Elon Musk Says He Voted for Biden, But Now Favors DeSantis

From Epoch Times

Musk Reveals Whether He’d Vote for DeSantis or Trump in 2024

“…Musk, who took over Twitter at the end of October and vowed to allow greater freedom of expression on the platform, then said he had “reluctantly” voted for President Joe Biden over Trump in 2020.

“’My preference for the 2024 presidency is someone sensible and centrist. I had hoped that would the case for the Biden administration, but have been disappointed so far,’ Musk continued.

“Asked pointedly by a Twitter user whether he would support Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in 2024, Musk replied simply, ‘Yes.’”


Elon Musk Says He Voted for Biden, But Now Favors DeSantis — 85 Comments

  1. A ticket of Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley is the way to go. Either one would be a great candidate.

  2. Musk said:

    “My preference for the 2024 presidency is someone sensible and centrist. I had hoped that would the case for the Biden administration.”

    Would have expected better reasoning from a man with huge accomplishments. Musk wanted someone who was “sensible”. ( sensible definition: having, using, or showing good sense or sound judgment.)

    Joe Biden has proven over decades that he is not sensible, not smart. So many, many bad decisions as when he opposed President Obama wanting to go into Pakistan to kill Bin Laden. Another incredibly bad position was when he opposed the 35-nation coalition led by the U.S. to kick Sadaam Hussein out of Kuwait which he invaded.

    Robert Gates, who served as Secretary of Defense for Presidents George Bush2 and Barak Obama said this about Joe Biden in a book in 2014: “I think he has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”

    Obama in late 2020 said about Biden to never underestimate his ability to F*** things up.

    Joe Biden has been a dope, a jagoff (Pennsylvania term) at least since his college days when he plagiarized a large part of a British politician’s speech. He has been a con man. Used car salesmen of years ago easily had more credibility than Joe has displayed all of his public life.

  3. DeSantis and Haley?

    Haley is an establishment RINO.

    We know nothing about DeSantis’ foreign policy experience.

    Musk supports DeSantis because he would be able to influence him unlike Trump.

    Musk should stick with texting with catturd2 and stay out of politics.

    On the other hand keep pushing DeSantis.

    It energizes the real presidents base who is going to win his 3rd term.

  4. Every four years you elect a ‘Billy McFarland’ and than your taken against your will, to a miserable, inescapable Fyre Fest.

  5. I like DeSantis but would take a hard pass on Haley being anywhere in a Republican presidential administration, including even a position like “ambassador” which Trump previously appointed her to.

    I was also disappointed with Haley way back when she was governor and sided with commies and radical blacks about getting rid of confederate symbols.

    SC was a confederate state.

    Why pretend like it wasn’t?

    It tells me Haley will cave to the slightest bit of resistance.

    McMaster or whatever his name is in SC seems like a way tougher and better governor than Haley was.

    Just because Haley is good looking for a middle aged woman and an Indian doesn’t mean she should be in the government.

    You have to think with your brain not your wiener, Dirty Ned.

    Don’t be such a dirty dog!

  6. Cmon Correcting. Haley is good looking? Any person that smiles when they speak is a liar. Watch some of the teleprompter monkeys as they read the preapproved propaganda to you.

    On a side note, I believe there is a movement underfoot to get rid of McCarthy as House Speaker and put the real President in charge of the gavel.

  7. Of course he likes The Next Jeb.

    They would like the left wing candidate for the DNC Corporation to be Gavin Newsome and the center right candidate of the RNC Corporation to be The Next Jeb.

  8. Nimrata Randhawa makes Horizontal Harris look like a nun.

  9. I’m with Dirty Ned so far.

    Trump had zero foreign policy experience, so what?

    Haley has plenty. Nice ticket.

    As for the Confederate symbols?

    Black folks make up 66% of the South Carolina’s population. Removal of symbols?

    So, uh-duh! She wasn’t Governor to please JT.

  10. Lol capt speedo Monk. Tell me under which administration’s Russia invaded Ukraine? That ought to be good. LOL.

    Then tell us all you know about US taxdollers being laundered from US to Ukraine to FTX back to the Dems.

