“Kid-Friendly” Drag Show Bakery Gathering School Board Petition Signatures — 40 Comments

  1. Great. Just what we need is groomers and crt idiots on school boards.

    Whoever patronizes this lesbians place is an idiot.

    Well it is LITH.

  2. I’d like to include my BOOT up the monkey asses of both the bakery and school board*.

    *One for each of them hypothetically speaking

  3. Support Degeneracy, Perversion and Child Abuse in McHenry County Schools!

    There, fixed it for you.

  4. I drove by the bakery and this event looked like a bust.

    For ordinary citizens, the 2022 election is still a recent memory, especially as vote counting continues for certain races.

    They have until December 12 to begin filing school board petitions, and only 50 valid signatures are needed.

    Cities of Crystal Lake, Woodstock and McHenry begin petition filing for city council races, and most villages file at the same time as school board races.

  5. You can request petitions from the county clerk and then make note of any employees who passed the petition as well as people who signed.

    Anybody signing or passing involved with that bakery can go onto a list of “people who support child molestation” and they can be dealt with if you know what I am saying.

  6. ICYMI, Daily Herald reporter Russell Lissau, who covered several suburban congressional races during 2022, tweeted this Monday, Nov 14. The tweet was deleted on Tuesday, but from the screenshot:

    “If you live in the Des Plaines, Wheeling, Barrington or Mundelein areas and learn of candidates for school/library/municipal boards in 2023 who are political extremists — particularly anyone who wants to restrict sex ed, restrict LGBTQ+ rights or ban books — let me know.”

    The 3-tweet thread included his email address to contact him, and he’ll pass along the information to other reporters who are covering suburban races he does not cover.

    Be ready, especially candidates for local boards in McHenry County, if you are a parent who does not want to see their kids sexualized without your knowledge let alone consent in the public schools, the library or at a local bakery, the local mainstream press is actively promoting you will be exposed as something-phobic or possibly worse.

    This goes for the various “parents unions” who’ve popped up in recent years.

    This is real, and all should consider themselves warned.

    Politics, even at the local level, can be very rough, and men and women who engage in exercising their First Amendment rights need to remember, there are consequences for doing so outside of voting.

  7. All of these anti democratic comments have been reported and ip addresses investigated.

    Don’t worry, you’ll end up like the seditious cowards serving prison sentences for JAN6th.

  8. They can’t even get the acronym correct.

    It is DEI not IED, IED is an Improvised Explosive Device.

    Okay, maybe they did get it right cause it’s about to blow up.

    Vote the school boards out.

  9. If trumplost would go back into the Blog archives, we would both agree that I should be the first on his list, to be put up against a wall.

  10. The flyer/brochure for the Nov 19th event shows how unthinking and wayward are some DEI proponents.

    It has a logo for NOW.

    People who truly promote and practice diversity (political, gender, religion, etc) and inclusion would title or name their organization to reflect diversity that welcomes ALL peoples regardless of gender, religion, race, politics, etc to join.

  11. Portend of things to come at UpRising Bakery & Café as we move into Campaign 2023 season?

    Comedian Alex Stein, who popped into the IL-09 congressional race at the Daily Herald editorial endorsement interview on behalf of Republican Max Rice, was on-site in Denton, TX (just north of D J’s north Dallas home) where masked militant ANTIFA thugs, armed with high capacity magazine long guns, were guarding a location holding a Drag Queen Story reading yesterday.

    “It Can Happen Here” and all must pray Lake in the Hills village officials will intervene no matter which side resorts to displaying firearms to back up their First Amendment rights.

    Speaking of Campaign 2023, are there Lake in the Hills village trustee candidates stepping forward to run next year?

  12. Now that was funny Lopez. Especially when the little ANTIFA runt runs straight into the pole.

  13. JT, I don’t think that soy boy who got pushed aside by Alex Stein was ANTIFA, but just a soy boy.

  14. Gotta say, this brand of narcissistic street theatre is loathsome and tedious.

    But your not going to stop these 120-decibel tantrums, until you get them jobs, as junior staffers in some Federal Arts Agency.

  15. Well aware of open carry being legal in Texas and many other states including neighboring Wisconsin.

    Remove the long guns, and if someone dressed like the thugs in Denton, TX, appears outside of the bakery in Lake in the Hills or elsewhere.

  16. Don’t worry Kenneally will uphold the scum petition if there’s ever a petition challenge.

    The problem of such a bakery petition is that the homo circulator has to be present for ever single sig.

