to vote they will. If they dont they wont!

    You want to win you have to put money into it!

    How many people that go on this blog help support candidates?

    Republicans dont donate like Dems even small dollar amounts!

    You get what you vote for!

    New leadership wont change because they are probably Rinos like Durkin!

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