    You really continue to prove smoking dope improves your brain power. What a fool

  11. Everybody is good at something, and some people are even great at their endeavors,
    like Malignant Monk making a fool of himself.

    I strongly support his 1st. Amendment right to do so.

  12. Haley is a BIG NO! And DeSantis being courted by the Establishment RINO Party has me suspicious. Having Ken Griffin funding him REALLY HAS ME SUSPICIOUS!

    TRUMP ALL THE WAY. I’m sure he’s done with the establishment after Pence and will probably choose Tulsi Gabbard or someone he would trust his life with.

  13. Tulsi Gabbard? She’s another swamp rat trying to remain relevant by being a Fox News whore. No thanks I on. I found it funny when I found out Ivanka Trump was labeled one of the future leaders by George Soros just like the guy with the patch over his eye from TX. Ivanka and her jew husband should be banned from the WH.

  14. Two Republican Governors with good records who will be in the mix in the 2023 Republican presidential debates.

    Kristi Noem of South Dakota
    Ron DeSantis of Florida

    As to foreign policy experience, Trump had none and did a good job. Barak Hussein Obama, community organizer from Chicago, had none and did a lousy job. Obama’s sidekick, Biden, had plenty of foreign policy inputs and suggestions while a senator and as VP. Most all of it was bad. And continues to be bad as the dummy president.

  15. There are a number of Governors that will make worthy candidates.

    Abe doesn’t understand that the melanin messiah’s going nowhere.

  16. Are you going to write about the upcoming Brunson vs Adams case, Cal?

  17. LOL bred. Kristi Noem? Didn’t she refuse veto passing legislation to deny transfags from participating in women’s sports.

    And Monk please give us your governor pick to beat Trump.

    Why are IL voters so addled

  18. Any one of them has a better chance at winning the Presidency.

  19. 25 bongs a day sport/Monk really doesn’t help your view of reality. You still think Biden actually got 81m votes. Enough said. It may be time to clean your bong.

  20. bred winner, Noem caved to the woke mob just like Haley did. If you’re going to get your news exclusively from Fox News make sure you at least tune into Tucker Carlson – pretty much the only good person over there and who grilled Noem about that.

  21. I’ll wave hello to you JT, when someone else wins the nomination.

    I’ll wave hello to you JT, and laugh and laugh and laugh, when Trump dumps should he win the nomination.

    I’ve had lots of laughs over the results your favored candidates have posted.

    Still no resultant proof on the elections yet, either.

  22. ROFLMAO…. OK monk…the proof is out there…You’re too busy getting high to see it. What an idiot. Keep living in your drug addled haze sport.

  23. JT – if “the proof is out there”, as you say, and prove-able in a court – not in Bobby Q’s fever dreams, or General Q’s, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

    I can’t imagine anyone with ACTUAL EVIDENCE would pass up the opportunity to be the one to break the story.


  24. I do not know of this case.

    Please explain what is at stake.

  25. MAGA is dead, Trump won’t make it thru the primaries. JT start getting your stolen election material ready. Alert the conspiracy nut jobs now. I’ll await your denial, inuendos, insult and deflection.
    “the proof is out there,” Where? you don’t have facts, inuendo and lose conspiracy connections.
    We’ll all be laughing at you shortly.

  26. Well Porky and Monk apparently still use VHS tapes to find proof of fraud. If you 2 came out of the dark ages and learned how to find the truth it’s out there. Fyi porky, people who use the word conspiracy prove their level of intelligence. 81m votes for a creepy pedo that showered with his own daughter? LOL.

    I suppose the Hunter Biden laptop is Russian disinformation too.

    You 2 should get together and do bongs.

  27. And yet no Proof given. RIP MAGA and it’s idiots. You spout yet no substance. Typical of a deranged MAGA moron mouthpiece.

    Thanks right on cue with your usual deflection, innuendo and insult.

    How’s the 5th grade going for you?

  28. Pokormy is correct when he says, “MAGA is dead”. MAGA officially died on Jan 20, 2020 when Joseph Robinette Biden was installed as president.

