GOP AG Candidate Cites Failure of “Ground Game”

From The Center Square:

DeVore urges Illinois Republicans to develop early vote, ballot collection efforts

(The Center Square) – The Republican candidate for Illinois attorney general says Illinois Republicans didn’t fail at messaging in this month’s election, they failed at the ground game.

Election night results in McHenry County for Tom DeVore.
Election results for Tom DeVore in McHenry County as of the morning of November 22, 2022.

Republicans lost every statewide seat in the Nov. 8 election.

They also lost seats in the Illinois House. Incumbent Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker, the day after winning, said voters rejected Republicans.

“Republicans are complaining and criticizing and they have no solutions for anything,” Pritzker said.

Attorney Thomas DeVore, who lost his bid for Illinois attorney general against Democratic incumbent Kwame Raoul, said Republican donors funded plenty of mailers and TV commercials with the right messaging of public safety and addressing the economy, but that didn’t get out the vote.

“And while that really benefits the consulting class and they make millions off of it, it does not move the needle in form of elections,” DeVore told WMAY.

He said what’s clear is that early and mail-in vote collection does move the needle and that’s something DeVore said Democrats succeeded in. [Emphasis added.]

“When the time that early voting started, mail-in ballots started, they were out there gathering those ballots on a mass scale and this election was over before Nov. 8 got here,” DeVore said.

“And the Republicans that I dealt with at the state level, at least in Illinois, were completely oblivious to it.”

DeVore acknowledged concerns over so-called ballot harvesting, but said until the law is changed, Republicans have to utilize the system. [Emphasis added.]

“What they should have been doing is 40 days prior, like the Democrats did, they should have had a ground game, a swell of a ground game,” DeVore said.

“And you should have been out there getting those votes, gathering those ballots from Republicans in droves.

“That’s the only way you were ever going to win this election.” [Emphasis added.]

There are no limits to how many mail-in ballots a person can collect for another, but the voter and collector must sign the transfer of custody before returning ballots to local elections officials.


GOP AG Candidate Cites Failure of “Ground Game” — 17 Comments

  1. Florida and Ohio have GOP state legislatures.

    Illinois does not.

  2. Republicans in McHenry County don’t have a ground game because precinct committeemen don’t want to work their precincts in the overwhelming majority of the cases. They just run so they can vote for party leadership and are oftentimes told that is all that is going to be required of them so they will run for PC.

  3. I love it. Tom the drunk Devour, because he’ll slam anything in front of him, is now complaining about elections. He said Piton was crazy for doing the same thing yet Piton along with Seth Keshel and others have the receipts.

    Tom obviously has no clue.

  4. They fail at getting down the bottom of the barrel like these swamp rats do… as they buy and cheat their way up…

  5. Yes, Piton has the “receipts” of his abject failure.

    His Twitter doesn’t even search out until many, many pages deep now.


  6. Hey dope head. Learn how to post about something on the right topic. Hopefully you don’t put your Xmas tree needles in your bong and smoke it. You do seem addled

  7. You rang that bell, counselor.

    You brought up Piton.

    Maybe it’s you who should stay on topic for a change.

    DeVore has valid points both, of Bobby Q and a ground game.

    When I was involved as a precinct captain, we always organized car-ride-to-the-polls get out the vote effort.

    Most of those people needing or getting rides, are now the vote-by-mail crowd. Particularly seniors.

    Time to circulate and pick up their ballots.

    If we don’t, they will – oh, and do.

    Republicans have to utilize the system.

    DeVore is absolutely correct.

    We could have won a few more.

  8. JPMat – Like Yoda you speak.

    Careful- you’ll sound Jewish to some our learned colleagues in this fine establishment.

  9. LOL…I rang addiction. Piton is now your bell. LOL Is that considered a bell ringer like you get from smoking dope Monk? Please stop volunteering to be a PC. You obviously aren’t qualified being a drug addict.

  10. Having been such a rabid supporter of Bobby Q, I’m sorry to embarrass you in front of the adults.

    Yes, it’s midnight, but I’m an adult now, so I can stay up past your bedtime.

  11. Oh please Monk keep embarrassing me. You are a priceless court jester. Most adults aren’t admitted drug addicts like you. But it’s legal.

    What a fool.

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