County Board Appointments

Here are the folks that the McHenry County Board appointed to various Boards and Commissions last week:

Board of Health

  • Melissa Katz – Term to Expire 06/30/25
  • Guadalupe Ortiz – Term to Expire 06/30/23

Mental Health Board, terms to expire 12/31/28

  • Lindsay Keisman
  • Christina Bruhn
  • Amy Rath

Senior Services Grant Commission – Paula Yensen – Term to Expire 10/01/23

Emergency Telephone System Board, all terms to Expire 11/30/24:

  • Ryan Markham – Algonquin Police Department
  • Patrick Finlon – Cary Police Department
  • Jason Kern – Southeast Emergency Communications
  • Pat Hughes – Private Citizen
  • Tom Kotlowski – Crystal Lake Police Department
  • David Christensen – Emergency Management Agency
  • Tyson Bauman – Harvard Police Department
  • Nathan Hayes – Marengo Police Department
  • Amy Williams – McHenry County Police Chiefs Association
  • Steve Spraker – McHenry County Fire Chiefs Association
  • Brian Knop – McHenry County Sheriff’s Department
  • John Birk – McHenry Police Department
  • Ray Lanz – Woodstock Police Department


County Board Appointments — 4 Comments

  1. Why is the progressive bovine, Yensen, getting any appointment?

    Hasn’t she done enough damage?

  2. Hey Cary Chief Finlon, listed on the Emergency Telephone System Board, when will you fix when Cary residents call 9-1-1, it goes to the Fire Dispatch first, and they have to then be transferred and start all over for Police Calls.

    Asinine, wastes time and may cost lives.

    Maybe talk with the Jason Kern listed her who is in charge of SECOM that dispatches 9-1-1 calls.

    Makes no sense.

    Best hope you dont need a cop response quickly in Cary—you gotta talk to the Fire Dispatcher first.

    Unless its changed, its happened to me 3 times in the last 2 years.

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