    You cannot leave the petition sitting unattended at a gay bar, queer bakery or similar hellhole.

  17. Lopez, surrender monkey Mark “Faggaty Fag” Kirk worshippers like you really need to quit taking estrogen injections.

  18. Jackaroo, Huh?

    Looks like you’ve started the holiday spiked Egg Nog a little early.

  19. Replying to Marc’s (or Mark’s, not sure of spelling) response:

    “I drove by the bakery and this event looked like a bust.”

    What would you consider a “bust?”

    Even 1 child in attendance to a sexually harmful show is wrong.

    There was at least 1 child there.

    Since you drove by – did you not want to stop and help stand up for the children?

    Your group – talks a big talk – but no action!!

    It really is a shame.

    This community is afraid of what?

    The social media threats?

    The ‘threats of IP addresses being turned in”?

    If we don’t stand up for the children, then who will?

    Children don’t go to strip clubs – and they shouldn’t be at drag shows, period.

    This is a very easy fix.

    The owner can make the drag shows for adults only!

    There doesn’t need to be threatening and going back and forth nonsense anymore – let adults make their own choices – children cannot.

    This is a non-partisan issue – the children should NOT be used for one side or the other.

    If the zoning laws aren’t being adhered to – and they are not – that should be addressed.

    But in the end – it’s up to the village to allow one business over another to get away with not keeping their laws, and if any children are harmed – according to scripture – it would be better for the ones who allow children to be harmed to have a millstone tied around their neck and thrown into the sea. (Luke 17:2, Mark 9:42, Matthew 18:6)

  20. Semper Hi-Fi,

    Nice try, but I know the truth what Lauf been saying about me, and that’s not it.

    Opinions vary.

    And who predicted accurately Foster would win with at least 55% of the vote?

    He’s currently winning with 56%.

    No fraud there, either.

  21. I’d agree with Tara, too, if she were telling the truth in her post of 7:38AM CST Monday morning.

    Sadly, she’s mistaken and for now, I’ll accept she’s spreading misinformation, or she’s simply wrong.

    There was no “drag show” scheduled for Saturday, Nov 19 at the UpRising Bakery & Café, just a petition signing event for local candidates for the local elections, cosponsored by the local chapter of the National Organization for Women.

    Yes, I said, “I drove by the bakery and this event looked like a bust.”

    The empty parking lot outside UpRising was reason I used the term “bust”. A cold wind was blowing on Saturday, so there were no protesters, neither proponents or opponents, outside UpRising, and the place looked dead.

    While Tara said, “Even 1 child in attendance to a sexually harmful show is wrong.” on surface is accurate, if child attending without parents/adult supervision at a drag show.

    An unaccompanied child, depending on age, at any kind of adult event, including petition signing questionable, too.

    This talk from Tara interesting, “Your group – talks a big talk – but no action!! It really is a shame.”

    Just what group is Tara talking about? Give me a name.

    But where Tara really opens a can of worms is here:

    “This is a very easy fix. The owner can make the drag shows for adults only! There doesn’t need to be threatening and going back and forth nonsense anymore – let adults make their own choices – children cannot. This is a non-partisan issue – the children should NOT be used for one side or the other.”

    First, which “owner” is Tara talking about? The business owner or the property owner, or both?

    The business owner is well documented, but who owns the property? According to McHenry County property records, the strip shopping center where UpRising Bakery leases its store is owned by Echo Properties LLC. Has anybody, particularly Lake in the Hills village residents, reached out to their Board of Managers?

    Tara or any other aspiring Lake in the Hills trustee candidate for April’s election should be doing the leg work.

    BTW, I published all of this information on Illinois Family Action about a month ago.

    But here is where Tara runs into trouble, just as what happened at the Lake in the Hills Village Board meetings in September when this was floated:

    “If the zoning laws aren’t being adhered to – and they are not – that should be addressed.

    “But in the end – it’s up to the village to allow one business over another to get away with not keeping their laws, and if any children are harmed…”

    The Lake in the Hills Village Board, in late September, bristled when these same accusations were made at the late September Committee of the Whole meeting.

    I was in attendance that night, and heard it myself.

    At the Village Board meeting immediately following the Committee of the Whole meeting (and after the crowd of concerned citizens had left), I addressed the Village Board, sharing how I had FOIAd the Agreement between the business owner, the ACLU of IL, and the village attorney, and I concurred I saw no violation of the Village Zoning Ordinance, nor any surrender by the village on this issue. I also shared my only motivational imperative was to get the truth to the public.

