Democrat John Collins, Who Warned Republicans Were Going to Raise Real Estate Taxes, Was Decisive Tax Hike Vote

Take a look at the McHenry County Board’s property tax levy vote:

Motion to raise property taxes by the McHenry County Board.

Voting in favor of abandoning the ten-year tradition, those I call “Tax Eaters,” were thirteen:

  • Aavang (R – leaving the Board)
  • Acosta (D – leaving the Board)
  • Althoff (R – re-elected)
  • Bates (R – leaving the Board)
  • Campbell (D – appointed, elected to the Board)
  • Collins (D – appointed, defeated for election)
  • Doherty (R – leaving the Board)
  • Gottemoller (R – re-elected)
  • Jung (R – leaving the Board)
  • Schofield (R – leaving the Board)
  • Skala (R – re-elected)
  • Smith (R – re-elected)
  • Wegener (D – re-elected)

Eight of the “Yes” votes won’t be on the Board sworn in during the first week of December, five who will serve at least for the next two years.

Eleven voted against raising real estate taxes:

  • Jindrich (D – leaving the Board)
  • Kearns (R – re-elected)
  • Meshes (D – re-elected)
  • Nowak (R – defeated for re-election)
  • Parrish (R – leaving the Board)
  • Schwartz (R – appointed, defeated for election)
  • Thorsen (R – defeated for re-election)
  • Vijuk (D – defeated for re-election)
  • Von Bergen (R – re-elected)
  • Wilbeck (R – defeated for re-election)
  • Yensen (D – leaving the Board)

Eight of the “No” votes came from those leaving the Board and three will be on the new Board.

So, five (four Republicans and one Democrat) who are returning to the Board voted to raise taxes and three returnees (two Republicans and one Democrat) voted “No.”

John Collins’ postcard.

Now, consider what the vote would have been if Democrat John Collins had voted the way his poast card seemed to indicate he would.

The vote would have been 12-12 had Collins voted, “No.”

Tie votes fail.

And, even if that was not what Robert’s Rules says, Republican County Board Chairman Mike Buehler would have voted to kill to keep the tax levy level.


Democrat John Collins, Who Warned Republicans Were Going to Raise Real Estate Taxes, Was Decisive Tax Hike Vote — 12 Comments

  1. Come next spring many houses will be up for sale as more people flee McHenry Co. for tax relief elsewhere,
    one house on my block just sold.

    Whether or not prospective buyers will be able to afford loans given the Biden economy is another story.

    Perhaps another housing collapse as in 2008 is already underway.

    One way or another DEMOCRATS will destroy all, it’s inevitable.

  2. I find it comical those that you re-elect, time and again, however, find it a hard pill to swallow when the candidate-elect capitulates on the very same syllabus without any reserve.

    Mentioned is Collins.

    How about Gottemoller who won with the majority of votes running as a Republican, yet voted to raise taxes.


    Puleassssseee, do not mention that it was only a “small” raise and could have been more.

    This from a County Board that continually professes to operating a “balanced budget in surplus.”

    This, while they readily accept ARPA funds in the toon of $59 Million, so as long to abide by the Pritzker mandates.

    Quick, break out the huge red ribbon, shovels, and big scissors for the next “project,” and photo-op used with taxpayers money having nothing to do with “balanced budgets,” rather yet another burden on the taxpayer.

    Further, you elect the Charlatan and the ever perpetual candidate, “Shorts,” (with the help of deplorable Democrat candidates) who made it clear in his campaign that he has no problem with McHenry County taxes.

    As quoted in the Rag, Daily Herald;

    “I don’t believe that decreasing the county portion of residents property taxes is a feasible possibility.”

    This, from the self-proclaimed “fiscal conservative” whilst McHenry County forever languishes in a ranking between 2-4 in a State of 102 Counties for highest taxes.

    Yet another Rino Squish elected who made it clear that he also, is fine with the taxes we currently pay. You asked for it.

  3. Cal, people moved previous to house being put on the market and sold so no pics.

    As one might imagine they were in a great hurry to flee Huntley and perhaps Illinois
    in order to reclaim their financial freedoms.

  4. If you are a politician who votes for tax increases, you define yourself as a DUMBASS.

    Not only with this ultimately DECREASE government revenue, it will also force productive taxpayers to leave Illinois – for good.

    You are therefore damaging our state today, making it poorer in the future, AND you are DECREASING tax revenue.

    There is no win…other than a few months uptick in taxes – very ephemerally.

    Everyone who voted for this tax increase is brain dead like Biden or Fetterman.

    Those two are your patrons.

  5. Collins lost his election. He won’t be on the board.

    But I looked at it and it doesn’t matter.

    Other exiting members who voted Yes include Aavang, Acosta, Bates, Doherty, Jung, and Schofield. 7/13

    Of those voting No and not returning to the board: Jindrich, Nowak, Parrish, Thorsen, Vijuk, Wilbeck, Yensen. 7/11.

    So, no correlation between whether one was returning or not and how they voted, and no correlation between how they voted and party affiliation either. Dems split 4 to 4 y/n; Reps split 9 to 7 y/n.

    But still kind of a weasel move by Mr. Collins, especially when he “called out” the board, specifically Republicans, about postponing tax raises and was then asked (by me) what HE was planning on doing regarding the taxes and he did not answer.

    Good riddins to him.

    Dishonest people should not be in the government.

    He pretended to be a whistleblower, but he was just another liar and the voters gave him the BOOT!

  6. Gottemoller is using Depens now, so please help him empty his ‘tray’.

    He’s a person you can always count on to lie.

  7. Gottemoller, Avang, Jung are stinking RINOs.

    Gottemoller is no “turd”! More like watery choleralike feces which really reeks.


  8. Stephen calls Abram a moron.

    What about you Stephen?

    How do you classify yourself?

    Are you a Democrat, a supporter of Joseph Robinette Biden?

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