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With yesterday being the first day for filing for cities, commenter “BecauseScience” offers the following good advice for candidates:

The top of lawyer Kathy Salvi’s petition.

You need to have

(1) A petition in the correct form which properly names the office sought;

(2) the minimum number of correct signatures of qualified voters in the jurisdiction;

(3) Statement of Candidacy ( also with the office sought correctly named);

(4) the RECEIPT for the filing of the statement of economic interests with the correct political body’s clerk;

(5) Numbered pages;

(6) stapled together at the top with two or three staples.

The circulator must also sign the bottom of the petition in front of a notary and the notary’s license has to be current as of the date of signing.


Voters who PRINT their names. The signature must more or less match what is on file in the county clerk’s office. This can easily happen if the circultaor allows one person to print their name and then everyone else below them will think that’s what they are supposed to do and print their names also. This can wipe out an entire page.

Get at least TWICE the number of signatures that you need.

Cross check it against the county voter records before you file.

Your opponent will be sure to do that.

Don’t approach the voter by saying “Are you registered to vote?”

They will think that you are there to register them and will say “yes” so you will go away.

There is nothing nefarious with challenging petitions that are deficient.

Petition challenging is a blood sport in Illinois.

Do everything correctly and you will have no problems.


Petition Filing Advice — 10 Comments

  1. So a signature is verified by the signature on file? What if the signature of the person has changed from a signature to a scribble? Denied.

    Nifty I agree. Piton at least gave concrete answers on his policies unlike Salvi the lawyer who wouldn’t give a concrete answer just like a typical lawyer. Kathi was the queen of platitude speak like a good little IL RINO.

    IL voters prefer a Chuck Schumer puppet like the drunk helicopter pilot with no legs. Well at least that’s what the machines told us. LOL

  2. “Salvi was a ruse to stop Piton.”


    Piton’s concrete answers were his cement shoes.

  3. JT: This commonly happens.

    When it does you have to go out and get an affidavit signed by the person whose signature is in question.

    The same thing is done with mail in ballots that allow a period of time for the person to be contacted and “cure” the ballot.

    When Reinhart filed his petitions for State Rep. there were numerous signatures that looked like they were written by the same person or a small group of people sitting around a kitchen table, because they were.

  4. Piton finished 4th or 5th.

    Piton was a conspiracy nutcase.

    Niffy is a fringe lune kook who lives in his mother’s basement. LOSER.

    Piton is a freak.

  5. Looks like IL residents prefer unintelligent politicians to lead them. Saw it too many times in the corporate world.

  6. who cares?

    Piton would have been talking about angels with lucky numbers, and chinamen hacking computers, and freemasons in the royal family.

    It would have been FUNNY

    What did Salvi give us? NOTHING!!!!!

    She was low energy.


    You are in the superminority in both chambers.

    You LOST GROUND in the Supreme Court.


    Salvi was the WORST CANDIDATE to possibly be picked precisely because of how BORING SHE IS.

    She is like the caricature of a caricature of a politician.

    “Oh well at least she won’t get us into TROUBLE!!! Or embarrass us and cost us votes!”

    lmao you are losers anyway

    So who cares????

    At least let it be funny. not BOOOOOOOOOORING!!!!

    If you are going to be a loser, at least put on a little show for me.

    Don’t be like the bullied kid who just sits in the back of the room never talking and then go losing anyway.

    That’s just shameful bro.

    You should feel bad.

    You’re going to go down, go down in flames. Don’t be some little fruitcake who nobody is even going to remember you 2 months from now. wtf is the point??? Make a name for yourself.

    Stand for something.

  7. Correcting, I don’t want a clown show.

    If I want entertainment I’ll turn on the TV or go to the movies.

    I don’t want clowns in the Senate!

    Piton was a clown, Peggy is an illiterate reality star wanna-be.

  8. Well I prefer to have a wacky person over somebody who does nothing because at least it gets you free press and can get issues that were out of the public consciousness into public discourse! There is TREMENDOUS value in that!

    Salvi did nothing.

    The strategic calculation of Salvi was the establishment wanted her because she gave them a better chance at winning other races. But you ended up getting creamed. So now you lost everything and you had a candidate who got NO message out. That’s like the worst outcome imaginable.

    Personally I voted for Dubiel who was good with media, not wacky like Bobby, not stupid like Peggy (she is REEEEEEALLY stupid), and talked about important issues. Thought he could bridge the gap between normies and wackies, independents and conservatives, and was a good communicator.

    But you guys picked Salvi. Whatever.

    You won’t be winning any statewide races in Illinois. It’s a blue state, and you can’t even win tossup districts like the 17th even with attractive women who outspend their opponents. I tell you what the IL GOP is in BAAAAAAAAD shape. Like this might be the most pathetic state chapter of a political party in the whole country. It’s hard to think of a worse one.

    But maybe if you guys keep picking “respectable” candidates who do nothing and can’t even answer simple questions things will magically turn around.

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