Neutrality, Daily Herald Style

Tweets from Daily Herald reporter Russell Lissau:

Lissau wrote stories on the 5th, 6th, 11th and 14th congressional races.


Neutrality, Daily Herald Style — 11 Comments

  1. Daily Harlot AND Northworst Harlot both have gone to online subscriptions only. LMAO 😎 No one reads their trash anyway. Why do they think that will improve their status as filthy liars?

  2. Cindy, I dropped my NWH subscription in 1998.

    Pure filth.

    Why did it take do long fir people to figure it out?

    Sweetwood was a piece of crap.

  3. JP? 1998? Try 1978 when I would chase away those who came knocking looking for subscribers with a lecture about how the paper was communist. They were mostly teenagers only trying to make some money so they just looked shocked.

  4. No wonder you’re so ignorant on everything but conspiracy theories.

  5. Why was Russell acting like a communist terrorist why did Russell delete his email address off of the Daily Herald’s website?

    Russell doesn’t want to hear from people no more?

    Was somebody mean to him after he acted like a terrorist?

    That suuuuuucks.

  6. Monk you in your drug addled haze are living in a reality you are incapable of understanding. Keep doing bongs. They obviously make you smarter Capt Appraiser.

  7. The majority of the population probably 99% are good v evil sex/pedo whacko ideologic crapola and you call them political extremists, you are a major problem!

    The daily rag should be sooo happy their employee is biting the hand that feeds them not to mention an offensive sicko.

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