    The operational acronym is “DA”. Destroy America. Biden and his regime is encouraging and allowing a multi-million person invasion of the U.S. Biden took many steps to undo the “energy independence” Trump had built. Biden gave us the highest inflation rate in 40 years. Biden gave the Taliban billions of dollars worth of military equipment and botched the Afghanistan withdrawal. And on and on. Who is a “moron”? Not MAGA patriots.

  29. axe JT about it. He heard about it on the INTERNET. Or u can just go to Rumble or Tik Tok. They can tell u about it.

    Long story short some guy from Utah is saying congress did a treason by not hearing evidence and swearing in Biden. And I think there might be something about the NSA or some intel agency either not doing their duty or congress ignoring them… somethin like that too i think. Anyway, it was in an appellate court and guess what???

    SCOTUS actually TOOK this guy’s case! And the Q people are going nuts.

    But if there’s one thing I know is if the Q people are excited about something, means they’re probably going to lose / are wrong. So that’s kinda a bummer but some legal eagles are surprised SCOTUS even took the case at all, cuz they probably didn’t have to(?) idk did not read the appellate decision but am GUESSING the plaintiff was not found in favor by the appellate court(?) And SCOTUS could just ignore it if that’s the case. But other people say SCOTUS is going to take it and side with Bidens people just to give some finality to the whole 2020 thing instead of like all the cases they did not hear from trumps people.

    Look it up on the internet cal it’s all out there the truth. Some smart guy from utah is suing the government the scotus is hearing it and i heard nefariousshake just shidded his pants. He and his little… “friend” rich miller. if the guy wins then some crazy stuff happens bro the q people would actually be right and there would have to be military trials and stuff cuz of the treason. Yeah, sounds pretty wild… but this is an actual case that is scheduled for the “shadow docket” that scotus will be hearing in the next few months bro it is 100 percent real I found it and you can too. NOt on some wacko website but legit stuff like justia or whatever that gay site the government people use. It’s not fake, it’s real.

  30. Anyone that is still supporting Trump at this point is a moron.

  31. Porky, I have posted ample proof over the year and a half I have been posting here. Is it an insult to call you lazy because you refuse to do your own research or read what I post in hyperlinks. Maybe you could expand your critical thinking skills. Start with 2000 Mules and then evolve into The Pit.

    After that Porky explain the connections of these companies that facilitate our elections to the CCP:


    Don’t be lazy Porky. Is giving you a roadmap deflection or just proof you only believe what you are told from the MSM? Happy hunting.

  32. I’m not the one professing this shit. You make the statement, prove your justification. You explain it, Why would I chase your bullshit. You can’t. “There’s a connection.” OH boy. there is a connection between, you and and idiocy.

  33. Funny how liberals get triggered. And Martin the scales of justice are equal. Maybe you could visit the Marco Polo site and then explain to me why the Biden crime family is not in jail.

    And Porky, it is now chasing to use your God given critical thinking skills to look at things thru your own lens? Got it. You’re lazy and want me to tell you what to think. You wouldn’t believe it anyway based on your last post. Keep believing the filtered truth that Google and the MSM feeds you. Blue pilled people really stick out like a sore thumb.

  34. Hmm….


    Wonder what color the yarn is connecting the dots on JT’s coarkboard at home?

    Colored pushpins or clear?

  35. JT pleading this case in court would be like the Darrell Brooks trial.

  36. Monk, another uninformed simp. Do another bong sport. I still have a brain unlike you. Join the crowd of lazy liberals on this site who need to be told what to think. Operation Mockingbird much? LOL

  37. You are the sort who listens to confirmation of your existing beliefs, but not to explanations.

    My post advocated nothing.

    It offered a link to a primary document you can read.

  38. JT That would be the day I want you to tell me how to think.
    Oh and by the way , you are the mocking bird. All you know is:
    Same song and dance, no substance. Chirp, Chirp Chirp little birdie.
    Please, we more parroting of your conspiracy theories. . MAGA this, MAGA that.
    That is sarcasm Sheldon.

