Jack Franks Fundraising Sponsor Not Running for Re-Election

Chicago Alderman Ed Burke, one of former State Representative and McHJenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks’ most faithful campaign contributors has decided not to run for re-election.

Here are the Burke contributions I could find:

  • 2/25/4 – $300
  • 2/24/5 – $200
  • 7/24/6 – $250
  • 6/24/8 – $500
  • 12/12/8 – $500
  • 3/11/9 – $250
  • 6/23/9 – $250
  • 2/24/12 – $300
  • 8/3/12 – $250
  • 6/21/13 – $250
  • 2/19/15 – $250
  • 7/20/15 – $250
  • 2016 – $5,000

Burke won re-election in 2019, even though he had been indicted on Federal crimes.

That four years later no trial has been held is evidence that the justice system moves slowly.

Prior to the indictment, Franks sent invitations to his fundraisers with Burke’s name on the front page.

2011 invitation containing the names of Ed Burke and Mike Madigan,

Burke was also featured on invitation in other years, some of which can fe found below:

In 2019, Burke’s name was not on Franks’ invitation.


Jack Franks Fundraising Sponsor Not Running for Re-Election — 10 Comments

  1. Jackoo was riding high in that time.

    But Madigan, for all his criminality, wile, corruption and sleaziness, finally saw through Jackoo, and whacked him, whacked him hard.

    Jackoo couldn’t recover, even after his paw, Daddy Warbucks, tried to patch things up.

    I heard Jackoo was caught saying naughty things about the leprous leprachaun, and trying to torpedo some of the vindictive Irishman’s stratagems and schemes.

    But the really unforgivable Jackoo transgression was his blackguarding little Lisa.

    Then the 10 ton weight got dropped on the pushy interloper.

    I heard this from two sources, independently. Lou Lang and Mike Kaspar.

    Oh, and here’s why Nikki Haley is a piece of sh!t:


  2. Madigan appears to have covered up for Franks’s sexual assault on his secretary which, according to her, took place in the Spring of 2015.

    As I understand it, the Capitol staff actually work for Madigan and are assigned to the Representatives so she would have reported back to Madigan at the time if she reported it.

    Yet it didn’t surface until the Spring of 2020 when Madigan’s own office was about to be raided.

    He gave Franks up at that point to the newspaper’s FOIA request.

    I surmize that someone, probably Madigan, tipped them off.

    When Franks went down to Springfield to lobby for the bill that would have given him absolute power as County Board Chairman, there appears to have been a meeting with the secretary, Franks, and another legislator.

    The secretary was observed to leave the office in tears and had words with Franks in the hallway.

    From 2015 to when he ran for Chairman in 2016, Madigan would have had him by the short hairs, (literrally as well as figuratively) so his continuation in Springpatch would have no longer been tenable.

    That is when he started making noises about the fake “pension scandal” involving County Board members in preparation for entry into local county level politics.

    At that point, the 3 year statute of limitations on any criminal prosecutions would have expired based on her account of when it happened, which she wasnt too sure of.

    The Sangamon County prosecutor later declined to prosecute, probably because the S/L had run at that point.

    Has anyone seen Franks around since he left office?

  3. T.G. for us all…. corruption king…

    another one… as they say… cause that is all this toilet bowl churns out…

  4. Just a reminder that Illinois voters would still elect either, to their maximum level of incompetency.

  5. Hardly call that amount donations as it looked more like a lunch tab??

  6. I saw Franks at a Lake Geneva restaurant (Brissago) in mid-July, 2022.

    He put on alot of pounds and still had that shitty goatee beard. Was with a 30 something female who was pretty loud and not that pretty, but almost anorexic.

    He had some kind of a brace on his right elbow.

    Yes, the sight spoiled my dinner, and We were there first.

  7. @Sick of Orcs

    I assume Jackaroo was talking about Mikey Madigan’s adopted daughter and shield from state investigations, former Attorney General Lisa Madigan.

  8. Where did the rat scurry off to?

    His own family despises him.

    Even his lazy, stupider brother, casts aspersions on the “Golden Child.”

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