UPDATE: Cary Monday Politics Turns to Local School Boards as They Tax to the Max

From Bruce Johnson of We the People of McHenry County:

School Board Forum with School Board Veterans, Current School Board Member and Current School Board Candidates

  1. Attend and learn about being a School Board Member.
  2. Come and learn about how you can help support School Board Candidates.
  3. Please bring anyone that might be considering running and help them get their questions answered. School Board Candidates are Needed to Represent our Schools and our Values.

We Hope to See You There!

Monday, November 28, 2022
6 PM


800 Feinberg Ct, Cary

Galati’s, 800 Feinberg Court, Cary.

EVERY school district I have looked at is planning to raise taxes the maximum amont allowed by the Tax Cap law.


UPDATE: Cary Monday Politics Turns to Local School Boards as They Tax to the Max — 6 Comments

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  2. Can you or Lopez someone else tell us about the upcoming IL GOP meeting?

    Tell us the time/place/date please.

    I see all the IR people are telling people to come out, so I am ready to come out but need the details.

    Please share the information.

    And where is the contact info for Vargas and Kaspar and whoever runs IR now?

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    It is not for nothing that he is called the evil one.

    It is very important to say NO in a clear and unambiguous way.

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