  39. ROFLMAO Porkboy. I know alot more than you. It sounds like someone needs their pre-Xmas enema. As I said people who use the word conspiracy prove how low their IQ is. Hopefully that enema cures your TDS.

  40. JT, you don’t get it. We “know” all the things you “know”.

    It’s just that after reading up on these things (because hey – you never know), we reject them entirely.

    It’s entertaining for about the first hour or two. Then, not so much. Not that I don’t yearn for fresh new entertainments.

    Yours was the stuff that got cancelled after they shot the 2 hour Pilot.

  41. Really Monk. Do tell. Your level of discernment is obviously addled by your drug use.

    So let’s start easy. Who’s Eugene Yu and what’s his role in elections? Quick run to Google.

    IL liberals are a serious problem. It must be Bobby and General Q right doper?


    Keep punching libs. Take your loss and move on.

  42. Oh Monk also tell us all you know about Rachel Chandler and her connection to Balenciaga.

    Crickets. God you Einstein’s are too easy.

  43. OH for real? They only requested SCOTUS to hear it? Well, you are usually pretty good at law stuff martin so you may be right.

    The guy on Rumble made it sound like it had already been picked to be heard by SCOTUS.

    Dangit why come every time i listen to some q anon adjacent guy on Rumble they always wrong about some critical detail???? Fool me five times, shame on me.

    But yes that was the case i was talking about martin. Thanks for showing cal the request they made. This is documentation about the case itself when it was in the appellate court.

    well anyway the people on the internet are paying attention to the case, cal.

    You know, cuz of the implications…
    something about a “contingent” government and military tribunals.
    But I am inherently not a plan truster cuz how is the military and courts gonna rule the right way? I happen to think the courts and military is a bunch of commies and satanists, but the q people are “plan trusters” and always talkin about “white hats.”

    Cal, it reminds me of the “white knights” from that nesara movement. There are a LOT of parallels between the Q people and the NESARA people. They thought there was this “plan” that was going to come into being any day and the good guys were going to take over. But it did not happen. And that’s what Q people think too, Cal! There is a bunch of New Age woo woo in both movements too and stuff about “light” and “awakening” and stuff like that.

    Have you ever looked into this stuff, Cal? YOU should!

  44. Cmon Correcting. What 2 EOs that Trump signed are still in force? I know you know but the operant conditioned are clueless. I try to help but they just can’t get it.

  45. Monk you really should stop smoking weed for a week before you post. You become more incoherent as the day continues. I suspect you are on bong hit 17 at this point.

  46. Musk wrote Biden had ‘huge accomplishments”!


    Exactly what accomplishments other than fondling female prepubescents, the hair sniffing fetish and showering with his daughter?

  47. My God IL savants never cease to amaze. Monk must be on his 20th bong hit. I have no clue what jazz hands mean but I guess smoking dope helps you identify with the LGBTQABC123 community.

    Remember liberals refuse to acknowledge cheating in our elections. The drug addled clown (Monk) is their representative. Time for hit 21 dope head. LOL.

    Please give us your recap on 2000 Mules Monk. That ought to be good.

  48. Jazz Hands in the crowd on your video. Or maybe beseeching God the Father.

  49. NO, not really, JT. I know the q people always talk about an EO that was significant but have not done much research on the topic. The way I figure is they were saying Trump was going to win, then they said he would be reinstated by this date, and then they said another date. And so I don’t really do research on what they said on account of they’ve just been wrong so much. The little boy who cried wolf…

    I’m vaguely familiar with the idea that Trump allegedly signed an EO that makes him shadow president or will make him president again. That’s what they claim. Sounds like wishful thinking to me, JT! Have you considered the possibility that you are being taken for a ride?? there ARE people who grift from this stuff you know.

    By the way, the NESARA people all said Clinton signed a secret EO that was going to eventually force the resignations of the Bush administration and that there would be an interim government set up for a bit while we got “Restored” to a constitutional republic, and got hard currency back as the federal reserve was dismantled, and our debt got wiped out, and war mongers would go to jail. It never happened!