    To be clear, I’ve done more then simply drive by a business on a Saturday afternoon in November, and as I wrote months ago, it’s up to the residents of Lake in the Hills to do something about this.

    And if anyone is about to quote Scripture, they’d best remember the portions of Scripture dealing with false witness, and Galatians 6:7 about reaping what one sows.

    That goes for all of us.

  22. Lopez, a Constitutional lawyer who ran for IL Attorney General says they are not adhering to the village’s zoning laws.

    Unless the zoning laws were changed after that village board meeting you speak of.

    I would trust what he has to say over a board of trustees pissing in their pants over a threat from the progressive ACLU.

    Tara is not bearing false witness.

    The drag show including kids was yesterday.

    I don’t see where she states it was the day earlier.

    Even so, that could be an innocent mistake and really makes no difference in the fact that this cafe is continually invites kids to a sexually charged drag show with alcohol !

    The real question is ‘where is the DCFS?’

  23. These Types and yes I use the word Types as they act like Types, Must never had enuff self confidence in their tiny little lives, so they all have the LOOK AT ME TUDES..

    and if you don’t look at ME then I”m gonna cry cry cry until i get attention no matter what it takes..

    they just can’t get over themselves…

    this is what makes them disgusting more than anything… else…

    in their tiny lives…

    they can’t grow up so they have to turn to the Cheeldrens for attention.. aka reactions…

    they feed off of..

  24. G-Man said:

    “…a Constitutional lawyer who ran for IL Attorney General says they are not adhering to the village’s zoning laws.”

    All, please give a name, not being purposefully vague about a “Constitutional lawyer”.

    Since late September, has this unnamed lawyer taken this information to the Village of Lake in the Hills (LITH) and their village attorney?

    There’s only one Zoning Ordinance, as amended in LITH. If that was the information the resident brought up at the LITH Committee of the Whole meeting back in September, then the Village basically said that interpretation was incorrect.

    Any movement since?

    Is a LITH village trustee candidate in April’s election, going to run on that issue?

    As far as what took place on Sunday, this article, and comments were focused on Saturday’s petition signing event at UpRising Bakery and Café.

    I was nowhere near UpRising on Sunday, so can’t comment either way.

    As I said in my comment responding to Tara, she was just wrong.

  25. Dude- John Lopez or whatever your name is — the town is violating their own zoning laws—no one needs your long empty hot air response

    Nasty sexual perverts are not allowed in the business district and sure as hell no where near children.

    Keep your so called “scripture” to yourself and according to Jesus you are already at the bottom of a lake with a millstone around your neck—you just dont realize it yet—fool

  26. Karen Van Wyk said:

    “John Lopez…the town is violating their own zoning laws…”

    Then prove it!

    I hear a lot of talk from people, but I see no proof, let alone action.

    Get out of the blog comments section and prove it to the Village of Lake in the Hills legally.

    And tell the truth, or else you will lose!

  27. Lopez is a typical surrender monkey.

    But he doesn’t even have a prehensile tail, just a ‘pretensile’ tail with a phony tag, right Mark Avelar?

    Why the duplicity?

  28. LITH was one of the VERY FIRST to sign on with ICLEI.

    What do you expect from all the communists running that place?

    It’s been a criminal enterprise for many years now.

    They are DOWN with the “new” agenda.

    You were infiltrated and did NOTHING to stop these monsters.

  29. Jackaroo, the only One I surrender to is God, and His truth very clear.

    I’ve challenged people who’ve said some unnamed “Constitutional lawyer” said UpRising Bakery & Café is violating the Village of Lake in the Hills’ Zoning Ordinance.

    I challenged all who really think this to prove it, and prove it where it counts.

    All I get are crickets from people who think they’re right, but too afraid to make the point publicly.

    My father taught me over 3 decades ago something I’m reminded of when people make these kinds of public comments…let them come forward, and let them take the heat.

    If they’re right, they win! But if they’re wrong, they’ll be eaten for lunch!

    Cindy closest to being right…people, in particular, Lake in the Hills residents, have done nothing to stop what’s going on at UpRising Bakery, assuming there’s a legal way to stop what’s going on.

    By December 19, we’ll all see if these people who think they’re right will come out and challenge the Village of Lake in the Hills in the trustee elections on April 4.

    Petition filing starts December 12 and runs through December 19.

