Two Die at Home in Lake in the Hills — 25 Comments

  1. Oh Monk, you must be on your 13th bong pull. I hope you got your 5th jab to protect you from the non-existent disease. Keep living in your psy op’d existence. I know several people who have died suddenly or developed medical conditions after letting the media convince them they needed the death jab. Maybe all that dope you smoke gives you immunity from the mRNA jab. It certainly hasn’t improved your IQ.

  2. LOL…have you evolved to drinking your bong water now Monk? You are Einsteinian. In your own mind of course

  3. Monk needs to be erased.

    Hey, how’s that Supreme Court investigation of the Dobbs draft leaker going? Did the faggot Roberts think it was going to blow over?

    Here’s an abridged account of some more censored ideas:
    Covid was a Bioweapon ‘gain of function’ by nuts like Fauci
    Ivermectin Works
    Hunter is a Scumbag Grifter
    Biden has Dementia
    Biden Stole the Election
    Hillary is a Criminal
    Global Warming is a Scam. 
    The Vaxx is Killing people
    The Russians have the right to defend their borders.
    The CIA, DOJ, IRS have all been weaponized against the American Citizens. 
    Jan. 6, was not an Insurrection.
    Boys have a penis. Girls have a vagina.
    The MSM is the Propaganda arm of the CIA
    Most of mainstream media is Communist

    20% of BLM and ANTIFA are FBI contract workers

    Then in 2016 patriots voted for Brexit against the Establishment elite and the Democrat President Obama. The EU was always about the rejection of national identities in favour of post-Christian, indeed anti-Christian, anti-national and anti-family values, mass immigration of paid slaves, the imposition of the LGBT agenda, the restriction of freedoms for anti-EU views etc. These are not Russian values.

  4. Who are the Russians defending THEIR borders from? Borders established since 1991?

  5. Monk, explain US funding of the Ukraine war as it relates to FTX and contributions to the Dems. This ought to be good.

  6. Mellow, everybody knows the Soviet 1954 border was a joke.

    Why was the Ukie kleptocracy shelling Russian ethnic civilians since 2014? Killing over 16,000 men women and kids.

    Nobody talks about that on Cheat the Press or Deface the Nation.

    The Ukies are doomed, and all the billions we throw into that Black Hole are wasted.

    Learn something Mooky Monk, or go defend the
    ultra-corrupt Zelensky regime in person. Hope a military coup takes that cockroach out.

    Here’s your Zelensky:

  7. Actually, the Ukrainians are doing pretty good.

    Putin will be dead/non-person within a year from Christmas.

    Poor Vladimir! Low Dick Energy.

  8. Monk is an idiot. People that are seventy-five do NOT just mysteriously suddenly die. If that were a normal occurrence then none of the leaders of the world would be around today. He says the number like it is an expectation to die that young!

  9. No age is given on these two individuals. I don’t understand how anybody could assume the deaths are normal or abnormal with so few details provided in this post.

  10. Mellow Flunk, I’ll take you up on your Putin dead by November 30, ’23 prophesy.

    He won’t be dead, but will be sitting on hundreds of thousands of square miles of land while the Poles, Romanians and Hungarians get some land back, too.

    And Zelensky will be removed by his own military.

    Did you know that a special US secret service team is guarding the creep, and he’s not allowed to step outside without permission of his Yankee handlers.

  11. Jack, Monk has now evolved into drinking bongwater after he smokes his dope.

  12. Says the man that thinks Stewie Peters is an authority on anything.

  13. Trollin Trollin Trollin, Keep Those Doggies Trollin, Rawhide. Do another bong sport. You are Einstein on steroids.

  14. Taxpayer $$ to Ukraine that buys FTX the ponzi scheme that gets fleeced to give taxpayer money to the Dems and RINOs. LOL. I heard on my local MSM news. NOT.

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