Could This Explain Deaths in Lake in the Hills?

A commenter wondered the cause of two deaths reported by the Lake in the Hills Police.

Found this information, which might offer an explanation, or might not, since the Police said the two died of “natrual causes”:


Could This Explain Deaths in Lake in the Hills? — 19 Comments

  1. Same thing happens in Huntley, ODs as well but you never hear about it.

    Why do you think that is?

  2. hey wake up everyone…Its the Vaccine from the great scamdemic… there are numerous unreported deaths nationwide

    check on some videos on them Stew Peters is one if you can find it

  3. LOL. Cmon Cindy. You’re being a conspiracy theorist. It’s funny how short the lifespan of a conspiracy is these days. Cue the regular trolls who are all knowing. LOL again.

  4. Fentanyl overdoses are way up all over the country. Naloxone is being used more because opiod overdoses are up. They’re not saying people are ODing from naloxone; the deaths would be from overdose of opiates. If there are drugs contaminated with fentanyl it would make sense you’d see a grouping of ODs around the same time and in the same place given how powerful fentanyl is and that the drugs would have likely been bought by users in close proximity from the same source, but that’s entirely conjecture.

    Just let the coroner do his job and quit guessing based on what you want it to be to fit your narrative. (It’s opiates. No, it’s the vaccine.) This is not a competition and you don’t get points for correctly guessing. Cause of death is determined by performing an AUTOPSY, not the last thing you read on the internet.

  5. People just refuse to see the genocide. Like lambs to the slaughter.

  6. LOL. Monk thinks he’s a genius in his own mind. How much bong water did you drink today sport? I know dope prevents you from comprehending difficult topics like visual evidence of blood clots being pulled from the dead bodies of the vaxed by funeral home directors. The alternate reality you live in is priceless.

    And, as I said cue the trolls and here’s Monk right on cue. Go watch some Cheech and Chong dopehead.

  7. I think myself smart, but not a genius.

    I am smarter than you in discerning who is NOT a genius, though.

  8. LOL. Monk does another bong and posts. Prove you are smart dopehead. Please give us the links that the Salvi’s are NOT cheating on their property taxes. It’s been almost a year now smart guy. Cue theme from final jeopardy. Keep punchin sport. You’re fun like most other liberals posing as Republicans that I know.

  9. I can’t prove that they’re cheating when they’re not.

    It’s up to you and Bobby Q to prove. Oh that’s right he’s still working on that mid-term cheating. But wait, wait – he still hasn’t turned in his thesis on 2020 yet.

  10. The vaccines do carry risk, to say the least, but I fear when people get in the habit of seeing ANY death and reflexively saying “Oh, it must have been the vaccine that killed him” without knowing any details it degrades the broader message of COVID vax skepticism. (Makes you look like a schizo retard and it poisons the well.)

    It’s not to say there aren’t unusual/fishy deaths or that deaths are not caused by the vax (I believe the vax has killed many people), but there is a downside to overplaying that card especially in instances where you really don’t know any details. That’s all I have to say about that.

  11. Oh Monk, your response is like your response that 81m voted against Trump when we all know the election was stolen. Time for another bong hit.

  12. If it was stolen, why does Trump decide he need bother to run?

    If it was stolen?

  13. Monk, c’mon, isn’t it time to grow up?

    Even just a little bit?

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