FOID Assist in Lake in the Hills — 7 Comments

  1. Amen, Jody.

    Most cops are yes men, worried about their bloated pensions.

    Guarding child sex abusers at queer bakeries and libraries because they were told to.

    Most would shoot patriots with no qualms at all.

    FBI is scum.

  2. Are they now going after expired FOID card owners, or are these the FOID card owners that have since committed a felony that prevents them from owning a firearm?

    Huge Difference.

    I know, you can only report what the cops Police Blotter gives you–but inquiring minds would like to know.

    Be nice if a cop on this blog spoke up sometime.

    Pension Prison Prevents it.

  3. Cops will gladly screw you to keep their positions of power just as politicians do,
    and without a guilty conscience.

    This is referred to as “justifying your existence”.

  4. Don’t worry folks.

    The Safety Act will make us much safer.

  5. Cops and criminals.

    There’s some good ones on both sides.

    But the majority of each side resemble each other!

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