Is This a Political Cartoon?

There are Black Friday cartoons in today’s Chicago Tribune.

Here’s the second panel from Brewster Rocket: Space Guy. It follows one in which cheaper Black Friday prices are being seen.


Is This a Political Cartoon? — 11 Comments

  1. Prices still crazy “on sale”.

    Saw an 18 inch wide aluminum snow shovel in an advertising circular for “sale” at $29 that is “normally” $33.

    Maybe $12-$15 would be a good deal.

    Lots of hype at this time of year, after Thanksgiving Day, about the upcoming “holidays”.


    There is only one recognized holiday in the U.S. remaining this year.


  2. If you wear Levi’s they are on sale online at Levi’s site for 34.99. That’s a good deal with free shipping.

  3. LOL. You forgot the word “informed” Joey. What’s your excuse for being uninformed? Oh that’s right. Liberals go from cradle to grave being Einstein’s. In their own minds.

    How was your Tofu Turkey yesterday?

  4. Thank you JT, I usually wear Lee’s, but got some Boot Cut Levi’s at that site sale and free shipping, to go with the Boots I picked up in person at Tractor Supply this a.m.–they had a real price break too–119 down to 59. Bargains are out there if you look.

  5. Glad to help Bob. I’m glad to save you money that will just end up in your gas tank. If you bought 2 pair that’s a tank of gas in my truck. LOL

  6. When you buy Levis, you support the very woke Levi Strauss Co.

  7. I saw the exec woman who is selling a book Jeff.

    I prefer to wear pants and ignore corporate stupidity. Being woke just means Blackrock and Vanguard have taken over the boards.

    Ask dope smoking monk what he wears besides a speedo on his sailboat. He’ll chime in soon enough after his 20th bong hit of the day.

  8. When you buy Levi Strauss, you’re guilty of cultural appropriation of the Jewish peoples.

  9. Monk, you appropriate the LGBTQABC123 culture as you sail with your butt buddies on your dingy. Sorry. Sailboat.

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