Effectiveness of Covid Vaccines — 10 Comments

  1. LOL Cal.
    Welcome to the team.

    Just so you know Bill Gates bought 50m in BioNTech stock through a German VC firm that miraculously became worth 1b when the scamdemic started.

    What do I know.

    I told the folks here over a year ago.

  2. JT – did you even read the article?

    He had his first stroke 8 years ago.

    He has a hole in his heart.

    But sure – it’s the jab.


  3. Actually, had he clotted, might have helped to plug the hole. 🤭

  4. It’s not just that it’s “ineffective.”

    It’s more nefarious than that, Cal.

    There are serious adverse reactions to it.

    The VAERS numbers are testimony to that, and those barely scratch the surface of what’s going on. That’s only what’s reported *and* says NOTHING about the long term problems.

  5. And that’s all fine, yet I don’t detect any greater weight or discernment in the airing of complaints on VAERS as that which is exercised on YELP.

    It’s open forum reporting, so…..

    You can end up with a lot of nonsense much like you can find here consistently. Cindy probably pulled a Ding Dong Ditch on VAERS.

  6. I personally know people who got so ill from boosters that they’re not taking any future ones. Others got Bell’s palsy. These examples are more of the well known, non-controversial observations. It’s kind of silly to act like side effects aren’t a thing.

    Somehow when a death occurs shortly after the vax it is NEVER attributed to the vax itself as the cause, yet when people died in the hospital and merely tested positive for COVID their deaths were listed as COVID deaths. Cancer patients, motorcycle crash victims, and more. The numbers were so inaccurate and fearmongering that several health departments were forced to revise their numbers down to the tune of thousands. The mainstream media is paid by big pharma. There are tons of conflicts of interest involving money – between the media, the government, NGOs, and the pharmaceutical industry.

    People will look back at all of this and see it for the fraud and villainy that it was. Cooked numbers. Paid officials. Constant lying, denying, and gaslighting. There really does need to be something similar to Nuremberg 2 to hold people accountable, most of all those rats Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci. I’d include Bourla or whatever Pfizer’s CEO is called. And that Reuters chump. Top people from Johns Hopkins.

    Finally, and more germane to the last few comments, this large rise in “mysterious” cardiac deaths in young and healthy people is, I’m convinced, a result of the vaccine.

    If you’re waiting for confirmation of this from the mainstream media which is paid in advertising bucks by the companies who produce the vaccines, you’ll be waiting a while. And you may be interested in buying a bridge from my friend…

  7. Mellow Monk, your juvenile comments add nothing.

    Just like your whole damn life.

    You’re both a faker and a fakir.

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