    Time for people to prove themselves, and I’ll be watching, just as others will be, too.

  30. Marc – I will admit when I am wrong. I honestly thought you drove by the drag show – I apologize.

    Your response was not very kind. But I am not here to discuss that.

    I will not stand down on the zoning issues – look at, and everyone can look and make their own decision. They are facts. I stand behind what I said and will stand up publicly as I always have. I don’t hide behind an assumed name, either.

    Sometimes we have to come to the table and admit when we made a mistake. I did.

    I will never back down from protecting children, either. The Bakery’s owner would call for changing the show to Adults only. Not the landlord.

    If you want to know anything else, I have done much research and will openly share the facts I find with anyone asking for them. I, too, am disappointed that no one else will stand up. Or will they? Should we give them more information? 🤔

    Thank you, Mark, for the ability to have an enlightening and educational conversation. You are blessed to be good with written words. Though threatening people not to use Bible verses correctly is not very becoming, however. We should be careful not to be pious or pharisaical Mark – the world is watching.

  31. Tara, and Van Wyk agree with you 100%

    Lopez, Lopez, Lopez, you don’t know how this works. Please don’t pretend to, and don’t be challenging someone who is out to call out chicken-shit village trustees OR someone willing to protect kids from perverts. The constitutional attorney that has won many many suits against this state would have to have someone with standing to goosing on to the lawsuit.

    Maybe Moretti’s can sue because they’re being held to the village ordinances yet this Monkey Pox Cafe is given a slide.

  32. “All I get are crickets from people who think they’re right, but too afraid to make the point publicly.”

    And those too, who were not afraid to make a point publicly, yet still couldn’t find those litter boxes.

  33. Response to Tara, 11/21/22, 4:58PM CST:

    Apology accepted, Tara. Thank you for admitting you are wrong.

    IMHO, my responses are always respectful and kind as they were with you and always honest. I don’t claim to be perfect.

    Respectfully, you are wrong on the zoning issue and the link you provided proved this.

    Not one shred of evidence is dated after August 4. You (or whoever authored that website) present dated information from the Village of Lake in the Hills (LITH) up until the negotiated agreement between the parties. After attorneys representing LITH, UpRising Bakery & Café & the ACLU of IL negotiated the agreement, there was no evidence since the agreement the Zoning Ordinance was violated.

    Unless you or whoever, even this “Constitutional lawyer” I keep hearing about apart from name, have evidence SINCE August 4, please share it publicly. Clearly, at the LITH village board meetings in late September, LITH maintains their Zoning Ordinance being enforced and there is nothing on the website you shared to prove otherwise.

    If you have the evidence, please share it, by emailing it to Cal. Your continuing to stand by your current argument with what you have shared thus far simply makes you look like a fool.

    Same goes for this “Constitutional lawyer”.

    As I tell anyone, whatever you say on public policy must stand up to discernment, and your case is flimsy at best, relying on outdated information.

    There is a big difference between an error and a mistake, and on this LITH matter, I have made neither. When I’m wrong, I admit it, and as far as my professional name, isn’t the First Amendment wonderful? I’ve proven multiple times, when it counts, I don’t hide behind anything, but am wearing the full Armor of God.

    Response to G-Man, 11/21/22 6:08PM CST: I know HOW it works, and have a proven resumé to back it up. It’s one thing to call-out the so-called “chicket-shit village trustees”, but it’s another thing to challenge them openly and at the ballot box in elections. To do that, you need candidates, and to-date, I’ve heard no names of anyone challenging LITH village trustees on April 4. Filing starts next month, so we’ll see.

    As far as the “constitutional attorney”, just because they can win lawsuits on something like masks or the public schools, doesn’t mean they are correct on the LITH Zoning Ordinance. Talk to certain political candidates who trusted political consultants just because they had one good race two years ago, and look how they did on November 8 working with the one-hit-wonder political consultants.

    Let’s see if this unnamed attorney will actually do something concerning LITH.

    BOTH Tara and G-Man: While I respect both of you fighting for your causes, you must learn how to fight, and win.

    Look at Catalina Lauf. There are people who believed her vapid campaign that she could be a fighter in Congress without any evidence to back up her claim.

    She lost by over 12 points on November 8 and all of it cannot be blamed to the quality of the top of the ticket.

    When you’re fighting for kids, you must win and please take my feedback as encouragement to actually fight, and win.

    Tara, you’re welcome for the conversations, and as long as we have an honest dialouge, we’ll be fine.

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