Message of the Day – A Turkey

Found in the wild, more or less, in a southeast Florida conservation area.

Florida trukey displaying.

The bus driver has trained the animals to come close by tossing out corn.


Message of the Day – A Turkey — 2 Comments

  1. General social breakdown IS the Marxist agenda.

    However, those who are pushing this agenda have not fully reckoned the countercurrents that will develop when this tremendous mass of illegals, some with covid, some with tropical diseases, many from extremely violent backgrounds and even those who have been chosen, from their military backgrounds, to become a cat’s paw to oppose the millions of armed Americans who are becoming fed up to the gills with all THESE agendas.

  2. My dinner included turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, mixed veggies (carrots, corn, & green beans), and cranberries. Dessert was sweet potato pie.

    The cranberries have really grown on me over the years, Cal. They may be my favorite! They will be the first of the leftovers to run out of. After that, likely the stuffing which was made moist by chicken broth. The sweet potato pie was lighter, fluffier than the usual pumpkin pie. A nice alternative to make things a little different. Good food all around. 🙂

    Now some gay old German man from the WEF named KLAUS doesn’t think we should be allowed to use ovens or eat meat, but too bad for him. His edicts mean less to me than the chirping of a bird, and he is not welcome for dinner! Let him eat bugs.

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