    Supposedly that court case I mentioned fits into the puzzle of the EO Trump signed and the “devolution” people. That’s what it sounds like from the Rumble videos, but is it wise to trust SCOTUS in the first place?? They didn’t hear Trump’s cases in the first place. Why would they suddenly conclude treason was done? It just seems far-fetched. Congress got the elector count that the states sent them after they (the states) individually certified their own results.

    But this Brunson vs Adams is a real case and to me that is interesting by itself. Maybe Cal and his readers will go down the rabbit hole looking into these things and make up their own minds. Since I was dismissed from jury duty today, maybe I’ll read the 71 page doc posted above – although I’m rather content as is reading this book about President James Garfield!

  50. Mike Lindell. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah?

  51. Gasp! Cough cough cough! I’m OK, I can breathe… hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

    Hoo boy! *giggle*

  52. Ok Correcting. I trust you read the DoD manual sections 11.1 thru 11.4

    Fyi..there were 2 EOs. You should read them and relate them to those sections above.

    Rabbit holes have a funny way of exposing the truth.

  53. As I said TRIGGER WARNING..

    And look who’s triggered. Bwhahahahaha.

    You should read his book drug addict Monk. That post was specifically to trigger you and it achieved its goal.


    Go pull another bong captain appraiser. What a fool.

  54. Monk. Also, please give me your insight on the Rachel Chandler relation to Balenciaga or did your short term memory loss cause you to forget that?

  55. I read all that sh*t. Doesn’t apply to anything you’ve been told to hope for.

    Go have a good cry with Praying Medic Dave.

  56. Keep punching Monk. You lost. I have no clue who the person you ask me to have a good cry with. You posted at 9:12. That must have been after your 24th bong hit today. Only 1 more until you go have a date with your pillow. I’ll see you in the morning after your first bong hit when you wake up. LOL. You are a proven quantity. It’s priceless.

  57. Let’s TRIGGER again:

    What is coded in your DNA?
    Who put it there?
    Mankind is repressed.
    We will be repressed no more.
    Information is knowledge.
    Knowledge is power.
    Information is power.
    How do you protect your DNA?
    There is a war for your DNA.
    Protect your DNA.

    LOL Poor Monk – YHWH and YHVH – next meltdown coming I’m sure

  58. Proof an idiot posts stupidity. Keep punching sport. You’re a fool 🤣

  59. q anon has signs of repackaged “planetary activation” stuff. (ufo cult.) Take your comment about DNA and ascension for example.
    The Nesara people talked about DNA being activated by the galactic federation. They said they were guided by ET who themselves were under the command of the “ascended masters.” People will sometimes think of this as “new age” religious, hippie dippie san francisco stuff (global awakening), but a lot of these “new age” ideas come from the occult, specifically Helen Blavatsky’s theosophy. They just threw in aliens, though that shouldn’t be surprising either since later theosophists did incorporate UFOs in their beliefs.
    NESARA people trusted their leader, an anon who went by “Dove,” and they followed the “dove tails” which were that time’s “q drops.” The drops were posted online. They claimed she was an insider, part of military or intel and giving them hints, like q.
    The NESARA people themselves were borrowing a lot of their ideas from Ground Crew Project which is an even older UFO cult.

    While I don’t put any faith in the Q stuff, thanks for the recommendations on things to read(the DoD mentions). People on this blog, including Cal, always like references and links. Pokorny is actually right that if you bring up a topic that isn’t well known, the burden of proof really is on you to at least give people something that isn’t too vague or cryptic so that they can go down a rabbit hole if they choose to.

    You may not like to hear this either but I agree with Monk in seeing no way Mike Lindell becomes RNC chair. Maybe Zeldin has a chance, or someone who is not Romney McDaniel, but that person would not be Lindell. Likewise, I don’t see Trump becoming Speaker because there are enough individual Republican members who would not go for that. Why would you even want Lindell to be RNC chair? Accepting the premise that Romney McDaniel should be replaced, why Lindell? He hasn’t had good luck with his lawsuits, he doesn’t do well when he’s pressed by people who know what they’re talking about and challenging him, and he isn’t taken seriously by most people. His health seems poor too – he is always out of breath, even while just sitting down and talking.

  60. JT, you are only here, day and night, to boost your ego and get validation. You continuously state, ” I know more.” Good for you. However you can’t put anything into a logical hypothesis or a logical conclusion. You keep patting yourself on the back though. Good boy, good boy.

  61. Punching again i see Porky. As I said you are lazy and expect someone who has their critical thinking skills intact to explain what’s going on to you. I’m here to get you out of your coma and use your brain again not spoon feed you what you want to hear.

    Correcting at least took the time to read the DoD manual sections I provided. What’s your excuse? Oh nevermind read my second sentence.

  62. If Trump were to be reinstated by miracle, I would not complain since I voted for him in 2020 and 2016 and he’d be better than Biden, but I’m not going to tell people he will be reinstated like you do.

    The people promising that promised he would be back in office at specific dates and they were wrong.

    So why would their intel be right this time when they have a history of being wrong?

    That q anon people have regularly been wrong in their predictions which makes it difficult for most people to take them seriously.

    The entire idea of Trump being a “shadow” president who is waiting for something — when you say there is already undeniable proof of election meddling — on its face sounds incredibly stupid.

    Why would they be waiting?

    If treason has already been done, what would be the point in waiting to take those actors out of the picture?

    Treason is a capital offense.

    It doesn’t become treasonier as time goes on, and leaving them in power only entrenches them and their sycophants and laws and EOs and judicial picks and bureaucratic rules even more.

    I just don’t listen to q anon people, JT.

    When Trump said he had an announcement to make they said the announcement was going to be he is being reinstated and the plan is coming together.

    They were wrong again like they’ve been wrong about everything over the past 2 years.

    Trump is not a genius.

    He’s rather stupid — his meeting with Ye proves it.

    He has learned nothing.

    The meeting accomplished nothing.

    The people around him aren’t vetting who is coming to the White House, then he is playing dumb about knowing or not knowing those people.

    He got punked by Ye of all people.

    That’s not a genius.

    That’s someone who has lost his marbles and doesn’t have any good people around him either.

    Someone who pushes the COVID vaccine is not a genius.

    Someone who hires Chris Wray and John Bolton and Nikki Haley is not a genius.

    Someone who pardons an Israeli spy who stole our military secrets is not a genius.

  63. Correcting, what’s that quote from The Art of War again? LOL.

    Please stop using the phrase Q Anon since you seem smart enough to know that’s a MSM Project Mockingbird phrase.

  64. I love your lazy liberal stupidity Porkboy. Have you researched anything I’ve informed you about yet? I’ll take it as a big NO. LOL

  65. In Brunson v Adams, the solicitor general waived the government’s right to respond to the petition for certiorari. The next thing to happen will likely be the court granting or denying the petition. If the court thinks it is a close call or presents a serious issue, they may order the government’s to respond, in spite of the waiver.

  66. I read that case a couple of days ago Martin. They cheated again in AZ. Elections have made the US the laughingstock of the world. Basically one county can dictate what color a state is thanks to Dem corruption and incompetence.

    CONCLUSION This petition is set forth in the interest of justice in
    protecting Brunson’s right to petition for a redress of grievances against
    the Respondents, and ensuring his right of due process against the
    encroachment of the doctrine of equitable maxim, and charging the
    Respondents who failed to investigate the allegations of a rigged election
    by having them removed from office without further delay.

  67. and Now I hope he buys APPLE … when they go bust soon, as all their chinese workers have walked out of APPLEs factory! Bring it home ELON ! get rid of the lazy and the winers its time for the woke of schooling on how to work comes back !

  68. LOL…Monk hit his 25th bong tonight. You don’t think I know how batteries for electric cars are manufactured and which country owns the market on that? How much did Biden give up in Afghanistan Monk after getting 13 of our service members killed?

    As always, this ought to be good. I’ll see you in the morning with your next intelligent quip.

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